Malema - EFFWe will remain Africans and as the native people of this country we should be proud of it regardless of who says we should not think like Africans.

We advocates the expropriation of land without compensation because we are an Africans and the Europeans are not having that privilege to say so and we should be glad of such privilege.

As I was writing this post, it just reminded me of the words from the wise, former President Thabo Mbeki. I am an African and he said, i am born of people who would not tolerate oppression. President Zuma is oppressing our people because of his e-toll, that our people are refusing its implementation as they were not consulted and forcing them to pay R400 every month as they dont even have such amount of money and i regard such as an apartheid regime system. The wiseman proceed by saying it feels good to be an African, so now Zuma makes me wonder what is he trying to do, is he trying to delete the legacy of Mr former President Thabo Mbeki?

In August 2013, President Zuman was in Malawi and now he is saying you must not think like an African, we are in Johannesburg, this is not national road in Malawi, i wonder what he is trying to imply. Our president is an African as i remember last time i check, he had shower after having unprotected sex and from his interpretation, he said it is his culture that happen to be an African culture.

Here we dont have a president but a liability. President Zuma is a disgrace to the whole continent of Africa, he deserves to originate from Europe as thats how he portrays him self.

We cannot have a president who undermines us the Africans in Africa just to please his master, the capitalists. What is it we did, to deserve such an embarrassing president? EFF will rectify all the mistakes done in the past and after general elections next year, president Zuma will be history and unemployed. If  I was him I would be starting to look for the best lawyer in the world as he wont be having the state protection he is having right now, he will have to account to his 700 charges of fraud and corruption.

And for the record if he don’t know, 01 November 2013 in Marry Fitzgerald Squire at 9am, Gauteng EFF is going to march against E-Toll. The march is going to the Department of Transport and the Premier’s office. Contact your Regional Organizers. West Rand Region, Eric Baloyi 0730605776, Sedibeng Region, Pike 0796070411, Joburg Region, Donald Mabunda 0798487318, Ekurhuleni Region, Kgopelo Hollo 0827676174 and Tswane Region, Mo Africa 0794391622.

Mr President, the Fighters are coming for you and you will listen when we speak. EFF will lead the way and all the smaller-nyana political movements will follow.

Source:  Malema’s FB Timeline

 Zuma’s E tolls Comments (Audio)