By CityPress/Sabelo Ndlangisa, 10 May 2014

Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema says his party will not disappoint its supporters the way the Congress of the People did when it entered Parliament five years ago.

Malema, whose party secured 6% of the vote, pledged to safeguard the unity of his party as 25 of his MPs go to Parliament.

“Anyone with such uncontrollable ambition for power should know that they don’t have space in the EFF. We are not fighting for positions, we are fighting for working on the ground,” he said.

Cope got 7% of the vote in 2009, but squandered whatever goodwill it got from the voters through endless internal bickering. This time it will go to Parliament with a caucus of three MPs.

Malema skirted a question about his pending sequestration over the millions he owes the SA Revenue Services.

He also pledged to give the ANC, which got over 62% of the vote, the two-thirds it requires to change the constitution in Parliament to introduce radical policies such as land expropriation without compensation.

The same goes for the DA.

“If the DA wants to remove President Zuma – they want a motion of no confidence – we’ll vote with them. We are not going to vote with anybody who compromises the masses of our people. We are not just an opposition, we are a qualitative opposition. We don’t just oppose where it’s not necessary,” he said.

Malema accepted electoral defeat, and asked the disgruntled people of Alexandra to do the same despite their unhappiness.

He said even though the elections had “serious problems”, they were not significant enough “to affect the fairness and freeness” of the polls.

“We are all winners. We don’t want to be bad losers.

“Anyone who voted for them [the ANC] must know that you are contributing to corruption. You are part of the rot in this country,” he said.