The South African Revenue Services (SARS) warned Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) member Kenny Kunene yesterday not to make false statements about the tax agency.

Kunene, who owns ZAR nightclubs and has several other financial interests, claimed SARS was pursuing him as part of a political ploy.

“If he continues to make false and inaccurate statements about SARS and his engagements with SARS, SARS will consider its options to correct such statements,” spokesperson Adrian Lackey said.

Lackay noted that if Kunene continued to criticise SARS and accused it of pursuing him on behalf of the government, they would have to consider making his tax bill public.

Reports late last month indicated that Kunene was slapped with a R750000 tax bill because he had not submitted any personal tax returns since 2010.

He responded to the report saying state organs were used to settle political scores after he became a member of expelled ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema’s newly formed political party, the EFF.

Kunene could not be reached for comment.

When asked what action SARS could take against Kunene, Lackay said his tax affairs could be made public as was done with Malema.

During EFF national assembly at the end of July, Malema said SARS should not allow itself to be used to settle political fights.

SARS subsequently released Malema’s tax history, saying it was compelled to do so after the EFF leader perpetuated lies about it.

The agency said it invoked section 67(5) of the Tax Administration Act which allowed it to disclose taxpayer information what would otherwise be confidential.

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