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36 Replies to “Contribute to this website!”

  1. The elections are gone we are in parlement now we must move forward improving the living conditions of the poor. Creating sustainable development and creating jobs for all citizens

  2. I have lost confidence in SA you guys are us shit the ANC in buckets. How does this happen what did Rommy Titus do to be recognised as next Africa’s leadership? talk radio and have contacts, post graduates of the countru cannot even find jobs. EFF peomised le paletswe. today ka red in parliament was just a publicity stunt.

  3. Sho, is Ramophosa’s visit to Lesotho to be a mediator to that country or market his interest in their diamonds. Cause if he finds interest in their diamonds he’s gonna cause Lesotho massacre and take their diamonds like he did ko Marikana. Sho fighters.

    1. Comrade we must not give up! We must not alou they getaway with they’re nosense! Of lies, every day, is our road of put the pressure on them till they resign immediately, Viva EFF!

  4. Haaha they never commented about Marikana, but Cosatu is pleading solidarity to the actors of “Generations “.those guy’s are earning K 30-40 a month an poor miners nothing. How much do they pay fighters (maids ) that are working for them! Peanuts.

  5. The national team @ head office should help us on the ground should help us regarding issues with sub region leadership with lies they use to gain been elected for positions e.g by electtions.They would go up to lying that the CIC would be visiting at the ward only to get us gather and tell us whatever they want us to hear for their gain.the last time they called out a meeting and they point out who used money for personal gains pointing fingers and it was so embarassing and it showed us the very same thing we left the ruling party.we recruit people make promesis hoping for change then nothing happens.As fighters we will implement our own security varifications for anything we expect from national.

    1. Lion that’s excellent, we will keep fighting with lies corruption that has really destroyed everything, people are burning the municipality building because of all promises of failure,and lies,to much stress to the community hope and patients it has taken to long.

      1. Sho fighters i saw that as’ll find membership form’s without money an people claim that they have paid. Personal gains that’s what people want an fight for positions.

  6. Nomvula Mokonyane ,that name resembles disaster. She’s the mini-skirt Oops i mean minister of water and now we’re experiencing water shortages. African Non- perfoming Congress at it again.

  7. On the farm Goedgeloof in Breede Valley our people are still staying in conditions not fit for any human being to stay in , although the farmers are so wealthy , they do not give a dime to our people .

  8. Let us continue to stand firm to this matter of our money being miss used in this manner, while people of this beautiful land continue to be jobless and homeless etc . section, we resume were we left off.. Viva EFF VIVA. No one is above the Law. Let the money that belong to the people of this beautiful land go back to them.

  9. EFF (Fighter Malema), build/buy government employees houses and deduct monthly payments from persal. Government employees are mostly blacklisted and cant get home loans from banks and neither do they qualify for RDP Houses.

  10. Hi
    Please consider:
    1. Continue mass action from Wednesday until no confidence vote next Tuesday!
    2. Let us stop working until ANC calls back JZ, so economy makes no money for JZ to spend illegally. End justify means. We junk anyway!
    3. Draft the peoples corruption charges against JZ, 2nd respondent parliament, 3rd ANC party, 4th chapter 9 institutions, 5th ANC voters. Advertise this in national newspaper. Case to be heard on Freedom day or workers day. (He is wasting workers money.)
    4. ANC arrogance, gutless Gwede, Jesse donothing must be exposed as JZ extensions.
    5. Advertise: Cyril Ramaposa without money had tons of morals. Cyril with money has tons of immorality.
    6. ANC with JZ, exactly like Nats with P W Botha. Ruling against peoples will.

  11. Cyril has tons of money – needs nothing else. Action must continue until some people are killed, then it gets serious.

    we (I am a whitee) must plan now to take over designated local areas.

  12. Why is this forum so quiet and why does the leader call FW de Klerk an “Apartheid Criminal”.
    He was the first white president that listened to the white community and started action to end apartheid.

    Do the maths and study the political history. Majority of white people in this country never ever supported apartheid, it was a political scheme to enrich individuals.

    Chris, what areas do you want to take over from whom?. Be careful not to kill a goose that lays the golden eggs.
    Eat the chicken now and never have an egg to eat again.
    If we want to rule this country we need to let it grow so we can rule the richest country in Africa. To let it grow we need to utilise the existing money machines not destroy it.

