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  1. There are a few last things I want to share, I think it should be made clear that most African-Americans are trying to get the hell out of America. The ones with no sense, the stupid ones you see on TV shows and the superstars who act like they’re donating to some poor parts of African countries, NO, it’s only for publicity. They may come once with water and food and ideas but they won’t be back. And believe you me celebrities from America will have a camera crew with them when they visit to do so-called charity, why are the cameras necessary? They donate if anything – to other countries because in America it’s called a tax write-off. So, for example, because they give a small amount of money to a poor neighborhood in … let’s say Congo. In the United States during tax time, these multi-millionaires owe the federal government less money because of the “charitable” write off which actually gives rich people a huge credit for donating money. So, the next time you hear about someone coming over there planting gardens and building water pipelines bringing food and encouraging you to get your children vaccinated, just know that a few months down the line when they’re back home in America they’ll be compensated by the United States Department of Treasury for succeeding at gaining your friendship which will help them take over your country eventually. If you think that is crazy then you need to have a look back in time at what happened to Libya . First came the entertainers , then the donations and then all of a sudden there were foreigners coming into the country from outside . People that have been trained by the West but were of Middle Eastern heritage these people were paid , and this is what the United States does best is paid people to do their Dirty Deeds comma yes they were paid to go in and disrupt Livia after Libya’s leader finally trusted America . As soon as he let his guard down … As soon as any country , and particular African countries, if any let their guards down just know hell will follow . Beware charity, beware of Bibles and missionaries trying to preach the word to you and your children but, most of all, be extremely causes of vaccines . None of it is Charity, charity is something that you do for free and get nothing in return for it. If all this seems bizzare, then we agree on something.There’s no sense to it. The rich can donate $50,000 to you and if they owed the IRS 10 million USD, the rich brats would only owe 5 million USD and there’s no telling how many other countries they’ve donated $50,000 USD to. By the time the IRS is done adding all those small donations up, the rich do not owe any money and instead the IRS owes them money.Exactly… Superstars wish to stay in America, they love America they think there’s nothing better in the world than America. However, the middle class and lower class are more into the environment and politics than the rich are. We understand what’s going on and I heard about EFF from a Senegalese friend here New York City. I think by 2018 EFF will be known globally. Viva Malema, Viva! Viva EFF, Viva! Viva South Africa, Viva! Viva ALL AFRICA, VIVA!

    1. Ye di vaccines are nuttin but poisons. I only wish word get out fast nuff. De say di vaccines ara fa di protection of Flu, but de injecting you with tuberculosis or suma other disease they put together ina side di British/American laboratories. Many people ina my country know better, we cyan let dem pull no fuckery downere ina Haiti. De already spreading falseness round di globe. Dem a say we so sickly and oh pity di poorest nation ona di earth. Right, because de hate our independent fi hundreds an hundreds of years. Di progress we make goes undocumented. Nuh news ina your country gwan tell bout a good thing, a recovery an how better di economy is today. I dun really cyare if de publish the good or nuh. We dun wan dem to publish anything nuh more good or bad. Just stay away from our nation til we can threaten dem with di same big weapons de have ina der posession. THENNN de will think twice. South Africa do dat. Gain control of di nukes, get de snakes outta der. Hear it from a Haitian, we dun believe in protest, marching and so on. We are men. Some other twisted corrupt nation try an force babylon ona us…yeeah…we are men an our women are strong. We wipe dem out every single time. One love @Mojomama you know something already.

      1. this is because, our leaders think for their pockets, not for the well being of the people, is it not because of the so called survival of the fittest? that the black majority is poor. wake up the Battle isn’t over

      2. Land expropriation without compensation is not new it has existed since 1652.

        366 years of colonialism, apartheid and [Ek hou nie van swartmense nie] in South Africa

        If you happen to be of European ancestry living in South Africa take a little second

        You have been a danger to the well-being of native South Africa since 1652, when Jan van Riebeeck and his motley crew of worthless criminals who were crammed by the Dutch East India Company (VOC) onto boats and sent out to sea in the hope that they would never return.
        They were thieves, murderers and rapists back in Europe, and when they arrived in Africa, they continued to be thieves, murderers and rapists.
        By the time Van Riebeeck left South Africa in 1662, he had sown the seeds of apartheid that continues to harm the native population in South Africa.

