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  1. Hi fighter
    Remember that the org is still new so the bby can not born and
    walk at the same time . Just bear with us . What we want is to make sure that we paint any work place , institution , clinic , in red . We want u to help us to mobile and recruit as many as people so that we will have more people who understand and know what is EFF . You will get your card shortly . The organization doesn’t have money at this stage but I promise you that you’ll get your card shortly .

  2. Viva “EFF VAVA” We must make sure that people who wear those guerrilla knows and understand why they wear it and they must be able to answer when this capitalist try to criticize them and they must be a loyal member .

  3. Hi Fighters,

    I’m very disappointed about how things are done in the organisation, in Krugersdorp we are many that wants to join and support EFF but we tried several times to meet the coordinators even sms them but nothing has been done how can the fighters fight when there’s no enough support, we are willing to work and bring more fighters but

    1. Hi Fighters

      I know how u fill nd dis fighter’s a demoralizing my spirit . How can other fighters do dis to fellow fighters . I will how is my plan for saturday myb I can come to krugersdorp . I’m @tembisa ward 8 nd we a about to lounge the branch now .

  4. I also paid and sent proof of payment with the membership form an to date have not received my membership card. Don’t even know where other members are gathering around soweto

  5. I joined the EFF membership 2 weeks ago in Clayville still i havan’t received any sms or a membership card. My other concern is why EFF comrades in Clayville are selling berets for R130 where as the webside say its R80 ORIGINAL EFF RED BERET – R80

    Looking Forward to your respond


    1. Hi Fighter

      I wanna rectify this mistake fighter did they promise you that u’ll get nd sms from the national after u’ve joined there organization on what . I think u have to bear with us that the logistics play it’s role as they have to submit the form to national and it’s upto national how long doies it take them to capture the form in to the system . The issue of regellia is we @tembisa ward 8 we’ve decided to sell it for 100 so that the commission we can get our self a machine which we will be issuing the card to the members so that we are not going to rely on national for everything . If u want a beret just come to ward 8 next to engine garage and u’ll get it

  6. Good evening comrades, I wish to find out if the movement has reached Stellenbosch and Mbekwini yet? I sincerely believe there are a lot of foot soldiers who wish to mobilize and work hard to ensure success for the organisation in these specific areas. Please assist regarding where one can get assistance in order to commence the hard work ahead of us?

    Thank you kindly,
    Your faithful and loyal subject,
    SL Mgabadeli

  7. Fighters
    Please plan arround making inroads and mobilise in the southern cape. These are areas like Mossel Bay, George, Knysna, Plettenbergbay, Oudshoorn. You will be suprised of how much support you will get. I want to join the organisation. printed the form but would like to print hundreds, recruit, send the money in bulk and just email the deposit slip and name list and completed forms. in that way we will be cutting on the bank deductions. i need your go ahead on this matter and can be contacted at 0722875966. please come open a branch hear. the poor people are tired of the bad treatment of the ANC and DA. EFF ALL THE WAY..,.

  8. Hi Fighter, I live in Glen Ridge ext 16, in Protea Glen – Soweto. Who is our leader? We want to be part of this transformation, our vote for 2014 is EFF in red.

  9. I’m looking for a branch in kwazulu natal. I stay in Ulundi (northern of kzn), there are others in the area that want to become official members of EFF.

  10. What a historic day that was;

    Marikana will from today and years to come be remembered as the birth place of the revolutionary giant EFF, the launch a success, that made us – the ordinary foot soldiers of EFF proud to see unfold. We will continue telling our fellow EFF brothers and sisters whom are still in the closet to come out and be counted, to proudly and unashamedly wear their red Beret; march forward in 2014 to cast their vote for EFF.

    Come one come all, our hearts are RED engraved with the struggles of the poorest of the poor, the Commander has spoken and he leads we all follow to reclaim our land.

    Long live EFF long live.


  11. Viva EFF Viva.fighters,i am from Hammmanskraal and need to help in mobilising for EFF.Can u please send me the number or êmail of one fighter in my area.Or u can call me on this number 0817387056,.

  12. The Battle of Blood River is the name given for the battle fought between 470 Voortrekkers led by Andries Pretorius, and an estimated 10,000–15,000 Zulu attackers on the bank of the Ncome River on 16 December 1838. Casualties amounted to three thousand of king Dingane’s soldiers dead, including two Zulu princes. Three Trekker commando members were lightly wounded, including Pretorius himself……Do not forget this……

  13. fighters I will like to thank you for encouraging us as EFF members, its good to see that many people want to fight for the belongings of this country…its not my duty fighters but I will take the responsibility in order to make this revolution successful when you need help please live your NAME NUMBER PLACE and A COMMENT, I’ll try to get someone who can assist or feel free to drop an sms at 084 321 6452/ i will be reading the comments at 11:00am and 18:oopm.
    VIVA EFF VIVA!!!!!

  14. Good Afternoon Fighters,

    I am a young male. I believe in this movement. Only problem is that I am white. Recent media made me believe that I would not be welcomed by my black brothers… Would I be able to join?

    Viva EFF Viva!

  15. Hello fighter Pieter

    let me assure you that there is no room in the EFF for racial discrimination because this radical movement was not formed to fight against fellow south african citizens( e.g whites ) but to fight capitalists( of any race).

    my fellow brother you are more than welcome to join the movement, what you need to do is to complete the membership form together with R10 and become a proud member of the EFF.



    1. Hi FIGHTER Phazama Mkhari,

      I see what you are writing, I see you believe there is no room for racism in the EFF. The link below indicates to me otherwise: (Honeymoon is over for white people in South Africa)


      That unfortunately to me is quite racist and I am definitely not living in “honeymoon” conditions.


  16. Amadla Fighters!!

    I’m happy that ward 94 is growing everyday, thanks to the fighters for their hard work. VIVA EFF Viva

    Stemmer Blackman
    Ward 94 Co-ordinator

  17. Radical economic transformation is the solution to S A ,and only the EFF can lead us truly .Ruling party cannot be trusted ,they sold the revolution.

  18. Goodday fighters i have been trying to join the EFF officially, i sent an email to communications but no response how does one become an official fighter

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