  13. People, if we do not discuss success how do we determine our goals.
    Look at our Basic Foundational Principles in our (EFF) Constitution and do the maths.

    1. Expropriation of South Africa’s land without compensation for equal redistribution.
    What does it mean:
    expropriation: ɛksprəʊprɪˈeɪʃ(ə)n/ noun – the action by the state or an authority of taking property from its owner for public use or benefit. Note the word “OWNED”
    With this we acknowledge that the land we want to take is owned by someone, if you take without compensation what is owned by someone else you steal.
    Do we want to control a country with our 1st Foundational Principle to steal from others. Exactly what we accuse previous governments of. We need to be better.

    According to the Agriculture Minister white people owns 98 000 000 Hectare of land is SA.
    We have 45 000 000 black people in SA which could be about 9 000 000 families.
    Divide the white owned land among the black families and each family get 11 hectare, to do what with. A family of 5 cannot survive on 11Ha of land and contribute to economic growth and social upliftmernt. It depends on region but to make a decent living and earn R 100 000.00 a year you need at least 10 to 12 very good and well fed cows. In the central South African Region you need about 10 hectare for one cow.

    What do we mean by “Equal Redistribution”. Giving each family a piece of land where they will die of hunger and in the process destroy commercial agriculture and risk 860 000 full time jobs and food security for all of South Africa is not the right thing to do.

    We need to rethink, do the maths and establish systems that will result in growth to enrich our people.

  14. What follows is being shared on FB by some of my friends and I want to share the key aspects of it with your organization.
    So many people are hearing the racist propaganda spewed forth by your misguided organization and the current ANC kleptocracy that seeks to vilify “whites” as thieves and slavers.
    The true history is very different and needs to be aggressively exposed. This is the history in reality which you choose to ignore, but is something you should think about and take note of:
    The white South African is demonized as a slaver and murderer who stole land. THAT IS A LIE AND CAN BE PROVEN TO BE SO.
    Let us put it in perspective:
    In the first place: The Europeans who came with Van Riebeeck had no intention to stay at the Cape. We can clearly determine this from the repeated application for transfer to Batavia or Amsterdam made by almost every Company servant. The few men who decided to make this their homeland, did so because they came to love the land. They wanted to develop and grow here. And in the written evidence, left us by the men who did not intend to stay and therefore had no reason to lie, it is written down over and over again that the Europeans settled on uninhabited land. They exchanged land for cattle and money and traded with the nomadic indigenous people.
    The Company decided to import slaves. I emphasize import, because no indigenous person in this country was ever put into slavery! In actual fact, the slaves who were brought in from Madagascar and Batavia and Ceylon and East Africa were the ancestors of an entirely new group of people: the Coloured nation of South Africa who adopted the customs and culture of the European. Ever wondered why they did not adopt the custom of Africa? Because they were not exposed to it, that is why! Nobody at the Cape ever set eyes on a black person for 130 years before the first Trekboere met the Xhosa in the Valleys of the Amatola around 1770! These slaves also added to the bloodline of the European settlers, as did the French Huguenots of 1688 and the British Settlers of 1820.
    The White South African was a new nation, born in Africa. This nation called its language, Afrikaans, after Africa. This nation called itself after Africa – Afrikaners. On the first of December 1834 slavery was abolished in the Cape Colony. This is two years before the start of the Great Trek. The white man in South Africa knew nothing of the existence of the Zulu, the Tswana, the Sotho, the Venda…and he was at war with the Xhosa.
    It is chronologically impossible that indigenous people could be held in slavery, if the so-called slave masters did not even know of their existence before the abolition of slavery. Let us look at the “great” Shaka Zulu and the Zulu nation. Remember that the Europeans landed in South Africa in 1652. Shaka kaSenzaghakohona was born around 1787. He managed to unite, through force and murder and rampage a number of small tribes into the Zulu nation around 1819. Before that year, there was no Zulu people.
    A question of mathematics: The Zulu nation came into existence only 167 years after the arrival of Van Riebeeck. What logic can possibly argue that the Europeans took anything away from the Zulu-people? So when did the black man establish himself in South Africa and how?
    The answer lies in the Mfecane: Mfecane (Zulu: [m?f?’k|a?ne], [note 1] crushing), also known by the Sesotho name Difaqane(scattering, forced dispersal or forced migration [1]) or Lifaqane, was a period of widespread chaos and warfare among indigenous ethnic communities in southern Africa during the period between1815 and about 1840. As King Shaka created the militaristic Zulu Kingdom in the territory between the Tugela River and Pongola River, his forces caused a wave of warfare and disruption to sweep to other peoples. This was the prelude of the Mfecane, which spread from there. The movement of peoples caused many tribes to try to dominate those in new territories, leading to widespread warfare; consolidation of other groups, such as the Matabele, the Mfengu and the Makololo; and the creation of states such as the modern Lesotho.
    Mfecane is used primarily to refer to the period when Mzilikazi, a king of the Matabele, dominated the Transvaal. During his reign, roughly from 1826 to 1836, he ordered widespread killings and devastation to remove all opposition. He reorganized the territory to establish the new Ndebele order. The death toll has never been satisfactorily determined, but the whole region became nearly depopulated. Normal estimates for the death toll range from 1 million to 2 million.
    The black man established himself in this barren land now known as South Africa a full 174 years AFTER the white man. How dare you then call me a settler when you are nothing more? If I don’t belong here, certainly neither do you.
    Land stolen from the black man? No. The land occupied by the Boer-people was land that nobody lived on, for the pure and simple reason that the original people of South Africa were massacred and wiped out in a racist genocide by the ancestors of the current black population of South Africa. The very same thing that is now repeated with the white man. The white man has a full and legal and historical claim to his part of this country, including land. And the black man who disputes that is welcome to bring evidence of the contrary. Remember, popular liberal myth, propagandistic expressions and loud shouting and burning and looting to hide your own incapability is not evidence. It is barbarism.
    The popular myth of “the end of colonialism” is a lie also. Colonialism in South Africa ended on 31 May 1961 when the country became a Republic.
    THE TRUTH IN BRIEF. There is a whole lot more you could learn if you chose to do so.
    Never confuse Colonialism with Apartheid… They are very different aspects of history.