        If for some raison d’être you realize you can not respect the country that gave refuge to your ancestor and live among the Rainbows Nation …….Then Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out of Africa.

      3. Yesssss Lord!! someone realises the fact that Africans are poor, u know why ? Ignorance by our local government which streches as far as parliament. Promises are made to communities which can not be upheld by the rulers of our country….. Today me as a 20 year old South African im fed up of this corrupt and racist government, us as youth have to stand up for our country and the next generation and therefore im willing to die for what is right and truthfull.

    2. True however we should look in a bigger PICTURE honestly ‘no one does anything for nothing’ Let’s focus on the beneficiaries benefits than the sponsor’s motive.Giving to the needy should be applauded at all costs in particular knowing that POVERTY affects BLACKS at large.

      1. Spot on Fighters, I cannot agree more, Most importantly in the lead to the spirit of giving and caring for the needy should be the Government that allows, priorities promotion of community to live in a societal system that looks after one another, a society that embraces a community service in the benefit of the country, its economy, its means of production, its skills, its education, training and culture and its social justice.

        The defence of the country be of paramount importance!

      2. as long as we South Africans think the solution to poverty is being given stuff we will stay poor. To have wealth, we must be able to work for wealth, to earn it. I would acknowledge that we need to improve education system.
        To create jobs and wealth we need to grow the economy. Yet it seems that many people dont care if the economy grows. There is an obsession on being given stuff for free, on punishing people that have money, on hating people that have earned success. In America (with very low unemployment) they think successful people are good, here we put the poor on a pedestal and demonize the educated and hard working.

    3. The American Freedom Communion (AFC) is the sole legitimate representative of Hue—manity. Realizing that the blood of Africa has been disbursed throughout the Hemisphere of the Americas, AmFreeCan Hue—manity embodies the new emerging peoples of the Earth and is not moving from the Americas back to Africa. We The Posterity of Africa have been borne and bred in the Americas. Our revolutions and liberation struggles were not to go backwards into History, but to evolve forward into Destiny. . .

    4. Mojomama. You have pointed out that getting a donation from a US rich person is not a sincere action from their side. Because they get a tax rebate on it. OK, so you have caught them out! their motives are not for charity at heart. But what your hate is blinding you against, is that their insincerity does not matter. It brings money into the country. Is that money not better used here than there?… And maybe their motive is sincere. Maybe they would rather pay the money to another poorer charity or country than give it to their own tax system, who are doing well enough that they can do without it. Your hate is already doing you an injustice. Open your eyes and see the ‘glass half full’ picture.

    5. You are on point my brother. Being from the low and middle class ALOT of us are just waking up from a lifetime of mental and physical oppression. Now that we are WOKE and waking up we very much want partake in the rising of our people.

  2. I know very little about all this. I’m not a SA citizen, I’m Haitian in Cap-Haïtien, Haiti. I saw many videos of Mr Julius Malema’s because people kindly provided his footage on youtube. I instantly like him! I’m following this EFF party from afar and have shared the word with comrades.

    1. Is only few month back that i accepted the thoughts and Ideas of the EFF.

      You cannot be an African Politician and not have words like “Colonization, Decolonization, Imperial Ideas and e.t.c.In South Africa, You can only hear such talks from the EFF. VIVA EFF, i wish i would have joined you years back when i was still a student with Peter Keetse. But i know, It is not too late.

