Politicians need to understand that in South Africa, policies and what you stand for will not win you elections, but a fan-base will, this is my personal honest opinion. I say this because 80% of the voters do not read your manifestos, policies or your constitution, they will vote for whoever entertains them the most. This is sad but true. We do not have worthy politicians on our shores, therefore a voting decision is almost like decision over a tossed coin. For me, EFF feels right for my protest vote and many people call us “The EFF Supporters”, fools, if you think the same, you are a fool yourself because of your beliefs. Thabo Bheki was removed from office purely because he did not have a fan-base within the ANC and that personally made me angry and Julius Malema has publicly apologised for supporting the removal of Thabo Mbheki, it was a great loss to the South African government.

They say EFF is the government in waiting and I agree, because in only 3 months of its existence, it has achieved a lot and gained a lot of following from South Africans, especially the youth,, the frustrated youth. The majority of EFF voters in 2014 will be the pre-EFF potential ANC voters and the youth that has never bothered to vote before like me. Mathematically, The DA might surprise everyone by gaining more and more sits in parliament, since the traditionally obvious ANC voter is now in between. Most of us, the historic non-voters will vote EFF in protest against ANC and racists because we see Julius Malema as our voice.

As a black person, I would rather put my vote on a party with a black leadership than DA, because most South African white people just do not like us and they teach their kids to see a black person as inhumane and we don’t want history repeated, so the DA will need to do a lot to convince me, they are doing a good job as the opposition and I would like to thank them for putting up those “Proudly brought to you by the ANC” billboards, but they still need to do more to teach their followers that not all of us blacks are rapists and criminals, they need to teach their followers that we as black people are also victims of crime, they need to teach their followers how to be an African in Africa and not hate Africans, they need to teach their followers how to respect us as black people in the workplace and not label us as undeserving and incompetent, they need to teach their followers not to treat us like we don’t deserve to live the suburbs and we only belong in Soweto. As a black young professional in South Africa, you have to deal with white people that undermine you before you actually perform any of your duties, because of your skin colour and many white South Africans hate BEE, but they forget that there has been WEE for years and years and all black people were asking for was equal recognition as citizens.

Many South Africans that are against Julius Malema and his newly formed political party, the Economic Freedom Fighters are trying hard to convince themselves that EFF will not get enough votes in the upcoming 2014 elections, but evidence from previously elections shows that EFF can do much better than Agang, Cope and all the other parties in 2014. The Independent Electoral Commission has always struggled to get the South African youth into the voting polls, but now for the first time, the youth is excited about voting in the upcoming elections and there will be more young people in their red berets that will go and register for voting in the 2014 elections than any other voting year. This alone gives EFF a good chance next year as the youth is frustrated by the empty promises,unemployment, self-enrichment and corruption of ANC officials.

President Jacob Zuma, recently said that the ANC is the only party that has brought freedom to South Africa and this is not true, a lot of people were involved, even some white people, but unfortunately, it is hard to see a good white South African from where I stand, so I pay respect to those who helped South Africa overcome apartheid and gain freedom, continue doing the good work, we might notice you from the forest of racists. The ANC that we have today does not represent the same ANC that contributed in the fight for freedom. The current ANC is full of people that are just using government funds for self-enrichment. A lot of money is given to municipalities every financial year, but all of it is wasted on corruption. A lot of people argue that Malema is corrupt himself, I cannot say he is not, he can defend himself,he does not need me to do that for him, but he knows the pain of the average South African and If you want to convince me not to vote for him, show me a good alternative for an unhappy black South African voter, tell me about another good politician that will act with honesty and put the people of South Africa first. I am average South African and I would like to see this country prosper through unity and I will vote EFF in protest against ANC and Racists, I will vote EFF in protest against E-Tolls, I will vote EFF in protest against corruption, I will vote EFF in protest against a failed education system, I will vote EFF in protest for better municipal services and no corruption!