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    1. I have been wondering weather the youth see the kind of life we are living.we keep claiming we free in south africa.while people use their monies to continuously supress us.all thanx to juju for thinking so wisely.but for me I always knew he will bounce back soon.let every one who tired of empty promises of the ANC follow the right path,EFF is what they just need.isay aloota continue EFF.

      1. I agree with you 100% Anyone voting for the ANC in 2014 should understand that he or she agrees with these “Toll Gate”, The over 250 millions of Nkadla, with the fact that changes are not for all but for a few minority. Furthermore, if anyone has any doubt about my comment, should just look at any of the ANC ministers and point out anyone of them who is not a millionaire. None. All of them are millionaires including their girlfriends, siblings and family members

          1. Julius does not have any brains. All he knows is how to incite violence. I pity him and the e.f.f ( economy fuckers forever )

        1. Well lets see……….. Old Julius was \ is a millionaire and that is by ill gotten means. Fraud and corruption. And now here he is promising the world to you all and adding that you don’t have to pay for it either. Hmmmmm so from one corrupt scheme to another. Wow now that makes great sense people. Time you blond monkeys wake up and see what your so called leaders are doing to you and this country.

          1. I with the EFF and stand with you all the way. Stop attacking Juluis he is doing what others are afraid to do. If you don’t know what you’re saying please keep your mouth shut. Go Juluis go. Hold your head high. Just be very careful for the threats they make against you. Look after your self and make sure you are safe.

      1. Paske ou se White.How lòt moun ka ou konsa fasil joure Julius Malema sof si ou gen Ewopeyen san sere kouri nan Viens ou a? Li nan 2016! Ki vle di li lè pou ou ak pou Blan konpayi Ewopeyen ou nan do moute bagay sa yo ou ak vwayaj tounen nan espas alloted ou sou planèt sa a.

        In short, go back home whiteman. Africa is not your home and everything your people set up for themselves their was setup in vain. Just like French in Haiti, they surrendered and accepted their efforts were in vain.

    2. When do people realise that the present regime and mal julius’s regime are doing nothing but raping and plundering this country and its people. 15 Plus years of ‘democracy’ and south Africa is headed backward. Who is at fault ???? The captain of the ship is at fault. But who put the captain there ? You all did that , so blame yourselves. If you want TRUE change then get rid of the illiterates who only want to further personal bank bank balances and vote real change into society. There is only one option and that is the D.A.

    3. I have supported the ANC since the struggle, until the rise of President Zuma, where consequently I lost hope in the party, due to corruption. Like many of my fellow coloured South Africans, I have not bothered voting in the last two elections because I have utterly lost faith in all politicians as a whole. I believe that the EFF has great ideals, but the question is whether it will be achieved, whether EEF parlimenty members will just ultimately fall to greed like the ANC and whether Julias is the right person to rule the EFF. Malema has made a few questionable statements and mistakes in the past. He also uses the same tactics Hitler used to win power. By inciting the already existing dissatisfaction, fear, ignorance and hatred of our society for his political gains. With this in consideration, I have decided to remain neutral, and not support any political party till one proves themselves with a suitable leader. I truly hope that the EFF is sincere, however they are just another bunch of politicians, and possibly full of false promises. I would love to be proved wrong, but only time will tell.

    4. The Gauteng Department of Community Safety , had to park vehicle’s used by the monitoring team of police stations and the Gauteng Traffic Dept.from the past 7months as this is due to poor financial management by the HOD and Chief Director of monitoring Ms Duxita Mistry. The department owes R100 million to G-Fleet . No one knows were the money is gone.

    5. Viva EFF I supptd u frm 2013 nw just need help 4rm u fighters I am in Free State ke lla ka tjhelete eo re e fumanang ke sebetsa hard labour bt I dnt no my monthly salary

    6. SimonMy Name us Herman Denysschen I want to donate R5000 towards the course of removing Zumea. PLEASE PUT ME IN TOUCH WITH ONE OF EFF MEMBERS TO CONTRIBUTE Regards #removeZuma

  1. I hope the EFF will attract only revolutionaries who are brave and ready to fight, not apologists who just hope to get a ticket to the National Parliament or Provincial Legislature. In fact, I hope EFF doesn’t conform to the same systems it seek to overthrow, including parliamentary pokitics. Forward with economic freedom forward!!!3

    1. AS I travel to far away places within South Africa, I see Lots of Farms, I have no doubt all of them belong to whites, I am talking abouit farmsas big as the township,How the fuck does someone own such big land whereas lots of us are struggling to own a small farm. Then I realised that we need to share this land, It does not matter what it takes, but one day I know that we will all have a piece of it and make a living out of t.

      People should stop comparing us to Zimbabweans, maybe they did not know what to do with the land after winning it back, but still they are better than us because its all up to them what they do with their land now that they got it…..

      1. 90% of land given to blacks to farm along with all equipment GIVEN to them have led to failure. Now why is this ???? They sell off the equipment and allow the land to become infertile. So why should one not compare sa to zim ????? Really clever bunch you are. Then when it fails juju and co live in a palace while the man on the street starves. Talk about being MARTYRS. Politicians are here to serve not enrich themselves.

        1. I know this is like three years later but, you are a racist. That being said, why are you even on the continent of Africa? Go home you will have less problems since you don’t like colored people and what they do with their resources. Let it not be your problem at all. Pack up your s*** and move away… Faaar, far away. Like, I mean, Europe far.

  2. Its about time we as the youth of South Africa stand together to fight for our right that are currently oppressed by those who are in power, VIVA EFF VIVA!!!!!!! Im behind you every step of the way.

  3. comrades we need to preserve the revolutioniary struggle of our people and our country,determinely and an radical organised manner and demand equal rights and freedoms in our economy and on the basic living conditions of our people and provide and promote equal opportunities for all… in doing so we also need to exercute our morals and values in society through exercuting our plan of action as well as mass action against political opportunist like hellen zille with her fake botox face and zuma with his shower mantality for man shall not live by bread alone, our rights and freedoms shall be demanded and met!!! viva comrade and honourable leader julius malema….AAAAMMMAANNNDDLLAA!!!! QINA MAQABANE UYEZ UJUJU!!!!!

    1. This country needs a real President like Commander Malema who can face reality, who can show dedication and concern to the people needs in this country, We need this change in order to save our country before its too late.

      As much as there is still people having to wait in vain under the trees for a mobile clinic that must travel from village to village to show up for them to receive medical attention ,I say NKANDLAA WAS NOT NECESSARY. I know of the poorest president who takes his salary and uses it for his own people…That is really a president…Amandlaaa

      1. atleast we know where we are going rather than India, Zim is in Africa and only sactions tried to kill zim but they have failed and now whites are going back to share country wealth with black zimbabweans

