Malema - EFFSouth Africans allow your votes to radicalize your life in the midst of the struggle that is imposed to you by the capitalism system in place, let your votes speak and represents your suffering that was brought to you by ZANC.

It is the time for a change, real change, radical change through voting EFF the relevant to the present life we are living.

Economic Freedom will only come to your life by being a responsible voter. EFF is the only movement that is ready to advocate and fill the vacuum space of giving back what belongs to the native people of South Africa in Africa without being apologetic. We have suffered enough and it cannot be right to continue living under this dictatorship of undermining our people in their soil.

Lets be responsible citizens by going and register to vote in your closer voting district station where you live. For instance, last time you voted somewhere in Soweto but now your staying in Johannesburg CBD, it is a must if you wont mind to go and vote in Soweto but if you want to vote in Joburg CBD then you have to go and register in a closer voting District in Joburg CBD, that was an example. To all the first time voters, it is a MUST to go and register so that you can be able to vote next year when general elections arrives. On 29-10 November I encourage you to go and register so you can go and vote for the radical and relevant movement in the next year general elections.

EFF is going to be inaugurated to be the new Government after next year general election as we value all the votes from our people, even the dirty votes from our people in Bekkersdal as Nomvula Mokonyana said. She forgot that she was nothing but the same dirty votes of the Bekkersdal’s residents made her to be what she has become; now she thinks she is bigger than those voted her organization in power. So EFF is encouraging our people in Bekkersdal to go and register so they can vote for the movement that value their votes, which is EFF.

They want you to vote for them but their arrogances is can still be seen whenever they address public gatherings, please we should not do the same mistake of entrusting them with power as it is misleading them. EFF is the way of Justice, poverty alleviation, zero corruption and the transparent movement.

Source: Julius Malema’s FB Timeline