EFF is now having above Million of Fighters in good standing. In simplicity we are having above 22 Seats in Parliament right now only by our Fighters who have paid their membership fees and in possession of Membership cards.

We are still having Fighters who have not register for a membership card yet and who are going to pill up our statistic data base and those who are only going to make a radical move through democratical platform in the ballot for voting us to power. We are still going to recruit even those who are still skeptical about our founding manifestos.

EFF is having a massive support and that makes us not to doubt about what we call ourselves, a Government in Waiting . Youth are rallying behind us, the parents of our Youth are now starting to understand what we represents and now they are joining the tune we are singing.

We say power to the people and by that it means People shall govern the wealth of this super rich country and continent as a whole. Fighters keep the fire burning, meaning never become tired of what we represents, the 7 Non-negotiable cardinal pillars and those 8 Complementary pillars as thats the only weapon that will free our people. When EFF speak, it shakes up from Cape to Cairo hence it was born two weeks back in Marikana.

Source: Julius Malema’s FB Timeline.