        1. I don’t understand. Do most black people feel bad about removing White’s from Africa? Nobody should feel bad about that. They didn’t feel bad when they barged in and started taking everything, and they do this everywhere they go. Even America is not theirs. They’ve been trying to do 2 South Africa what they’ve already done to the Native Americans. They give you the options, the ultimatum. They’re not supposed to be in charge in the first place to make those kinds of Demands. They shouldn’t be there. I’m not South African but from the outside it seems like your country and all of the other countries of Africa are having a hard time just simply kicking them out. I don’t understand why. Not only should it be done but, it should have been done a long time ago. The longer you let them stay the more reason you have to feel sorry to tell them they must go. Also, the longer you let them stay the more mulattos they produce which causes confusion. Don’t welcome problems like these, get rid of them. You can’t negotiate on matters such as the survival of your race. Blacks should not feel bad or racist about it. That is your country. Yours. It is also the country of my ancestors. I’d rather die then live and see Europeans takeover the land that is basically our Birthright. That’s not just a Birthright South Africans but the birthright of Jamaicans, Haitians, African Americans, Black Canadians, Black French, Black South Americans…if we all knew the EFF existed there would be replicas all over the planet. I’m sure you heard of black lives matter but, that is the u.s. government behind that movement. Most black people aren’t even involved in that because they know it wasn’t started by their own community. The eff is something unique. It’s something that has formed as a result of people being fed up completely with routine politicians. I’ve been watching Julius malema for a long time on YouTube and he hasn’t change his ways for money or for support from Big names. He wants the God damn land 4 South Africans and jobs for South Africans and I above standard way of life for his people. Those who have been keeping the system the way it is Will continuously try to kill him for that. So he doesn’t just need protection in the form of security guards, he needs a worldwide Army of black people who know about him all over the world who will cause an uprising if something were to happen to him. If you feel bad it’s because you see what the colonizers have done as being fair. Honestly don’t think you feel that way but I do see a lot of people here talking about working together with them and negotiating and sharing the land. In reality, you don’t have to share anything with him. You could simply make them leave and so what if sanctions are imposed. That doesn’t stop anything. Other countries will still want to do business with South Africa, money will still flow into and out of South Africa. The only reason your pants want you to feel bad about not sharing with them is because they want you to share only with them. They fear the Chinese, they fear Cuba and I still fear Russia. I’m pretty sure the British you’re having a hard time down in Australia with the Aborigines. What I’m getting at is these people are a problem there is no way to coexist with them. Eventually it turns into another War down the line. Don’t negotiate with people who have historically turned their backs on you and raped your women and pillaged your land. They’re milking the most beautiful continent on the planet of its diamonds. These are a disgusting group of people and it is not racist to say that. It is only truth. Sometimes the truth can be easily mistaken for hatred or just venting emotions but, this is just blunt truth. We can’t negotiate with a race that is playing a chess game with human lives and has the game fixed to always make us come out the loser. At some point blacks have to be the bigger people and say no more. We have to stop playing the game. We know how to farm, we taught them how to do it. We know how to keep our streets cleaned, we taught them how to keep Europe looking nice. We know how to do business, and we do it exceptionally well… We taught them how to be businessmen and women. We taught them how to dress properly, how to cook properly, how to sing and dance. Lastly, but just as serious, we talked them how to have straight sex. Before they came across our influence the men slept with the men and women slept with the women and just as they tell you about Neanderthals or some call them cavemen they would hit the woman in the head with an object and knock her out and rape her in order to keep a population… The list goes on and on and on so, who are they to tell us that we cannot be self-sufficient when in reality when we first met them they were not self-sufficient at all. They needed extreme help. And so we did what black Africans always do, having a soft heart we help them and as soon as they surpassed us and knowledge they stabbed Us in the back. This tells us a number of things about them. For one, they are not trustworthy no matter how much time passes. Secondly, they will use you for whatever they need and the things that you won’t let them have it will attempt to form a system of trade in order to get those things and once you’re tired of trading they become violent and they start stealing things directly from you. Not only do they begin to steal things from you Kama they begin to steal people just as they stole people before and Scattered them all over the world to be slaves. Those black slaves all over the world are the reason why there’s so many great food to all over this planet because our race is gifted with great cooking skills. Mexican food is African, Cuban food is African, Jamaican food is African, Italian food is African and please believe me when I tell you Chinese food is African. Obviously the slaves in America a long time ago had to teach their masters how to properly prepare food. The ones who refused to have blacks in their homes continued to eat raw meat. To this very day, I kid you not, they still do not know how to properly prepare meat. They eat steaks rare. Do not negotiate with the people who always have it in the back of their minds to kill us all for being African whether we all were born on the continent or not, they treat us all the same. I cannot find it in me to feel even the smallest amount of sympathy when catastrophe hits them. I believe in karma and I believe that the dirty things they have done to us will come back to them Sevenfold. So, the smart thing to do would be to remove them from your land so that when God strikes against them he doesn’t accidentally strike you too.

  4. comrades we need to preserve the revolutioniary struggle of our people and our country,determinely and an radical organised manner and demand equal rights and freedoms in our economy and on the basic living conditions of our people and provide and promote equal opportunities for all… in doing so we also need to exercute our morals and values in society through exercuting our plan of action as well as mass action against political opportunist like hellen zille with her fake botox face and zuma with his shower mantality for man shall not live by bread alone, our rights and freedoms shall be demanded and met!!! viva comrade and honourable leader julius malema….AAAAMMMAANNNDDLLAA!!!! QINA MAQABANE UYEZ UJUJU!!!!!


  5. I am South African young entrepreneur currently in Dubai and have always voted for the ANC, even when I knew that they were betraying us in many things that they promised and never delivered even when cope was being formed it did not confuse me but now I glad finally that Malema and all of his comrades have come to the conclusion that the ANC can not be reformed from the inside, it is too far infiltrated by counter revolutionists and so finally a struggle has been started that I want to be a part off.

  6. Asijiki Forward we go wth EFF, the only movement that wil better the lives of any south African. ASIJIKI forward we go

  7. I’d like to join the EFF and need to know where to get the application form. How much is the joining fee?

  8. we will not be derailed by copy and paste movement, we came from too far to this day ANC will lead as led by the freedom chaters composers. Amandla!!!!

  9. Its time we stand up as youth of this country for the future of our children – we have been exploited too much and with EFF we have our way to fight back

  10. I NEED to be a member of EFF. Please help me. I stay in Mohlakeng Randfontein. Contact numbers 0793291304. Urgently please. Who do I contact in my area of stay?

    1. Good Day im white S.A citizen nationality Polish.
      me and my husband will like to join EFF because we see thats the only way to fight coruption.
      im resident of Germiston.
      pls send me information on my e-mail address.

  11. I like EFF i a taxi operator,The ruling party promised 100 yrs ago
    that we Taxi People will recognize us by helping us to get permits
    to operate legally,We scraped our old vehicles after they gave us
    what we called more scraps again, We Taxi Operators want to join
    EFF to help us in this problem,our problems are so many need a real

  12. The fighters should u know how hard is it t o work under labour broker then u will realies that we need change of the polices.VIVA EFF VIVA

  13. we will not be derailed by copy and paste movement, we came from too far to this day ANC will lead as led by the freedom chaters composers. Amandla!!!!

    1. fytas let stay commited to the couse remember ruling party is not sleeping planning every thing to destroy the revolution they got all resources to much is at stake pls preaching the revolution is only way every fyta is got responsebility to play their part.Africa eyethu not for few

  14. I request, my fellow South Africans, brothers and sisters in Christ, to be careful not to be lead in destruction by those who look through eyes of hate.

    So many South African who did not get a decent education due to the horrible apartheid system, can so easily be misled by someone like Julias Malema.

    Be warned, regret comes too late and then the whole country is destroyed like our neighbouring Country, Zimbabwe.

    God Bless, and may your eyes be open.

    1. who said zim is destroyed? you are fooled by media controlled by the west.Go check who invested in Zim now. All South African minerals will be finished and you will get nothing from that except your bible.I know you are still renting a place and your children will rent till jesus comes back because you will never own a land if you still think like an imbecile.Make a decision that will benefit you children moron and syop reading the bible because they used it to control our ancestors.
      ASIJIKI… forward EFF forwad

    2. Anc is a sinking ship,by the time you wake up,it will be too late.
      You must remember that this ANC is not the one we have brought to power more than a decade ago, it is not the ANC ruled by O.R Thambo, Joe Slovo , Steve Biko or Chris Hani ect.

      What do you know about Zimbabwe?
      Do you know that they own their own land
      Do you know that we will at some point go through the same pain in order to own our own land again
      Do you know if you cant claim your land,you are not free at all

      We were once ANC, not anymore..

      VIVA EFF VIVAaaaaa

      VIVA Julius VIVAaaaa

    3. Rikus you are weak, if you are not a fighter then you should not be here. let people like us fight for economic freedom and Zimbabwe is destroyed my friend get your facts right. peopple like you will cause blacks to remain in poverty forever.


  15. WOW: The moment i have been waiting for, VIVA EFF VIVA, i`m motherly support you Juju ” the downfall of a man is not the end of him” man who succeed are the most efficient one and i believe you are one of them. now i know the land issues are going to materialise

  16. You guys are absolute idiots. Like Rikus says a lot of you have been tainted by hatred even though probably 75% of you have not even been part of apartheid to the core. I was 8 when it was abolished, what the f* do I have to do with apartheid. Why do I have to be punished for my ancestors being racist? I’ve already left the country I live in London because of the political racism going on! I only have to say look at your future ZIMBABWE and if you have any intelligence you would not want to live in a country like that. Tell “juju” the bafoon to live there if he likes their way of living so much. There is no way that EFF will succeed and if they do there will be a lot more bloodshed! People will not give away land because 100 years ago the British took it from the locals. No one agrees with that but the moral here is forgive and forget! If every country around the world had to resort back to the Wild West or try to rectify it, it would be a disaster! Civilisation has moved on and opportunities are there for the taking (other than vigilante methods – it will resolve nothing) Hatred breeds hatred, so you try and take the farms and 50 years down the line the balance will have to reconfigured! MOVE ON!!!! This is not what Mandela wants / wanted!!! By the way Malema, would you have given up your farm to settlers if they occupied it before you lost it to SARS? I bet not, you will clam it was your grandparent’s without any evidence. You are racist and need to be brought back down to earth. Hopefully the people of beautiful South Africa are more intelligent than the corrupt / expelled ANC youth league “leader” juju and won’t want to destroy our country by listening to ignorant you!!!! Leave SA YOU DICK. IT BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE, NOT YOUR CORRUPT WALLETT!!!
    C’mon people surely you see how wrong this EFF tokoloshe is?!!!

