South Africa

Like ice water on a sleepy face

By Mondli Makhanya, 23 June 2014 The statue of Louis Botha outside the main entrance to South Africa’s Parliament is an imposing one. The man sits regally atop a horse, surveying all that is before [...]

South Africa’s general elections: Main players, 02 April 2014 JOHANNESBURG – With less than two months left before the hotly-contested vote, which will also mark South Africa's 20th year of democracy, political parties have been tirelessly traversing the country to drum [...]

Tax free foreigners

Hi there Fighters; I am very perturbed that our government can allow all these Chinese businessmen in the fast growing China Malls around South Africa to enjoy a tax free  life in South Africa. These [...]

Election fever to hit SADC in 2014

By Mathias Haufiku, 07 January 2014 Millions of people in southern Africa will be going to the polls to elect governments, which they think will meet their aspirations as five of the fifteen SADC-member states [...]

Shame on South Africans who cheer Mugabe

By Paul Trewhela, 04 January 2014 SOUTH Africans need to think about gukurahundi, what it means for South Africa – and what it means, when it means so little. Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe received loud [...]

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