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I would like to draw your attention to an organisation named the South African Fraud Prevention Services, hereafter referred to as SAFPS.


Basically this is a private organisation that draws membership from, primarily banks and other affiliate institutions and organisations, who have voluntarily joined the organisation. It is presented, that its objective is to curb fraud by making a register of all suspected fraudsters and floating this list amongst members to ward them off from doing business of any kind with these “suspects”. This all sounds very noble in a country riled with crime such as ours.


Basically, the mode of operation is that if any member suspects fraudulent intent by a person that they are dealing with, they then send the name of the suspect to SAFPS who then list the person. Any of their members intending to enter into a transaction with anyone, first consult the list to see if one has been listed before they go ahead. If one is listed, they may not be allowed to do business with any of the members. A suspect stays on this list for 10 years.


The operations of SAFPS are directed through a board of directors, drawn from member organisations.


When SAFPS started operating a few years ago, they were initially halted by the courts through an application from the office National Credit Regulator, which sought to have them register as a credit bureau which was affirmed by the courts. They had problems trying to register though because some of their intentions seemed to violate the constitution. They were eventually registered under very clandestine circumstances (brown bags could have been in use).


What now becomes questionable are the effects of SAFPS’s operations which makes it look like an organisation that is intended to exclude poor people from participating in the economic activities of this country. The “crimes” that get people listed range from as petty as someone claiming they have a job, when they are actually informal, to serious ones of identity theft. The sentence though, is the same, 10 years of economic inactivity.


SAFPS have membership across a spectrum of companies. Notable are employment agencies, so people are now prevented from employment by these agencies because of being suspected of fraud, and one is out for 10 years.


I would really like assistance to check whether the operations of this organisation are legal in our country. It is puzzling that we can have a “private” institution that can pass a sentence on someone’s inclusion in economic activity, without a conviction from the courts. We have courts that are effective in this country and one wonders the motive of creating this kangaroo gathering.



It is not rocket science to realise that poor people are the ones that are always fighting to get financial services and sometimes in doing so they violate some of the banking rules and hence they are more prone to be listed by SAFPS and given a hefty sentence. Black people are poor. What is the dermatological composition of the people listed by this organisation, one wonders.


When one looks at the composition of directors of SAFPS, executive and otherwise, one is tempted to think that this is an organisation intended to frustrate black people and curb them from the mainstream economy. In fact there is a tendency by white society to form groupings of companies that support and recommend each other for business and try to exclude blacks as much as possible. It is unacceptable for large banks to fall into this low practice and one would like to challenge them if they have listed known liars like “Ubaba ka Dudu”.


You have taken this baton to carry on the noble work of fighting for us black people.  It is when you win the seemingly small battles, that we continue to win as EFF, that the war will be slowly turned in our favour.






  1. The article interrogates serious issues on the modern day social activities which only the few with power, financial monopoly power I mean, discharges their privileged to turn social lives into economic engineering in an effort to disengage black social lives. The communities we found ourselves in today with all its illnesses were a results of a long architectural illegal clandestine methodologies such as the one we see exposed by this Article.

    No matter how good the intention and the efforts of institutions that occupy the public space maybe -We need Checks and Balances on their activities, otherwise we continue the legacy of apartheid robbers calling themselves Colonialists instead of well known actions of murderers and thieves in them.

  2. The devil is in the details of the SAFPS. Plainly put, it’s an economic hitman NOT opposed by the banking system and the Big Four in South Africa. In fact, indirectly and directly funded by them at the end of the day. If you want to see REAL life implications of being listed on the SAFPS and the dire effects it has on legally operating businesses, when FirstRand FNB & ABSA get this knickers in a knot over their OWN screwup, read up at http://www.fnbscam.co.za

  3. Im a 35 yr old woman who made the biggest mistake last and now im paying for it in the worst possible way i’ve been listed and now i cant even get a job ….my kids r dying of hunger and we are homeless all because i lied and said my brother’s matric certificate was mine.Yes i admit i was wrong….but losing my job ….losing my home….not being able to feed and clothes my kids isnt it enough punishment?…Now every company i apply to wont touch me cause of 1 mistake

  4. I have been abused by this demon called SAFPS for the past 9 years without any lawful grounds, being kicked out from economic opportunities including professional job opportunities without a cause or any criminal conviction. They only cleared my name a month ago, but to my surprise FNB opened a cheque account last week, and today I received a deposit of R20,100-00 into my account transfered by my friend from his FNB account also, and when I try to withdraw funds from that account, the machine decline saying account is frozen, and because it was already after hours I drove to OR International Airport FNB branch, and was told that there a stop on my account by SAPFS and the bank say there’s nothing they can help me with, these devils are so cruel to us blacks, now I stopped my journey to Limpopo because of this, and I am given their number to call during office hours, they’re so powerful to the extent of controlling your bank account without your concern or any court order. These whites are really abusing and enfringing our rights to human dignity but no political organisation cares about this.

  5. I sold a vehicle to someone and he paid me via eft , later my bank account was frozen and my name listed with the SAFPS and i called and send them documents to prove that i am also a victim, now is 5 years cannot have a bank account no obtain a credit. I am business man and imagine running a lodge without a bank account. SAFPS must not be allowed to punish our people.

  6. Im a victim of identity fraud and being listed on Safps has helped me bcz no application of credit gets proccessed without them contacting me to confirm the application. I feel protected since no one can use my details anymore like they did b4 and ended up going up and down trying to clear my name from things I never knew about.

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