    1. Dont tel us abt mandela’stay in london ‘n leave SA Alone,we vote fr any political party if sa ends up like zim its fine we’l find a way as zimbabwe does’tel ur father van vyk to follow u in london otherwise he’l come there swiming

      1. Haha oupa your such a tool! Don’t worry, if it needs be I will come help my country man. Sa is not yours, its for the people! I agree democracy is good, but stupidity is not!!! Civil war will solve nothing. An eye for an eye has never achieved anything but then again all you say is “I want”!!! Everyone can live in harmony but the principle is you can not nationalise mines, no foreign investor is going to pay you money to make you money. I can’t be bothered to help you see the issues here so good luck and I hope you lose!!! Just know it will be disastrous for SA.
        P.s. Thanks for the well wishes, loving London, money good, people nice and no racism.
        P.p.s who is van wyk?
        P.p.p.s no need for people to swim from SA to England, you can fly (business class) or walk most of the way (in your case)
        P.p.p.p.s Zim has not found a way they are rubbish, you’re probably too young to know what a beautiful country it was 15 years ago. #natagterdieore!

      2. I like ur mental capability COMMANDER.they should start crafting boats NOW. they surely will be going back same way. this WHITE DUDES have problem they just can’t accept submitting to a BLACK PERSON. the next cuming 4 years is going to be very interesting……..just wait and get ready for the feeling…..

    2. YOU are as stupid as you express yourself

      What the fuck are you even being part of this if you are o far as you claim…
      we are going to take back our land WITHOUT COMPENSATION
      YOU like it or not

      rell your grandpa to start preparing for another voyage by the Domedaris..watch …..

  17. People, pre-pare yourself for the coming Kingdom Of God. Leave the politicians of this present world. They can`t promise you anything because they do it out of own power and not with God`s power. No boarders Juluis is NWO talk! Please, please pray to God for direction and institute His 10 Commandments. Back to the Word and the law! ANC got problems, so they create another party EFF so that they don`t loose votes to DA. Pure and simple. I last voted in 1994 and can see the time is near for THE KINGDOM OF GOD! Prepare to meet your maker.

    1. @JM van Vuuren, you believe it is the end because the people that have been oppressed in their own land are now taking charge? It must be the end then!

      Do you think God just allowed that black must be mistreated. God allowed for black people to be robbed of their land.

      1. It`s the end of the WORLD including RSA. The Kingdom of God is coming and nobody can stop it.If you don`t understand this then maybe you will never. I also dislike the capitalist systems and would go for a more sosalist system like it was with the first Christian. They share everything. But the Kingdom of God is around the corner to even bother with world rubbish. And yes I am white and unemployed for 20years. Rather to bother to make a future on earth I rather look beyond this earth.

        1. Who are u to tell us abt de end of de world………when a BLACK MAN’s mind is in power, now is de end of de world? let me help u wake up from ur hallucinating mentality…THIS IS THE EMERGENCE OF A BLACK MAN……..hang ur self if u don’t believe………VIVA COMMANDERS………

      2. @Nikwa
        I Love kòmantè orijinal ou! Afriken jwenn peyi yo tounen pou kounye a moun reklamasyon li nan Apocolypse la. Stupid, Ewopeyen sa ki mal toujou sèvi ak Bondye ak Bib la lè tout lòt moun echwe konvenk ou yo sispann pwogrese nan direksyon pou nasyonalis. For di record I nuh hate white people dem, I hate white people who gwan voyages to another peoples land and stay for a while an suddenly think it’s theirs.

  18. iam a new member of the movement i have never been a member of any party but im ready to help malema to take control as a leader of this country.

  19. There is a lot of corporate companies that continue to
    exploit our people based the SHEQ standards…..there is this one in zebediela whereby employees are denied access to PPE hence they have to compromise and buy for their own health and safety which against the OHS Act…and according to KINGS II REPORT OF S.A a company need to report on intergrated sustainability….they are also not involved community uplifting. Nothing. i know that has been built or done by this company…..VIVA EFF come to our people and make sure that they are aware of their rights

  20. got 2 e-mails that some people leave reply`s but nothing. This attitude of EFF will only bring more destruction on this country. But God will look after His people and remember Juluis the court`s will have the last say in December and as I think it will play out, don`t think you are a Zuma to come clear. His day will also come. Rather face the devil now than on judgement day. Think about this.

  21. VIVa EFF viva and away with those who will do whatever it takes to pull our moral down. THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF was approached and led by the same corrupt leaders to be involved such unfortunate misconducts HENCE THE REPERCUSSIONS but whats amazing is that he realized that and is correcting that…………MALEMA FOR LIFE…..u can’t keep a good man down…………can’t wait to wear the shirt everyday………..VIVA COMMANDERS

  22. i think as a numsa member we had to take numsa with us to EFF as we are workers that dominates in COSATU , and the ANC OF zuma MUST KNOW THAT WE ARE UP FOR eff IN THE automobile sector

  23. Okay you got your 3 warning from God, don`t reply on this as I will not answer. You look up to Juluis as your savior but you forget and are blinded by the devil to look to your only hope for salvation God all Mighty. But go on you will not make it without God.

    1. Hi maI hear what you say, but at this stage,its difficult to combine politics with Christianity

      This is for yhe peoples benefit,people are tired of ANC
      We just need someone to expose them of their ugly deeds, because the other parties are afraid TO.
      So JUJU is our Platform,hes the child of this devil ( ANC) so he will know how to handle them..hope you understand

  24. Lets leave GOD out of this cuz we also are christians……where was GOD when our forefathers were forcefully removed from their land and put in jail n castrated for not cooperating….MUGABE said was too much of a saint…I AGREE. what we want is our land back and no remuniration…how can u pay some1 for giving bck ur belongings……if they don’t do like we also are going to forcefully take back what is ours and castrate them as well just like they did…..GOD HELP THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES….VIVA COMMANDERS ……….i believe my HERO PETER MOKABA is starting to smile cuz he can see that his struggle is continuing……….

    1. 20 years on and your hell bent on violence! Civilisation has moved on but your stuck in the past. Good luck to you people, you’re making a rod for your own back! You will starve like the people in Zim, and fat boy juju will be laughing at you whilst he siphons all “our” resources profits into his own pocket. You will NOT see any change and get no benefit! No point reasoning with you, you clearly have no sense!

      1. Senseless like your grandpa VERVOORD…….this is S.A baba …….now is de time n this time ur going to feel n know what is a black perso

  25. Commanders i will like to urge all of us to make sure we go register short courses that involve TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT, LABOUR RELATIONS AND OTHERS THAT HAVE BUSINESS MNANAGEMENT AND LEGAL ASPECTS…………..this is for those like me who are academically deficient . We are taking over south africa commanders so we don’t want to fail when we get what is ours…..we are capable of anaything WE ARE COMMANDERS…..COMMANDERS DON;T FAIL….Viva EFF VIVA………………..on the other note, this saga our commander ya SARS…..How can u pay tax so that one can build his MALL OF NKANDA so to enjoy sex

  26. Commanders i will like to urge all of us to make sure we go register short courses that involve TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT, LABOUR RELATIONS AND OTHERS THAT HAVE BUSINESS MNANAGEMENT AND LEGAL ASPECTS…………..this is for those like me who are academically deficient . We are taking over south africa commanders so we don’t want to fail when we get what is ours…..we are capable of anaything WE ARE COMMANDERS…..COMMANDERS DON;T FAIL….Viva EFF VIVA………………..on the other note, this saga our commander ya SARS…..How can u pay tax so that one can build his MALL OF NKANDlA so to enjoy sex with his many conubines…RUBBISH….

