What CIC Julius Sello Malema said when he handed over the house to a poor woman in Nkandla:

1 “They are meeting in Mbombela, eating cakes, drinking champagnes. When they leave Mbombela, the people are going back to poverty”

2 “They tried to block me, I am not Helen Zille, I cannot be blocked. Not even Edward’s father (Zuma) succeeded in stopping me.”

3 “Zuma stole all your houses and extended the museum of corruption”

4 “Any African who stays in a beautiful house while their neighbors stay in shacks must be ashamed of himself, especially if you elected that person to be your leader”

5 “Today they say they will give you 1 million jobs if you vote for them, how will they do that because they failed to give you 500 000 jobs”

6 “They can’t tolerate other political parties. Zuma came to my township in Seshego and no one blocked him.”

7 “Fighters, look after each other. Let’s protect this house because those fools might come and burn this house”

8 “SA belongs to all who live in it. I belong here in Nkandla. This is my land, this is my country and Nkandla is the home of EFF”

9 “There is nothing they can do, they talk too much. They say Malema will never enter Nkandla, Iam here now”

10 “You’re special because you see opulence everyday but you live in poverty that will be a thing of the past, vote EFF”

11 “Don’t be scared of another human being. Only God known how you’re going to die”

12 “If you die from a bullet in Nkandla, that is your day, there is nothing you can do about it, you’re very special in the hearts of EFF”

13 “We are not scared of them. If the police are not ready to deal with them we’ll deal with them ourselves”

14 “They give people free food parcels and blankets even when it’s hot”

15 “We never disturbed them. We knew there was going to be a disaster because everything Zuma touches becomes a disaster”

16 “Next week we’re building another house for Nsizwenye (Zuma’s relatives and neighbor)”

17 “The police told us to use another route, but I made things easy and got out of a car. These hooligans threw bottles at us but we didn’t lookback”

18 “If you prefer living in poverty, continue voting for ANC, but if you want change, vote EFF, the choice is yours”

19 “This house has 2 bedrooms, a kitchen and aSHOWER” (Crowd laughs)

20 “But when we leave here, somebody will have a roof over their head. When you vote EFF, this is the kind of houses we will build for our people”

21 “Some of you sleep outside the gates with the hope of seeing him, but he still ignores you. You must never lose hope. EFF is here for you”

22 “While you were voting for him, they said he is a man of the people. But he has closed the door on you”

23 “He took your money and built a big house, he even built a fence so that you can’t access him”

24 “The ANC should be ashamed for sending their members to disturb our meetings; we’ve never done such a thing”.

Before & After

Before & After

Source:  Millions of Fighters Rallying behind CIC Julius Malema and EFF