Hi there Fighters;

I am very perturbed that our government can allow all these Chinese businessmen in the fast growing China Malls around South Africa to enjoy a tax free  life in South Africa. These chinese shops take cash from shoppers, don’t give receipts and don’t bank their monies. they keep cash at home so that their tax liability cannot be calculated. they also take advantage of our people by not accepting returns and living to guarantees. They don’t obey the Consumer Protection laws of SA. They also feel like we are a bunch of thieves with all their camera systems and always behind your back when you are in their shops.

Please fight these Chinese that are slowly taking over our country. this is imperialism of a new sort and is ruining many south african businesses who have to pay tax.

Our people will remain poor as it is not the whites exploiting us but all these Chinese and other foriegners enjoying all that we fought for and built up.

Shared by AK, 07 January 2014, you can post also post your story here