  27. South Africa should reflect the demographics of the country in every sector. Our people are capable and we cannot be stifled by threats of Zim. Zim is a success story…100 land transfer, maximum economic participation by the people…

  28. South Africa should reflect the demographics of the country in every sector. Our people are capable and we cannot be stifled by threats of Zim. Zim is a success story…100% land transfer, maximum economic participation by the people…

  29. A much needed movement, like that of the ANC of old. Currently a shell of its former self and has trampled all over the hopes and philosophies of ootata that gave their lives to free us. We need strong leaders, who have Marxist, Marchiavellian thought-patterns (like Robert Mugabe, Govern Mbeki, Che Guevara, Deng Xiaoping etc). Clearly this primarily capitalist, democratic and imperialist enslaved South Africa is not working. #EFF

    1. someting must die in order to grow,same as our nation-youth economic freedom party is the way the truth-viva EFF

  30. Viva Eff need T-shirt and beret. Thats include membership card. 10 of my friend would also like to join EFF

  31. Our chief in command MALEMA said he a want ffiliates who are s not cared of BOERTJIES so i also want to say please……a white man is a human being he runs blood, they have sex the same way as we do. even though they don’t satisfying their partners…. small cigarette…
    never watch while a whiteman is taking advantage…engage and reprimand.

    1. Seeing as most rape cases in SA are in black neighbourhoods. You are a complete and utter bobjaan! HhaahahahahHhHahahHhahAh and don’t bother talking about my grand papa and grand mama cause they don’t like you either sipho

      1. In fact fuckup SA cause I’ve left! Might start a petition to save Cape Town and the rest of the CPU tires so you don’t destroy it like Zimbabwe and the rest of afica you fuckingin moron ps spelling mistakes r on purpose

        1. Naas, I think you are wasting your time on this webpage, I don’t blame you whiteboy, i blame your parents for raising you to be this angry at yourself and the world around you. Your NP (Now ANC), FF, CP, AWB, AVF have failed you dismally. They were not truthful enough to you, they should have told you that Africa belongs to us all. Its only in your culture whereby it is common where you continuously f*ck your own daughters and let your wives to be f*cked by dogs because of your insufficient dicks and low morals! You make me sick, Africa is f*cked-up because of you and your stupid forefathers lack of vision and appreciation! Why don’t you go to Australia? Oops, I forgot, you are not wealthy enough and by the look of things, you seem to be struggling! Your bloody poor Afrikaner! Where were your parents during Apartheid era where they use to get everything for free? Were they sleeping thinking South Africa wont change? Were they busy telling you that you will be eternally superior to us? Witboy, smell reality, wake up! Go to Danville, Eastlynne and Pretoria North and look at how your superior brothers and sisters state of livelihood is! You were also discriminating them because their parents were mentally challenged, disable and poor! The fact of the matter is that they are “White” hahahahahahaha! You are just heartless beasts, mxm, you make me sick sick sick!

  32. We should never settle for less than we’re worth. what happened to all the promises? what happened to transparency? what happened to building a brighter future for all? We have been failed by the elders time and time again. It is time we stand up on our own feet. The ANC fought a long and hard battle against apartheid (NP/DA) and conquered, but the war is not over, it is time to pass the flag to young blood, fresh blood, people with new ideas, fresh minds. My “X” already has a date with the EFF come 2014.

  33. Beware, EEF is the creation of the DA to take votes away from the ANC

    Rumour has it, the DA have been holding talks with the leaders of foreign refugees communities to get them qualified to vote DA in return for citizenship.

    None of you have a clue as to what is really happening behind the scenes.

    Don’t be fooled……VOTE ANC

    1. we are aware ….thanks for your concern….if there is nothing you can say…pls pls and pls again….go do pole dancing for mmakhumalo(ZUMA’S WIFE) …i guess she will happy to stroke you CIGER.
      VIVA EFF.
      STUPID people who have hypnotized by ANC………

  34. Re kgopela le re tlogeleng ka EFF ya rona,le kgoneng tsa lena, rena party ya rena e ya phela ene ke ye kgolokgolo viva EFF ya rena viva Amaaaaaaaaandladladlaaaaadla what a BIG PARTY yez we love it and our president. Honourable DR JULIUS MALEMA.

  35. Beret is needed mo senwabarwana we need to sure them we are not taking chances,beret e kgalema lenyatso boss.

  36. When u cum here………..on our website n become jajarag …it pisses me off that i can call u names together within ur grand families…cuz this is EFF website , we are trying to conscientize and engage with supporters of EFF ..so do yourself a favour you stupid charterist and back off cuz u will feel like u have taken ur clothes off once i get hold of u……
    ADVISE…..if u don’t like EFF deep ur finger in ur ass n leak it ,,,,, then u would have done something for the day rather than telling us how wrong we are for voting MALEMA.
    I SUPPORT MALEMA…period.
    if u don’t like it ….commit suicide….cuz in heaven there is no politics.

  37. I am pro the idea of communities being taught about political economy particularly the working class, you cannot overcome the problems experienced in workplaces unless people understand what its all about.

    There is unbearable exploitation in the hospitality and catering industry and workers are scared to stand up and fight for their rights and especially the young ones who are not experienced.

    I believe the EFF stands a good chance in this regard if they work with the unions which are not part of the anc.

  38. hey im lukhanyo sandi i will like to join the party. im from(eastern cape) klipplaat, and they are people will like to join the party

  39. Change has never been welcomed nor has it been accepted, people must stop embrasing their comfort zones and start fighting for the future of their children…..AND IT STARTS HERE !!!

  40. There are thousands of people from all over that would like to join the party and parade its day to day strength, but it looks like little or no information is being rolled out. This website is not doing any justice as many people and or our disadvantaged youths have no economic means of affording the internet cafe. I am always convincing people to join but I just don’t have enough information as to where can they go. Malema, mobilize, the masses are waiting!

  41. Greetings patriots and great fearless fighters…
    Mine is to just express the joy I have with the formation of such a hope bringing organisation.

    Viva Malema Viva…Sikhokhele JUJU!!!

  42. Mobilize mobilize and mobilize. this is not an alternative to the ruling party but what the ruling party was supposed to stand for. Come voting time, EFF will be tops. The unemployed youths of our beloved Azania are tired of being sidelined. Forward with EFF forward!

  43. We’ll bring tragedy to ANC without our man Kadafi!

    I’m quite sure that people will look upon our attitude and sentiments and look for hypocrisy and hatred in our words. Our revolution is born out of love for our people, not hatred for others.
    Salute Fighters!!!

  44. The so called born frees should not disappoint themselves by neglecting their responsibility to vote for freedom for the first time. Let them vote for justice and total liberation of the black Africans.

    Down with exploitation of the African masses.

  45. The fight is no longer ONLY about fighting racism and being angry with white people, the fight has progressed, and its now for us black africans to start loving one another, do business with one another, stop thinking white products and imports are superior, stop thinking white consultants and companies can do the job better, we as blacks have enough resources and power to change the dynamics, lets create jobs, feed the hungry, take care of orphans, get rid of booze in the townships, build more libraries and sports centre, fight for good education, liberate our own minds and know that we dont need whites to survive, lets start our own banks, our own industries let black people buy from black people, let all the malls in the township be owned by blacks, let us get our PHD’s, engineering, accounting and other technical qualifications and lets change the world, show the world that Black South Africans can do it, let us be proud of being blacks and make white people wish they were black and let us be proud of our culture and no longer be ashamed of neing black, let us transform our minds and know that the only thing standing between us and economic freedom is us, we are the youth we carry the majority vote, the future of SA is in our hands VIVA EFF VIVA!!!!

    1. The most sensible thing I’ve read in ages, I could get behind that, that’s true freedom right there.
      Progress that way, nothing can stop you, it’s a long road, but the true path to freedom.

      1. @ Jerard ,Please do not flatter yourself by Nonhlanhla’s misguided ego boost to whites. He is indirectly labeling us as uneducated and fractured much to your amusement and flattery.
        I totally dislike individuals who haphazardly use the term “We” If Nonhlanhla has his ineptitude he owns it and agree with him as a fool who undermines himself.
        We don’t need you white approval or endorsement because you are a Rat. You bite and blow. Go and play on the AWB Moffies website!