  3. Epitou, ka yon moun eksplike Mesye Zuma? Ki sa ki jwèt politik pou moun ap jwe ki gen Lafrik di sid nan tèt anba … petèt li se jis tankou anpil lòt moun Nwa nan controll enstale pa Britanik la oswa Amerik konvenk ou nan anyen ki t’ap soti nan bouch li tou senpleman paske li se Sid Afriken. Britanik yo ak Ameriken yo koulèv. Mwen pral di ou sou sa ki taktik estipid yo eseye rale sou Ayiti. Apre tranbleman tè a medya yo Britanik, ak Ameriken ekzajere domaj la. Nuh plis domaj pase nenpòt lòt tranbleman de tè. bilding lan avèk nou gen anpil fòs: bilding se sa nou fè. Goumen enfiltrasyon se sa nou fè epi li se istwa nou an. Se konsa, yo gen mond lan panse “O, pòv Ayiti”, dwa? Se konsa, tankou @Mojomama di yon ti moman de sa, kòm yon taktik, yo voye l ‘nan ekip sekou, manje, manje, rad ak televize li atravè mond lan. Britanik yo toujou vle sanble charitab ak itil men yo koulèv viscious vle pran nasyon ou lwen ou epi ajoute li sou lis yo nan konkeri nasyon yo. Sa m’ap di nou, kòm asire w kòm po mwen an se nwa, si m ‘te yon Sid Afriken mwen ta koupe yo sou je. Okenn nan yo fè pati gen Nuh pwoblèm konbyen tan yo soti la, fèt la oswa kèlkeswa sa agiman yo se pou poukisa li nan jis pou yo pou rete. Gen nan pa gen rezon valab. Yo te vin koulèv kòm viscious epi yo rete koulèv viscious e kounye a,, paske ou nèg Nuh pran swen nan pwoblèm nan byen bonè nan lè yo te premye te montre yo sou Shores ou yo, yo te gen ase tan yo vire kamarad pwòp ou a nan koulèv tou. Apre sa, yo pran ladan kòm lidè pa pitye ak vòt yo. Menm bagay k ap pase nan USA ak Donald Trump ak Hillary Clinton, tou de fin pouri, li kouri kont youn ak lòt …. Lè pèp la chwazi yon moun nan kominote yo yo dwe nonmen? Pa janm. Li nan toujou moun sa yo pre-chwazi ki ve yo te resevwa fòmasyon yo anpeche bon chanjman soti nan pase ak olye fè menm plis lagè. Nou tout kòm moun Nwa Nuh gen pwoblèm sa peyi ou abite nou bezwen globalize, komès yo epi yo dwe san konte nan ras pwòp nou yo. Si Chinwa a vle ede, asire w. Iran vle ede, asire w. Wi, men ede nou bati pwoteksyon detriksyon an mas ak pou ke nou ka peye yo ak resous abondan nou an (apre nou fòse Britanik la soti nan kontwòl nan li). Nou pa janm akeyi kolonizasyon oswa ale pi lwen pase sa biznis espesifik se te dakò sou.

    Ina English I say…
    Also, can someone explain Mr. Zuma? What political game is he playing that has South Africa in an uproar…maybe he is just like many other Black man in controll installed by the British or America to convince you of anything coming out of his mouth simply because he’s South African. The British and American are snakes. I’ll tell you about what stupid tactics they try to pull on Haiti. After the earthquake the British and American media exaggerated the damage. Nuh more damage than any other quake. Our building are strong, building is what we do. Fighting infiltration is what we do and it is our history. So, they have the world thinking “Oh, poor Haiti”, right? So, like @Mojomama said awhile ago, as a tactic, they send in rescue crews, food, clothes and televise it around the world. The British always want to seem charitable and helpful but they are viscious snakes wanting to take your nation away from you and add it to their list of conquered nations. I tell you, as sure as my skin is black, if I were a South African I would chop them on sight. None of them belong there nuh matter how long they been there, born there or whatever their argument is for why it’s fair for them to stay. There’s no valid reason. They came as viscious snakes and they remain viscious snakes and now, because you guys nuh take care of the problem early on when they first showed up on your shores, they have had enough time to turn your own comrades into snakes as well. Then they appoint them as leader by messing with the votes. Same thing happening in USA with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, both corrupt and running against each other….when do the people select someone from their community to be appointed? Never. It’s always these pre-selected people who’ve been trained to prevent good changes from happening and instead make even more wars. We all as Black people nuh matter what country you reside we need to globalize, trade and be exclusive to our own race. If the Chinese want to help, sure. Iran wants to help, sure. Yes, but help us build protection of mass destruction and for that we can pay them with our abundant resources (after we force the British from control of it). We never welcome colonization or going beyond what specific business is agreed on.

