Malema - EFFIt is time for EFF to knock some sense on President Zuma. He said some are saying they are fighting for economic freedom. Who is oppressing them economically? Who do they want economic freedom from? “It is only the ANC that brought South Africa freedom. When it was time to fight, it was us who died for freedom. We were arrested and went to Robben Island and we are the only party that will change our people’s situation in South Africa,” and he further by saying residents not to waste their votes on opposition parties, saying this would be as futile as “throwing your vote in the ocean”. “There will be many who will come and say nothing has changed since 1994. They will criticize the ANC and yet they have not done one thing for you and will never do anything because they are not in government.”

Mr President it was the arrogance and big headed of Goliath that brought his head before the presence of King David in the bible. Everybody knows that you have failed the country and the whole entire continent as a whole. Except erecting your self a cattle’s kraal Worthing R1Million and Mma Khumalo a spaza shop of R500000 and your compound Worthing R250Million with the tax payer’s monies, we don’t know anything you did for South Africans.

Let us knock some sense in you, when we say our people are not free economically we mean that the wealth generating institutions have not yet used to serve them as it belongs to them, we mean the Mineral Resources that under beneath their soil has to be resourceful to their lives, we mean the billions of Rand that the so called investors are generating out of the mineral resources has to be used to change their standard of living, we are saying that Platinum Anglo-Platinum is extracting from our mines after its purification, all the proceeds received from selling outside our country should be used for maintenance’s of our public roads, for the betterment of our education system and healthcare system. It will be impracticable to achieve all the mentioned above if those institutions are still under the individuals or certain families who are not South Africans and who are not from Africa . In simply simplicity we are saying those who are in possession of those mines should surrender them and we centralize the power to control them under Government and that’s what we call Nationalization and the reason being if it is under Government will be benefiting not certain individuals but at least the public citizens as a whole. Mr President to answer you in a very simple and understandable way though it might be a lowest level of explaining so to accommodate you, it is those who are in possession of the Mineral Resources of the natives people are the ones who are oppressing us, those who wants to benefit alone in the name of protecting the so called Investors who are from Europe while our people are suffering from poverty while their soil is rich of wealth that is making Britain and USA to be the richest countries in the world using our resources. If you do understand I don’t know how long I should go to make you to understand what I am trying to say.

Mr President yes Ntata Madiba placed a big role for us to be free from Apartheid regime system partially, it is not Uhuru yet and if you still think we are free ask those who are working in the offices that is dominated white people they will tell you unless if you do not know. Mr President the partiality of the apartheid system that is still existing will only be abolished when we free our people Economically as it is the outcome based on the inequality between the white and black people and to bridge the gap of inequality is to nationalize the key sector of the economy. You have kept us in the prison where there is no possibility to escape you Mr President but only elections through democratically processes our people will make a full stop this your arrogance’s by voting you out.

We have declared ourselves as Government in waiting and it is not like we don’t understand the engagement we are committing ourselves to, wait and see after next year election. We are the only relevant movement that speak the language our ordinary people understand. People do not have any reasons to vote for you Mr President and it is not like you do not know that it is just that your being in denial. EFF will rectify all the mistakes we have committed under the umbrella of your dictatorship and our people will assist us to do that by giving us the power through their votes.

Source: Julius Malema’s FB Timeline