    1. Hey wena Ayanda,

      Contrary to what you “think you know about Zimbabwe” there are successes, many successes. Lets for once set aside politics and look at the notion of true emancipation. What does it entail? Is it possible under the current dispensation?
      Perhaps a more “Brave” approach is required because there is nothing radical about wanting to better the lives of everyone and not just a select few.
      We can talk and bring the peoples mandate to the oligarchy & political elites, there are many ways to engage at this point but they need to know that we are quite willing to move to the next step in order to realise “The People’s interest”
      It is not Cde. Malema or I but our brothers and sisters who live in deplorable conditions in the land of their ancestors while the country has fertile land and rich soil that want some kind of security or basic.
      It may not please those who are reaping the rewards and the status quo at present but its a necessity for the betterment of all. Even them that oppose this can still benefit but they need to be content with a smaller share.

      1. Ayanda, you must be very blind to utter a statement like that. Have you ever asked yourself as to why our education system is deteriorating? Have you ever asked yourself as to why all black our politicians so rich whereas people on the ground are still living in the worst living conditions they find themselves at? Why is our govt embarking on the willing seller/buyer policy? How can we buy something that has been stolen from us? Many questions can be asked but the answer is simply that our govt have been protecting the white farm/land owners because they themselves are benefiting from the spoils. The poor will remain poor or worse they will be poorer and the rich will be richer. Mugabe promised his people land and he definitely gave them what they were promised finish and klaar! How many people (black people) have been evicted from the farms? What did our govt do about that? Thge Freedom charter states that the land belongs to us all, but which land are they talking about? Are they still going to craft a land that will belong to us all? On the issue of Education, they are creating a situation whereby our children will only depend on the govt for everything and anything else! They made our education system to be very flawed and difficult to reach by charging exorbitant fees so that we can be as dumb as possible so that they can easily manipulate us by giving out Free housing, Children’s grants, Unemployment grants, feeding scheme etc… in that way, we will always depend on them (govt)! What makes me sick is that no minister’s kid/child is attending any govt schools because they themselves are not confident enough to let their kids attend the very schools that they are in control of! What is LOTTO doing for us? Where is the public protector in this instance? What happened to the Billions that were given to Gauteng Health Dept? Nkandla? Gupta? Open your eyes Ayanda, Please open your eyes!!!!

  46. The young white boy is very scared of the anticipated outcome of the coming elections, I suggest he run fast to an unknown space.

    The poor boy has enjoyed the privileges of being white and the benefits of apartheid and now that they are threatened, he is badly trying to advice the young blacks.

    Poor Naas

  47. We the People shall fight 4 what is ours n shall not retreat nor surrender.Let us not b afraid of change,we cant b ruled by minority while the is mojority EFF is the future.No shit smelling small dicked white boy is gonna tell us otherwise especially red faced poor boerkies like Naas.

  48. As youth we have to know that there is no longer ANC in south Africa is only corruption. i have been voting for ANC but what is happening i don’t think the will get my vote anymore because of what our president is doing. i better vote for youth because EFF is part that have formed in our present so as youth if we want to change our life we must vote for the person who do care of education like malima he knows how important is Education. i will give my vote to EFF

  49. @PG Well said. Your comment is very fitting for Ayanda.
    How can he come to someones house and insult the host? He’s etiquette is befitting a stray dog so, Voetsek is the only languge appropriate

  50. Back by popular demand(invaders repellent)
    Firstly I would like to give few comments and advise ANC LUNATICS before I turn to naas.
    1. People need to understand that things never remain the same eternally, they will always change and it is also proven in the LORD S’ MANUAL. Hence we see the evolution of smart and intellectually capable leaders like THE HONOURABLE DOCTOR PROFESSOR MALEMA. embrace change so to adapt and fit in perfectly within the changing milieu instead of being pugnacious.
    2. the only reason why many hypnotized supporters of ANC follow the party is because they think they will get a chance to defraud the country same as their leader CHARMER BOY ZUMA did, and that’s the very wrong mentality to approach the emancipation of black people from white minorities. Rather join EFF while the gates of heaven are still open……….#VAVI will make a good labour union rep for EFF..you are also invited my man instead of being stupid and stay at ANC while you see CHARMER BOY ZUMA and followers trying their best to ruin your reputation.#
    3. @ayanda..you anonymously elected yourself to be the plenipontentory of white minority and you surely chose wrong side, and If you don’t like what’s cuming you have the right to migrate to london or anywhere and follow the likes of NAAS wa masepa ..cuz this country is going to change in the next cuming 4 years like it or not

    Wena NAAS o ne masepa n u sound like those white guyz who embrace black people momentarilly and cul them kaffir behind their backs….stay in london because its good for u.. as for your native group they will be eating XXX HOT PERI PERI every day. Everything around them will be very hot…….surely they will update u…..START BUILDING TITANIC 2 …………………..

    Viva EFF
    MALEMA WEEEEEEEEEE ake tsebe gore ke reng but your the man.

  51. Concern….! Am I a racist?
    Forgive n forget……………….#exclamation#
    Forgive and let him forget so that u can catch him asleep and cut off the head………
    I would have loved to attend the rally in malamulele but am sure u will make us proud commanders……..pls mobile n recruit more members as u can commanders
    Viiiiiiiivaaaaaaaa. EFF……..bjalo le bjalo

  52. Yhoooooooo Viva EFF zashintsha iimpilo zabantu kunini sihlupheka ye ses corrupt ANC sizi graduates but no jobs but not ayikho imisebenzi as such but ivalwe ngamaxhego namaxhegwazana a corrupt yoh come 2014 side sise o X bethu kwi EFF for a change well done Mr Malema kealebua

  53. Viva Malema viva morwa motho ofihlile lefaseng ke nako ya gore ANC go fele ka yona mopresident wa rena ga gona letseo adidirang

  54. Guyz i got 2 admit we all loved the Anc when we had no 1 2 care 4 us bt their tym is up our {EFF} tym is now.We r already the gornment in waiting nd we wil nationalize NKANDLA n make it ur HEADQUATERS,Anc is goin down.Fighters lets mobilize as many Fighters as we can in order 4 this 2 came a reality nt just a dream.Fighter i wana b,Fighter i wl b n Fighter i am.No retreat no surrender,ASIJIKI.

  55. Yonna mmaweeee! Malema o nketsang?…………….#singing#
    The song ””’ ayasaba makwala…….etc””’ was given red card by the government but it remains a struggle song. So we are going to remix it using the same lyrics…………..

  56. I am so disappointed in guyz who are working at sasol garage at GA THOKA …..how can u stand and watch while three white stupid morons attack a black policeman who wasn’t even fighting them………TURFLOOP le nkisa fase mane……. those guyz should have been blacksamed so to neva forget the day………we still have a lot of work to do”””’shifting many blak people’s mentality””’ STOP BEING SCARED OF WHITE GUYZ PLS PLS PLS ..
    join EFF for the lessons…..free of charge

    1. The Battle of Blood River is the name given for the battle fought between 470 Voortrekkers led by Andries Pretorius, and an estimated 10,000–15,000 Zulu attackers on the bank of the Ncome River on 16 December 1838. Casualties amounted to three thousand of king Dingane’s soldiers dead, including two Zulu princes. Three Trekker commando members were lightly wounded, including Pretorius himself……Do not forget this……

  57. Butt Manamela wanya ka nnete zombie e ka borokgong bja gage tapola ke ena.Oya saba uzuma khahlela indunu akijime kakhulu ngoba abafana ba maberete a red ba yeza bayo ngena enkandla.

    1. u are welcomed and please contact ur provincial coordinater for further details and also u can draw the membership form on JOIN logo on this same website……most importantly u must not be scared of WHITES ……….VIVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ETC COMMANDERS

  58. im nt having a comment there is my number 0766651654 i need to become a member of eff(economic freedom fighter) im stuy in jhb wher should i hv to go nd registr

  59. @martin.. u really know ur story commander…we need fighters like u in our movement who will be able to reason logically….u may not know but ur comments are very powerful . As for tuition fees PLS check NOSA & IRCA GLOBAL fees and u will be shocked…..65 000 for 12 months programme and it s highly recommended. Mostly WHITES DO THIS PROGRAMME.