    1. In your defense to this notion irrespective of what the early 1700s – until 1800s and also when SA became a republic it is written in history and also African history that many lands were disposed from the natives, same applies for the khoi san people in the cape that were forcefully removed during the early native war between them and the colonialists. apartheid and colonialism might be 2 different ideologies however they produce the same system of segregation. Apartheid produced the group areas act, pass laws, separations of colour and also unequal balance of races in equality – colonialism – resulted in many Africans being held ransom by their masters. we all know how it dated back to the early 1800s and also during the establishment of the dutch east India company etc. Whether colonialism is different to apartheid it still bears the same historical bloodshed – people were deprived and also dispossessed from their native lands. That is fact

  15. I strongly feel that the EFF should have a military wing comprised of fighters who are willing and determined to fight in order to free this country from the clutches of a wannabe dictator. As South Africans we should do as the Cubans and forcefully remove those in power in order to lead our country in the correct and victorious path. As people we fear the unknown but communism is the ONLY way we can ensure our countries wealth is shared equally by its people.

  16. Ian

    The good thing about this website and forum is that our people who created it does not read it and does not contribute to it.

    What you said may be true and good but it does not mean anything because we close our eyes and ears for what we do not want to hear or see and proceed with propaganda based on our shortsighted thoughts and not knowledge.

    1. Yip Anunnaki..
      It’s what I suspected all along. There is an inconvenient truth in much of what might be said, so it’s best ignored.

      1. Ian

        I think you and me could take over this site without the EFF knowing and re-establish a new EFF to serve the people of South Africa.

  17. I strongly believe that we should put more emphasis to end slavery in South Africa. Nobody talks about it but our people are still enslaved in their own country. Do the maths.

    According to census results we have about 4 500 000 (4.5 Million) white people in this country. They do not have large families because to them kids are an expense and not means of income, so lets say average 4,5 persons per family. This gives about 1 000 000 (1 Million) white households.

    Say 80% of these households employ (enslave) 1 black person one day per week. (They actually still like the idea). The result is 800 000 enslavings per week for which they pay about R 150.00 per person per day to credit it as employment instead of slavery.

    The result is a transfer of money from Whites to Blacks at a rate of R 120 000 000.00 (R 120 Million) per week, R 480 000 000.00 (R 480 Million) per month, R 760 000 000.00 (R 760 Million) per year.

