Eastern Cape Today, 18 April 2014

Economic Freedom Front leader Julius Malema talks up storm at meeting held in Mdantsane last weekend.

 “We do not want white genocide”

By: Vuyo Ludidi

Controversial Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Commander in Chief Julius Malema insinuated there would be genocide if white land owners were resistant to the idea of land expropriation without compensation, he said this during his speech at the Sisa Dukashe Stadium in Mdantsane last week.

“There was a black genocide because land was forcibly taken from black people by the boers, we don’t want a white genocide,” said Mr Malema.

Arriving to much fan fare at the EFF rally, Malema was flanked by his second in command Mpho Ramakatsa and Dali Mpofu. They were well received in Mdantsane by approximately 10 000 people who attended the event.

During his speech Malema criticised Cosatu for taking advice from Cyril Ramaphosa concerning the issue at Marikana and described Ramaphosa as worse than President Zuma.

“Cosatu is lost, let us form our own trade union. How can they allow a man who has blood in his own hands to tell them how they can conduct themselves. Ramaphosa spent R18 million on a buffalo while the poor are hungry,” he said.

But it would be President Zuma who would bear the brunt of most of his attacks as he accused the president of siphoning state funds for his own “selfish gains” and he also blamed the Zuma led government for the death of the 34 miners in Marikana.

He went on to blame government elites for selling out the country to multi-national organisations and claimed some government officials do not want land to be nationalised because they have shares with these international organisations.

He suggested education as a way to sustain economic freedom and urged South Africans to take up farming as a means to produce their own food for self sustenance in order to curb the food imported from other countries.

EFF’s Eastern Cape Premier Elect, Themba Wele attacked the improper spending of state funds and mentioned the scandalous three million rands spent on the State of the Province Address earlier this year, he also proposed that the wages of domestic workers be doubled.

“Domestic workers should receive a salary starting from R4500 upwards because in most cases they are the bread winners in their homes. Everyone should receive at least one hectare of land and we must eradicate latrines and have flushed toilets,” said Mr Wele.
Luthando Mbinda, the Eastern Cape Provincial Chairperson of the Pan African Congress (PAC) was also present to give support to the EFF rally.

Source:  http://getectoday.co.za/politics/malema-shoots-from-the-hip/