  60. @PG, My brother in arms, Have you ever looked at how are our brothers and sisters are taken for a ride after finishing their Grade 12? Have you ever seen how many unrecognized colleges are there in Gauteng alone? I was more than shocked to learn that certain colleges are offering Police and traffic management diplomas, nursing diplomas etc…! After completion, which police force or health department is going to hire you? To my knowledge, SAPS and Department of Health are only hiring the people they have trained themselves or from reputable institutions of higher learning especially Universities (.ac.za)! Are we really saying that the govt is not seeing this scams? In anycase, how are they going to combat this if they busy taking bribes and enriching themselves! How many bogus doctors are operating in our hospitals? The traditional doctors from other African countries claiming to heal AIDS, bringing back the lost lovers, winning the lotto, penis enlargements, safe abortions, etc… Is our govt that blind? The adverts have the phone numbers and offices where all this is operated from. Sunnyside in PTA, Hillbrow and Yeoville in JHB is a safe haven for illegal Nigerian druglords! Yes I said it, Nigerian druglords! Our police ministers taking bribes or employing people with criminal records! We as youths of this country, must we just fold our arms and watch the future of our country going down the drain? Why are all this factories in JHB alone? Why cant we have a motor manufacturing plant in Limpopo or Freestate? Why are the Banking head-offices only in JHB? How difficult it is to move some of them to Limpopo, Freestate, Northwest etc…. If everything else is centred around a particular province, we will still be sitting with poor province like eastern cape, northern cape and Limpopo due to lack of opportunities! Schools are being closed because there is no protection from our govt! Foreigners are running schools that are part of our bullsh*t education model that failed in many countries! Pakistanis are cutting a bigger chunk of our economy by opening shops without proper licences! As a South African you will have to bribe the whole cabinet just to get a licence! Are all this what we’ve been voting for since 1994? We have to act now by voting these retards out of our govt system!

  61. @martin.,,,,, I picked a very important statement yet again I say ur good logically man. ####why can’t they move some of the big manufacturing companies to other provinces###### well said man I respect u for such a huge statement man.
    A week shouldn’t pass you without saying something on this website man……..we can have many more members through u man………..
    Nna I am just waiting for those full of kaak n SHIT….I AM THE WEB GUARD…..#INVADERS REPELLENT#viva. Commanders EFF

  62. Morning..commanders..
    I managed to compose a song for ZANC….actually it came in dreams.
    The original version say
    ”” tshwara hloga,””” tshwara magetlaaaaaaa””tshwaraaaa spono”””thiba ntweee monate”” thiba ntweee monateeeeee””’
    ZANC SONG goes like…..
    ””’ tshwara zuma””’ motshware matsogoooooo””’ motsole borokgo”””’ ripa ntwee lerete””’ripa ntweee le reteeeee””’

  63. It is about time we as south african take our country back, not by war by intelligently fighting for it, EFF is a platfor where revolutionaries come together and share ideas as to how we should take this coutry forward, those who are afraid of this revolutionary movement are gonna scare south africans by mentioning things like should EFF take power, we gonna see the investors fleeing this country and therefore this country`s economy will collapse, it has collapse by the time shower man took over the reigns,we are contantly falling, now he has signed the controversial e toll into law,what does this means,it means only those capitalists are running us down.Viva EFF Viva.

  64. Am the supporter of Economic freedom Fighter but i ask someone who is the co-Ordinator on Gauteng to give me information he says to me he join Agang so can i get the right person to give me information.

    1. Commander go to JOIN link on this same website and download the membership form. For further activities keep in touch with EFFwebsite( EFF timelines)

  65. ,?VIVA ..EFF……. guyz please be ready to vote the party that is ready to change and better our lives..EFF. cuz with the current government we are going no where…we are going to pay tax and other tariffs untill …death…ZUMA is like a nigerian pastor with bodyguards in south africa claiming to can heal people while ripping them apart financially . Today a professor in cape town mentioned that” ZUMA don’t read enough”.my concern is can he really read…. haaaahaaaaaaa#laughing and tapping my bum# I foresee danger……I think many deals and laws were just signed bcuz he couldn’t even understand a word .
    Eff cum to the rescue….HEY
    ZUMA only thing he knows is sex
    If there is no sex in heaven ZUMA IS going to return to earth……

  66. You know Comrades, I was just watching the latest current affairs and saw something very positive. 1st of all, the oportunists who called themselves EFF’s jumped ship for a paycheck from an individual who has made millions at the sweat & blood of miners who get silicosis, die in accidents due to poor safety and earn very little. Unrealistic policy was their so called justification. What is unrealistic about land and economic redistribution? Instead they opt for a Ramphele model that will keep her in the plush suburb of Campsbay & the majority in inhumane townships? 2. Cde. Mugabe addressed the UN and wow! Just north we have prime example of dedication to the liberation of a nation. To rub salt in their wounds even further, Mugabe won the overwhelming support of he’s people who share in a vision of people first.Victory through a landslide victory in the past election. 3. An incubant ANC office bearer openly made mention of a need for Commander JM in the ANC.

  67. guys we are not comrade,we are fighters.we are no longer members of ANC please we are fighters dats all.amandla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Our EFF Branches will be named by fighters not dead people eg.Albert Lithuli no fighters,my branch name is Fana.Mokwena,i have more than 120 members now in Odendaalsrus,Kutlwanong location under Lejweleputswa Region in Welkom,Free-State.fighters lets work together as team and support each other.maybe december we will launch our branch.amandla!!!keya rona ntho ena!!!EFF

    1. Good work commander……JUST MAKE SURE THOSE WHO ARE JOINING are NOT COCOUTS only fighters..young blood which is ready to fight…. n if there are those who are scared of whites….just tell them to go agang n tell people how rich they are!,,…WE WANT FIGHTERS
      Commander good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      This party will grow n rule,,,,,,,,,,
      MALEMA THE PRESIDENT zanc the failure

  69. Fighters lets go out there and tell people about EFF’s ability to make their life better than what it is now,we must stop giving anc free publicity by always critisizing them,because if we keep on talking about them thats the only thing that will be in most people’s mind when it’s election time and they will vote 4 the first name that come to their mind if we keep on saying anc this anc that anc anc anc,lets feed the masses with EFF,EFF,EFF,EFF and that’s all they will remember,rather we say the other party than saying anc.Like saying don’t join or vote 4 another political party other than EFF.i have observed that we are losing members because of this,people are sick n tired of hearing the name anc all the time,they wanna hear EFF,EFF,EFF,EFF,EFF,EFF,EFF,EFF and more EFF,what we can do not what other palookas has beens can’t do or ddn’t do.I WANT TO BE A FIGHTER,I WILL BE A FIGHTER AND I AM A FIGHTER N I WILL NEVER RETREAT NOR SURRENDER,ASIJIKI.

  70. I am a little bit worried, EFF is not visible enough. I spent the whole weekend in Atteridgeville and I did not see any glimpse of EFF, be it a beret or a t-shirt nothing!!!! This is really worrying me a lot!

  71. fighters that is true let every body on MZANZI hear the word EFF in every conner. our votes has been wasted is enough. let ZANC hear the sound of a fast passing EFF.

  72. I would like to open an EFF branch in my institution @ University of Zululand,,,,, and would like a step by step guide fROMm THE ECONOMIC FREEDOM FIGHTER. this branch can be active and be registered before 2014.

    yours sincerely

  73. viva juju viva come the elections we will vote for you ,we are tired of rich people of anc and zuma while we are poor.

  74. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamandla maqabani, EFF is coming with something different now, we as youth of south africa finally we have party that its gonna fight for us.

    viva! juju viva!
    viva EFF viva!

  75. Me too i cant wait marikana’s rally but my President Juju u have to come that side in Nigel we are many here who support EFF.

  76. Comrade Solly, is that you from yahoo forums? It’s Brett also from yahoo forums. Did you see the latest about Steve Hofmeyer.
    This is the reason we must first of all ensure that everyone of us who is elegible to vote registers.
    Please, even if you think you are already registered. Go and check, if you changed place of residence, please go and register in your ward.
    Please, if you have lost your ID or have a temporary go and get the permanent one.
    I am staying in Athlone/Hanover Park/Gugulethu in Cape Town area. Please, if you need a lift to the voters station to register let me know. 084 342 0201. I am willing to assist.

  77. The Battle of Blood River is the name given for the battle fought between 470 Voortrekkers led by Andries Pretorius, and an estimated 10,000–15,000 Zulu attackers on the bank of the Ncome River on 16 December 1838. Casualties amounted to three thousand of king Dingane’s soldiers dead, including two Zulu princes. Three Trekker commando members were lightly wounded, including Pretorius himself……Do not forget this……

    1. @waiting for shit….
      History is so nice when u read it n u would even wish to turn the stories in to reality………now is now……we fight guns with guns, bombs with bombs. The time of spears versus guns is history. I am happy that u are waiting! Cuz those who are ready always feel lesser pain………….

