eff honor mandelaBy Chanel September , 12 December 2013

HOUGHTON – Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema has made an appearance at former president Nelson Mandela’s Houghton home in northern Johannesburg to pay tribute to the global icon.

Thousands of mourners have crowded the roads outside the house, many laying flowers and lighting candles to honour Mandela.

Madiba died at his Johannesburg home last Thursday.

Dressed in their signature red T-shirts and berets, dozens of EFF members walked down 12th Avenue to the home.

They shouted and cheered as they made their way down the street with Malema leading the crowd.

Some waved red roses in the air, apparently signalling their love for Madiba.

Banners which read, “Mandela, we honour you,” were also on display.

(Edited by Craig Wynn)

Source:  http://ewn.co.za/2013/12/12/Malema-and-EFF-pay-tribute-in-Houghton