The EFF welcomes the resignation of Judge Mabel Jahnsen as a progressive transformation of our judiciary. In May last year, 2016, Mabel Jahnsen made an assertion that rape is a culture in the black community in which black men rape women and children to the approval of the black society and black women. Jansen said that in black culture, “a women is there to pleasure” men, that women tell their children it is their father’s birthright to be the first, and that gang rapes of baby, mother and daughter were a “pleasurable pass time”.

This means on our bench, all this time, was a white judge who believed that rape is an acceptable practice of culture in the black community. Nothing is more racist, let alone from a judge who must hear cases of black people. Rape has no color, and on our benches we need judges who are prepared to hear the cases of black women without thinking it is their “culture” to be raped.

We welcome her resignation and hope many like her, who harbor racist views in the bench follow suit.