  78. @Waiting for you Lol!! Stupid boere forgot we had no guns. And we are not purporting or advocating for violence. If you are threatening violence & have an arsenal of bombs & guns like most right wingers. The SAPS Special Tactical Unit will deal with you decisively.
    You watch too much Rambo & Terminator

  79. I salute you fighters for the launch and your attendance. Let the work for more recruitment begin, come election day we know we ready for total take over. Don’t forget that many waiters who serve you in restaurants work for free with no basic salary but tips. They must ALL rise up to the challenge. ASJIKI……..

  80. Thanks the EFF may perhaps give us back our human dignity, as for ANC with SACP alliance they have surely shifted to the most right , all they do is run a Criminal State in South Africa stealing and stealing ….. with their dozen useless fat asses mistresses. South Africa has become so useless to the point that we dont excel in anything at all, soccer we are useless, education we fail our children, health we slaughter poor patients in state hospitals.

  81. We’ve been waiting for a party like this,what I like most about it is that it came in time whereby the eyes of the youth of SA have been opened, we’ve seen what happened in SA, all the empty promises, lies and deceit its high time we took our stand, viva EFF I’m 100% member please sign me in let’s make this official and let’s get rolling there’s so much to do! GOD bless

  82. I have always voted ANC – as i feel it is a democratic and fully representative party. Unlike most people in SA i believe there is an agenda against certain parties that do not conform to the norm. Juju is one such leader – he does not conform – and i honestly feel that he can be the change this country needs – but my concern is that i do not find the EFF fully representative. I am an Indian male – my grandparents were born here – i am South African in all ways – yet i had an EFF supporter call me Gupta, and i must go back to India when i had a debate with him about the ANC ( my party) versus the EFF… i need to feel welcome by the EFF and so far i dont find it representative

  83. Good Afternoon Fighters,

    I am a young male. I believe in this movement. Only problem is that I am white. Recent media made me believe that I would not be welcomed by my black brothers… Would I be able to join?

    Viva EFF Viva!

  84. Whoever says EFF is racist is wrong, you will be there to see it & witness it. EFF is about real reconciliation in South Africa & better lives for all, pretending is preventing us from moving forward.

  85. Malema is the world’s biggest political joke. Not only is he and what he stands for racist but he is corrupt to the hilt. Go ahead and be stupid. Join his childish party

  86. Peter do not listen to shortminded people like Andy. he is just like the old dogs, but the diffenet is he is politiacally still wearing pumpuses. Go on bro be a fighter and you will see that EFF is for real recncilliation other that the big joke of the WORK in SA i.e ZANC.People like Andy need dummies to suck while watching the contry being taken to the gutter by their MR SHOWER.


  88. I am a Black middle class who leaves in the North West who has voted EFF both regionally and nationally. I work with a lot of whites who are great pretenders. They are smooth operators who use divide an conquer rules. This country is much better without them. We are seasoned black managers who wait forever to be recognized. We are told “you have potential” forever. My children attend a local private school, nearby there is a government Afrikaans school. Health minister decides to roll out vaccines to schools and forgets about us, we see nurses administering the most expensive vaccines like the cancer vaccine which costs at least R1000 for a single dose to this govt school which is just next to us for free and we are left to see ourselves to private hospitals or long lines at malfunctioning health centers. We have already relieved load for govt from overloaded schools by paying excessive school fees the least they can do is to include our kids to these benefits. I like Julius because he uncovers the unspoken truth that is already there. The white counterparts are earning much more than their black peers who perform the same duties. I will be active one day and promote the agenda of EFF which I believe in.

  89. Although i am not an EFF supporter i welcomed the news that he got over 20 seats in parliment. The party needs to remember that like COPE and Agang that came and went the political landscape is very different. Parties that dont deliver and yet promise much suffer. What Juju has been saying is excellent however lets see if he can delvier to those that matter most.

  90. Congrats to the fighters for the performance of at the polls.

    Unity of the leadership is outmost now and onwards.

    To the Central Command HIGH FIVE. The EFF is in the nutshell saying to the blind who have eyes that, stop begging for bread and demand the flour to bake your own bread.

    Those who have ears hear what word says to you.


  91. We support you from Los Angeles,CA, USA! We love what you’re doing for your people. Obama is lost and we can’t help him. I wish we had Julius Malema! Not fair. One love. ❤

  92. It pains me a lot to see fighters nursing friendship with ANC Councilors with a view that they may get a job. Remember when we raise an alarm of revolution we all go up or we all go down.

    Pele EFF Program of Action Pele.

  93. viva eff phambili ngo juju-amandla,oky eff must luanch the union of the works,labour brokers to get better salary pls becuz black people will remain poorest

  94. I’m an Afrikaans white and believe the EFF has a duty to its people, but should be inclusive to make it work long term. The misinformation about the commander and chief Juju should be ignored, he made mistakes but will get the opportunity to fix them. Let’s see what they can do for the plight of the poor, but don’t hold your breath…

  95. nothing wrong with juju. its good that someone has finaly arrive to step on the toes of the anc. just to let them know that you cannot just do what you like and everyone will keep quiet. well done julius for representing the rest of us that do not have a voice.this guy andy that is targeting the eff is the real racist.if julius seems racist or made mistakes in the past, then you should know that everyone is human and we all learn from our mistakes.give the man a break. he fights for your tax money that is being abused by the goverment. so andy, if you dnt have anything thing else to do instead of waisting our time, dont you have sakkie, sakkie classes to attend??

  96. Nothing pleases me like seeing the ANC frustrated! Juju, Floyd nd the rest of the EFF parliamentarians, keep it up! You are a true opposition. I like the fact that you tackle issues head-on. As for Mbete, don’t mind her, she is just another Zuma’s toothless poodle. She dare chase you away from the parliament, she will understand what EFF is all about! If it means SA be ungovernable, so be it!

  97. I have supported the ANC since the struggle, until the rise of President Zuma, where consequently I lost hope in the party, due to corruption. Like many of my fellow coloured South Africans, I have not bothered voting in the last two elections because I have utterly lost faith in all politicians as a whole. I believe that the EFF has great ideals, but the question is whether it will be achieved, whether EEF parlimenty members will just ultimately fall to greed like the ANC and whether Julias is the right person to rule the EFF. Malema has made a few questionable statements and mistakes in the past. He also uses the same tactics Hitler used to win power. By inciting the already existing dissatisfaction, fear, ignorance and hatred of our society for his political gains. With this in consideration, I have decided to remain neutral, and not support any political party till one proves themselves with a suitable leader. I truly hope that the EFF is sincere, however they are just another bunch of politicians, and possibly full of false promises. I would love to be proved wrong, but only time will tell.

  98. afternoon, i think EFF should be more active in Nkomazi Region, i have seen our poor black people struggling to get water whereas Nkomazi is full of water and everyday and night the water is flowing from deep swaziland passing us in Nkomazi and surrounding areas to Mozambique. we vote people to represent us and to see to it that there’s proper service delivery, guess what we get instead of service delivery, they cut water supply. y y y y y we have to struggle? y y y y we have to keep fighting to get what was supposed to be given to us?



  100. now SOWETO is being striped off the electrical power now the ANC is coming with the prepaid thing they claim that they are paying out social grants to our grandfathers and mothers hence taking the money back that it form part of tax and they later pay themselves fat checks,
    we buying water a natural thing, electricity a source of living element, without it nothing comes together. what else now we need to buy travelling e-toll?

  101. Yes that is all they want us to do pay pay pay and they waist the money and full up there own pockets. What about the feal/petrol? We keep on paying for roads that we don’t get. Let stand with Julius and give them what they deserve. But now they want too blame Julius. Isn’t that convenient for them to take all the eyes of them self. It’s easy to blame Julius when they are self in the wrong. Stand strong Julius we are with you. Give them he’ll. Make that seats hot that they will not be able to sit in it.

  102. It is time for ZUMA to face the music, i’ve been whaching closely since 2011 how he claimed he is a loyal ANC leader while he was waiting for stragle fighter die one by one. so that he can take advantage on south africans, now he is running away from his bad did and telling people to hate malema. thank you malema for being patiant whaching closely this zuma ANC for years on how they oparate. U did well by not acting eairly 2010 when it ANC got out of way. U are a true comrade. U rimind me of MPONEGELE COMMUNITY FORUM IN 1988/89 by the time of MASAKANENG YOUNG LIONS. Im happy to see one of us gone so far. I am pround because u have refused to be given temporary food. u fight for south africans not for U. and to add on that u r only 37 years and for that i can invest my political thinking for YOU AND EFF IN LARGE. VIVA MALEMA VIVA.



