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South Africa gained political freedom in 1994, 19 years later South African people still don’t benefit from the wealth of our beautiful country. Please sign our petition, If you are in support of EFF policies and believe that Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in the leadership of Commander in Chief, Julius Malema can bring Economic Freedom to South Africa. This petition will be used as a measure of support and this petition is not an Official EFF petition and it is not linked with EFF, the “Political Party”. The higher number of signatures will show the power of the EFF movement!!

Economic Freedom for South Africa in our lifetime!!


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54 Replies to “Sign Petition”

  1. I’m young and enegetic man needed a challenge to take on the constractive move EFF Party is the wright organazation to join,also need to now how much is a joining fee monetary value.

    Thanking you!

  2. They is no turning back. Im behind the commander in chief brother Julius Malema, since from Cosas i knew that he is a true leader……….# Asijiki!!!!

  3. Hi Cdes! really subsequent to opening a branch in KZN i felt that really is the beginning of the solution to our challenges in South Africa. most of us are not working as the product of Youth League. I can see that there is a political space which we really need to use it optimally. I have a strong believe that should we use it optimally we will be able to challenge the existing dead movements. i am quite certain and happy that really at last we will be able reap our rewards. yes it will be good to have a Christian President in Julius Malema. I am a born again Christian and strongly believe that if you take two steps to the lord he will take three to you. Julius I respect you for that. people will be happy to have a President of your calibre who respect the Lord. You entre SCOAN your life will no longer the same. the old one will be taken away the new one will emerge. I thank Jesus For that move.

  4. Revolution means things will never be the same again! I don’t even understand why people like to talk about freedom. We don’t even know what real freedom is, Ain’t no freedom until we are all equal. Most of our people are still suffering at the hands of the capitalists, these exploiters, oppressors do not want complete liberation. I urge all South Africans who are desperate for change and I mean radical change; ”Get up, stand up for your rights. Economic liberation in our lifetime.

  5. This is our own country and we’ll fight until da economic freedom of our people is atained. Long live EFF Long live!!!

  6. And remember, comrades, your resolution must never falter. No argument must lead you astray. Never listen when they tell you that man and animals have common interest that the prosperity of one is the prosperity of the others, it’s all lies. Man serves the interest of no creature except himself…George Orwell.

  7. Now, comrades, what is the nature of this life of ours? let us face it: our lives are miserable, laborious and still controlled by capitalists, exploiters. who want to make millions at the expense of ordinary people. Why would we want to continue living this unbearable miserable lives of ours. let’s drive the change…wheels of change in motion.

  8. when EFF be in power we will ban labour brokers,demolish,e-toll,nationalise mines and take action against retail bosses who continue to pay their workers pathetic salaries

  9. I fully support radical changes in South Africa if EFF can bring back the needs of masses of this country more special for those who were disadvange by the system of white minority Phambili EFF!!!!

    1. so called radical changes will only kick a bad economy downwards. So these so called radical economics policies a merely stunts to gain political support and economically they make no sense whatsoever.Remember Mugabe’s so called ‘fast track land redistribution’ which had disastrous economic consequences now he is begging them[the whites] to come back

  10. No more empty promises, I can feel the heat EFF is wining the 2014 is the end of our surfuring. No more nipotism. Viva EFF vivaaa

  11. If we don’t re-claim our land and economy now. what will the next generation looks like. let’s block foreigners from buying our land and re-sale to us in the northern suburbs

    1. i am a white considering immigrating to south Africa. Will i be able to buy a farm? And besides do the economic freedom fighters party ever tell you how farmers are brutally and horrifically murdered? Or how they plan on compensating black farm workers after so called redistribution takes place and worse still Zimbabwean style land grabs will scare away badly needed foreign investment.

  12. It is time Zuma is removed from the face of this country,He became too big for his shoes and we allowed him play,Zuma and his administration must go.

    Sign the petion soldiers.All soldiers please go through EFF documents for you to truly alter what the EFF stands.

    EFF Bapong Branch ”


  13. All soldiers must rally behind the EFF because of its vision,the organisation represents all south africans young or old,this is my,yours and our organisation.Come 2014 were all south African will say enough is enough the is a need for new governance.Power to the movement of the People by the People EFF.

  14. shapa juju shapa.thans to u cd malema for changing the political landscape .being sideline does not mean the end of the road.see them next year in paliamemt SA ruling party.south afriacA belongs to all not viva cd malema viva

  15. new leader is born. Let us all support him. ANC has failed and it will continue to fail. Lets avail ourselves in support of EFF.REMEMBER CHANGE IS NOT A CRIME.LAND IN SOUTH AFRICA IS A PROBLEM.

  16. EFF has very poor ledership in buhle park germiston, I’m so disapoited to be part of buhle park, this kids don’t know what they are doing, its obvious they don’t know our history, but I believe in Mr Malema and I will always support EFF, phezulu nge nkululeko phezulu

  17. Many years ago we have played with our votes,now we dont play here
    we want something new,we want changes,Malema in palament
    next year we will see the changes,EFF is coming on the way.
    Forward EFF EFF EFF EFF EFF EFF EFF EFF!!!!!!!!

  18. fighters are we going to have transport from katlehong to marika? if so please those that are in that area should be informed.

  19. Fighters, we have created very big holes on the Green, Black and Yellow blanket. Look at how many times did people postponed their BGM’s.

  20. Fighters, a platform(EFF) has been created for you to take a centre stage and raise your voices, express your opinions and this is the only platform EFF) where the freedom of speech is 200%.

  21. As the black community we tend to ignore small things. EFF please do not make the assumptions that the anc is still doing. Lets put more emphasis on technology as a whole, whether electronics, food, science and most of all manufacturing. Lets manufacture things that support us as the chosen ones by god.

  22. a dieying snake is trieying to disrupt the living python’s meetings. guys ZANC is slowly dieying. i do not blame them they are doing this becouse they see there is no life left for their organasation anymore. figthers keep kool the snake will die of it’s wounds.

  23. I have been thinking, I think Zimbabwe is in a state its under because they ignored planning ahead of their time. let us do business with countries that do business like us. I assure they are the best because they are not controlled by the so called big countries. china, North Korea, Iran, Zimbabwe, Venezuela to name a few. I would love to see AFRICA using one currency in the near future. Japan was destroyed by USA with a nuclear bomb but they are among the best in the world because of proper planning. Mayibuye yonke iAFRICA mna andijiki!!!!!

  24. I would like to congratulate young economic fighters after the successful launch in Marikana.The timing is perfect and appropriate as people are thirsty and hungry for answers pertaining to many inconsiderate decisions taken by both government and capitalists.Please do not let the guaranteed support from the desperate be misconstrued as success,the road ahead needs level headed leaders who do not distance themselves from the electorate at all times!Good Luck.

  25. no more turning back forward and remove this current reigning party that does not care about the well being of people.
    together we move and up the flag of the radicalism.

    Juju Malema For President of the country

  26. Mr Malema
    it will give us a great pleasure if you could visit our city Port Elizabeth. we voted for you. please honor us with a is time for you to go around the country to say thank you to your supporters, i hope my request will make sense to you. 2016 is around the corner we need to start working now if we need to make an impact
    Salute my leader

  27. This need to be executed very simple and smart. EFF are not the fighting type but the crime eradicators and as a child when you grow you become illdiscipline and after a while your grow. You do not repeat the same mistake at your father wood stage. While you need to be growing.
    J Màlema show them how things are done.

  28. from 1rand is 1dollar to 1rand is 15.60dollar, we should see that price fixing is what fighters are fighting for, let the poor and cruel leaders of Zuptus leave the EFF to bring and create better SA

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