    We need to propagate this to our people so they realise that this is slavery. We need to stop serving white people and take care of our selves and let the whites mow their own lawns and clean their own houses.

    With the EFF’S Objective No. 3 ” To attain and defend the National Integrity and Liberation of the oppressed black majority of South Africa” policy and action against white dominance, WE DO NOT NEED R 760 MILLION FROM WHITES.

    1. Anunnaki …. With an alias name of such, one would expect a reasonably intelligent argument.

      Employing a person to perform a set of duties and being remunerated accordingly certainly does not qualify as slavery.
      The first principle is ‘Employ’ and NOT ‘Own’ … There is FREE WILL … Not a slave.
      The second is ‘Remunerate’ and NOT ‘No compensation’ … Not a slave.
      Point in case: I remunerate my Gardener and Domestic almost double that of the proposed Minimum Wage, and they have the freedom of choice to working for that rate or not. They don’t work on weekends, holidays, or overtime, and have leave and UIF benefits plus a free lunch …. Hardly the pleasures I enjoy at my place of employment .. but that is my choice.

      How do you propose to offer an alternative means of income in your statement “.. take care of our selves …”?

      Everybody has the ability to tend to their own garden and home … It is not laziness, privileged, condescending, etc. … It’s a matter of time and economics.

      Just so you know …. The Anunnaki were the first to implement slavery.

  18. The result is a transfer of money from Whites to Blacks at a rate of R 120 000 000.00 (R 120 Million) per week, R 480 000 000.00 (R 480 Million) per month, R 760 000 000.00 (R 760 Million) per year.

    The numbers are wrong R 480 million multiplied by 12 equals R 5,760,000,000. (5billion, 760 million) per year.
    The question begs to be asked though, where did those thieving white bastards get that kind of money?.. They came off those ships with a suitcase and the clothes on their backs, so they can only have stolen it from the dudes they’re paying it back to as compensation for the ongoing enslavement.

  19. Could anyone please tell me where I can get the red hats of the EFF as I joined the party in 2017 December and paid my membership fee for 2 years upfront – I am in cape town and have not heard anything from the WC caucus members – please help guys

  20. The Red Cap, it is official that the EFF does not provide those. You expropriate it from the nearest Asian Outfitters and mark it as original EFF.

    Back to the maths.
    Ian, my calculator screen is rather small and I missed the 5 Billion. Whites must be really wealthy if that is the annual payback installment. I cannot help to wonder how they laid their hands on it.

    Earliest population number I could find is from 1911 which indicates a population of about 4 000 000 blacks in South Africa and 1 200 000 whites.

    Now if the whites today spend 5.7 Billion Rand per year on domestic workers and we consider that to be 1% of their total worth, the current white capital is about 570 Billion Rand. If we depreciate this at a rate of 5% per year, it ends up that by 1911 the whites have stolen about 2.35 Billion Rand from our ancestors.

    Indigenous families those days were rather small in those days, say 10 people per family, it means that each black family was worth R 5 870.00. This was 107 years ago and in today’s money should be about R 1 100 000.00 for the original 4 000 000 people, but to make our proud stand to win the struggle against white domination, we increased our population more than 10 times.

    The result, if we just applied technology such as large ships, gun powder, guns military infrastructure, immigration control and local government in 1652, we could have stopped white migration of a couple of hundred thieves and each black family today could have had R 110 000.00.

    Our (EFF) plan to redistribute this extreme wealth stolen from us:
    – We brutally murder and torture those who stole from us as they never contributed to our well being
    – Each family of 10 Black people take their R 110 000.00
    – We give each person in the family his/her rightfully owned R 1 100.00

    Freedom at last, we do not need white people in this country to be free to live the shining life.
    With that kind of money each of us (Black People) can pay rent, buy food and enjoy for a whole month.

  21. Can Eff please help to rebuild Free state, eff is dying this side our leaders in Free State they just look for themselves because they have salaries now. Most people dejected. We have people who can fight for organization such as Johny MOKHATLA from Motheo and Thapelo Mosikili from Bethlehem.

  22. There is a place in Northern Cape Province called ASKHAM. This place need EFF to come and put this white people here in their place. There is too much racism here. There are still place where black or coloured are not allowed to go to.

    Please EFF we need you here.

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