  103. hellow EFF hellow, amandla EFF amandla, Viva youth of south africa in general viva. comrade i am disapointed by this idiot ANDY, i am sure he was part of corrupt and eating from the disability, homeless and orphenage communitities of our country and now is suffering from moneyless in his pocket. he is like hyinas eating the cacas after the lions has killed an impala for supper. ANDY I WANDER IF U HAVE YOUR OWN KIDS, AND THEY ARE GOING TO HAVE THIER OWN KIDS INFUTURE AND THEIR KIDS WILL HAVE GRAND KIDS AFTER ALONG TIME DEATH, IT MEANS THAT O TLA BE O NA LE MENGWAGA E 60 (YRS) O HLOKOFETSE.


  104. Get rid of fraud&corrption,ALRAPARK located east of ekhuruleni corruption bounces counter to counter,politics conspiers over the rule,DA VS ANC people’s lives plugged to darkness with nor one to help.

    (1)fraud-Dunotter military still not develop into comercial air flight to relive OR TAMBO AIR FLIGHT .

    (2)fraud-nigel prison still not develop only foundations now covered by grass this descussions were descussed in parlament but never accomplished how ever were ment to uplift the economy of nigel

    (3)now prassa/gibela people are not going to benefit due to skilled work reqiured,i as the locasociactivist feels ALRAPARK MOTHER/FATHER OF DUDUZA WILL BE LOCKED OUT,KICKOUT,NKOCKEDOUT AS THE FIRST BENEFITS OF THIS JOB OPPORTUNITY.

    LOCAl,eduquet houses are given to foreigners this include sanitation,greater nigel united people’s parliamemnt battle this issues alone and the advatage grows bigger cause it’s a civic movement,I ask u to ask these questions on parliament why are they(government officals) defrauding ALRAPARK…………

  105. We are 1 people we need 2 support eff make it big political party forever so we MST vote 4 eff we wnt 2 see MR Malema as a president nd he will become our new president…

  106. I always say you can’t leave your dog hungry and feed your neghoubours dog first our parents fought for this country as well even if they did not go to roben island what anc is doing calls for the youth to think twice.Eff is the way.

  107. I am a police officer in JHB and I have been following Julius Malema and the EFF since its formation. I am convinced that it is a relevant political party with relevant leaders and relevant ideas. They are not afraid to tackle issues head on and they always comes first. I was at their march yesterday and it was awesome to see such disciplined bunch of people. I am joining the EFF come what may. JUJU here comes my vote.

  108. EFF the real winners tonite. The nation was subject to the same old sh*t bout how well the government is doing and not once were the real issues addressed. No clear cut plan…carbon copy of the “Good story to tell” nonsense. The Honourable members of the real revolution did us proud. “We cannot be addressed by a criminal “

  109. my concern is two issues thats are really boredering me, 1. most of our members are not tactical thinkers, they are new in politics and they claim to know wherius they kno nothing about politics. and that is killing our movement e.g. there is a group chart from facebook called (EFF THE COMMING REVOLOUTION)

    The group is existing of arrogant and imbecile new people in politics who insult people and not just people, but people who built these movement on daily basis.

    some of us got white families from all over, but those imbecile will write on media and claim to hate white people and they must fockoff.

    my believe is that they miss understood CIC and they make things worse when you try to explain to them, they say CIC doesn’t want whites, which is wrong.
    i personally recruited two whites in Limpopo at modimolle and Marble Hall, and here where i belongs i also have two whites who are mebers @ Mogale City.

    Last but not listed; Our deployees don’t represent the movement accordingly e.g. they come to our township where people speak in different languages, but our representatives only speaks in Sepedi, the bottom line is that we do door to door campeign and we speak in all languages. These people ask us if the leadership cant atleast translate?

    please leadership address those issues, please!

  110. If my vote was to pay old debts, i would have been voting for IFP all these years because I grew up in an area (Imbali, Pietermaritzburg, KZN) where we were surrounded by ANC supporters who harrassed and killed our people beause IFP was the minority in the area. I was only a child, but People like Mlamuli Majola, Nhlalayenza Buthelezi(whose names are never mentioned because they were not ANC members) and many others, fought to protect helpless women and children and lost their lives while protecting the IFP minority, our sisters could not even attend school because schools were situated in the ANC area. i remember as a 6 year old being beaten after being asked wher I lived. As a child, I innocently gave them directions to my home, in the IFP area. how was i to know that living there was a curse. I do not hate the ANC, never had. am just sharing my experience.I am not opening up old wounds but my point is, If voting was about paying paying old debts, I’d be voting for the IFP. but the IFP cannot take us to the future we want to see in SA.
    I did not excercise my vote until EFF emerged and made sense and only then did I start voting. EFF is the future, EFF is the real revolution.
    “Africa awaits its creators”
    “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

  111. Will someone please fix the spelling mistake on the membership for. It’s address with one e. Don’t post this.

  112. The EFF’s potential and ability to govern is inevitable… Our Last Hope for Jobs and Service Delievery.

  113. atleast our fighters did not run to foreign countries and come back after victory and claim it as their we are here to fight for what rightfully belongs to us #nationalization of land no freedom without economic freedom ma ihlome ihlasele

  114. I am at this stage not a member of the EFF. I dont know if I will become a member but I have to wonder about the “success” of the movement. I will give them due, they are plucking on nerves that make a lot of people nervous. I enjoy their retoric that is true on a lot of issues. It was a clever move from somebody that is driving a nail into the ANC’s coffin that started the EFF. By my calculations, the starting of the movement is financed and driven by “outside involvement” that not only finance but also advise the leadership. I like it when the ANC is getting the flack from them. Malame makes a lot if sense once you look past the retoric. I wish them well in their endeavours.

  115. With the advent of the EFF the doors of the anc skeletons cupboard has come off and the trickster(JZ)has been exposed.
    Commander in Chief you were born for such a time as this! Greater things are still to come and greater things are still to be done in the country!
    I salute the courage and the brilliance of the party.
    ” Our Commander-in -Chief sees more than others sees, sees farther than others see, and sees before others see”

  116. I don’t typically agree with the idea of a One World Government but, if it were to be so I would love for Julius Malema to be president of the world. I would’ve said Robert Mugabe but, he’s 92? So he may not have that much time left on this Earth with us but, I love his spirit. I believe Malema takes some advice from Mugabe and before Muammar Gaddafi was indirectly murdered by secretary of state Hillary Rotten Clinton (aka Killary). Malema must know that politicians and politics in the west, where I still live unfortunately, are out to destroy any Sovereign Nation. Any people who want to have their own resources, their own leader, their own military, their own way of life… It may appear primitive or third world to people in the west- who are usually snobby, chubby and must have every new thing as soon as it comes out, such as the latest fast car, iPhone, shoes, video games, hair, nails… you name it. You can’t eat any of those things. You can’t eat Pokemon-Go either… the dumbest thing that has ever trended. To top it all off, the United States is now known as the gayest country on Earth . Anyone reading this in South Africa, keep in mind, individual African-Americans did NOT vote for gays to get married. Hell no, never. The goddamn gays had marches and protests and for some reason American Media kelp following the stories, which gave it way more attention than it deserved. So everybody was talking about it and this put pressure on the Supreme Court… So they passed it. A law saying it’s okay to do it. This is more like a law to shut them up and to let them know that everybody else, straight people, don’t care what they’re doing in their private lives. Now America wants it everywhere and trying to get the UN which is really just a more powerful version of USA, to make it a human rights issue to deny gay people… I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again gay is a choice not a human right. You don’t even have the right to ever have sex with anybody. It’s something you choose to do so, why mr. Obama has chosen to embarrass the United States in this way is absolutely unexplainable. I’m glad that most leaders on the continent of Africa have not caved into Obama’s demands to allow faggoits to get married or allow pedophiles to molest children OR ELSE BE SANCTIONED. My country is disgusting I throw up when I think about the reality of it all . Anyway, Malema is younger and is following many of Mugabe’s and Gaddafi’s footsteps ( rest in peace)… Which means he has a lot more time to reverse the damages that have been done by other political parties and colonizers. I’m not a South African citizen but, if I were I would vote for him as many times as is legal. Also, can someone tell me how I can go from being a citizen of the USA to becoming a South African citizen?

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