Some EFF comrades have apologised for their involvement in the ousting of President Thabo Mbeki. Then there was the regret of supporting Busisiwe Mkhwebane to the PP Office. The EFF MP’s also participates in lots of sarcasm an insults in Parliament. Yet in 2016 at Oxford University and at the Cape Chamber of Commerce, the EFF Leader was exceptionally articulate, to the point, logical, clear and “Presidential”! Can we have more of the latter and less haste as we approach the 2019 elections. The path ahead seems to be more interesting than what we as South Africans have experienced in the past 10 years or so. In 1994 and 1999 I voted for the PAC, so the EFF will likely get my vote in 2019, but please, do not become a seesaw party by supporting issues and then dropping support for it. Address the issues of the people with justice and the people will support you. Particularly the land issue and restitution of the land! I see the ANC will probably make ‘land restitution’ a feature in their campaign to 2019, yet they failed dismally in bringing about restitution since 1994. Many elderly are dying in squatter camps after being kicked of their land which is now being enjoyed by land-usurpers.