ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe says the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) are being influenced by Zimbabwe’s ruling party Zanu-PF, which he says single-handedly destroyed its country’s economy.Julius-Malema2_0

Speaking on Monday, Mantashe also said while Julius Malema and his party claimed to be embracing the principles of the Freedom Charter, they would actually disturb it in the process.

“To me, the EFF has nothing to do with the Freedom Charter – it has everything to do with the influence of the Zanu-PF.”

He also said any South African could launch a political party and mentioned the Kiss Party, which surfaced during the 1994 elections, as well as the Dagga Party.

Mantashe spoke about finding a balance within capitalism which creates jobs but exploits workers.

Last Wednesday, Malema denied allegations that his movement was receiving funding from the Zimbabwean government.

He said the EFF was not yet well-funded but support was growing among ordinary South Africans who shared their values.

“There should first be political will and commitment to that political will. The finances will come later.”


EFF manifesto

EFF leader Julius Malema confirmed it will officially register as a political party and contest next year’s general elections following this weekend’s national assembly.

The two day assembly, held in Soweto, adopted the party’s first founding manifesto and constitution.

Provincial spokesperson Patrick Sindane says EFF will provide South Africans with an alternative.

“[We are] the radical, militant and revolutionary alternative movement which will ensure that the black majorities in this country actually realise their goals and mission of attaining economic freedom in our lifetime.”

He says the national assembly has agreed to adopt the nationalisation of mines, banks and other strategic sectors as its central policy.