        1. he is saying that whites are bad for Africa. He needs to think about what he is saying. I am tired of living in a poor continent. We have everything on this continent to be rich. Stop making excuses. What do we lack here to be rich. Dont make any excuses. The Chinese do not make excuses, they succeed (though they have destroyed the environment and done some other things). Im sick of blaming the West, or anyone. As long as we Africans can lame someone, we can go on acting like children and continue to fail. While we are stupid, the rest of the world take advantage of us.

          Also, Africa needs to unite (Sub Saharan Africa) as a matter of economic necessity. Probably on a regional basis (East, West, Southern, maybe Central). We can forget about African countries getting any economic growth with out that. I would appreciate others’ opinions here please.

          If one divided China into 50, or India, or Rssia, or USA, they would not be economically successful. They would, AS WE DO, compete with each other, while the rest of the world gets fat on us. This is happening right now, today.

          How is it that Africa does not have a multi state mining company. We could probably double our taxes. This is the kind of stupidity that makes me want to think WTF is going on. How hard is it to mine? Yet we call in Australians and Canadians. Then, we have the stupidity to blame whites, the West, or whoever. I cant understand it.

          1. Look Jonathan, I know for a fact that EFF has not once or at any moment pronounced the white people as bad people who do not qualify to live and survive amongst Africans in Africa. The sentiments raised against whites are based on the experience and observation of the majority of the white people attitude and behaviour as much as yours in the same way against the Africans.

            We cannot pretend as if there is no problem and that the aggressiveness which we see from white people against the Africans is not still persisting and existing. In a space of three months I found myself a direct victim of being called a Kaffir by white males who I happen to come across fighting with another African fellow over road rage, as we speak I am a victim of a white boy who attempted to attack me throwing vulgar words at me and my wife in an open mall uttering they are tired of us Africans they themselves as a new Generation. I had to approach the court of law though laying a criminal case and the matter is still on the carts more than eight months later.

            As to how we move forward, we need Africa that will distribute resources fairly and equally over the means of production. Whites will decide whether they want to stay or leave. We know that a section of white people take Africa as their home while other section do not consider it as such and will still take Europe as their real home.

            A blame over whites is justified to an extend they entered Africa committed their deeds against Africans and treated them as temporary sojourners in their own land of birth. I agree with you on Sub Saharan Africa view, you are correct 1000%. Poverty we are realising today and the systems of governance that seek to undermine humanity by others over others is the system of white people which at every means they used state machinery and power to impoverish and oppress Africans.

            We need to create a better South Africa, a better Africa with our system of government not this planted system from elsewhere still benefiting those who came with it from elsewhere against the inhabitants of this land.

            We need to rebuild Africa starting from South Africa as the people of Africa who should not see the colour of the skin rather than the ability and content of a persons character. This multi racial country must come to an END.

          2. I Support your statement that Africa should be one.

            And i am glad you count yourself as an African. If half of the Minority whites in South Africa would count themselves as African and accept to throw away white privilege gained through apartheid which has transformed to be subtle and accept equality, Africa would gain her legs to run in the economy again.

          1. The fact is, Africa had great leaders though languishing in deep and dark worst oppression that prevails to date called Colonialism, From the mind to the nation, good leaders like Julius Nyerere, OR Tambo, Nelson Mandela, Kwame Nkrumah’s had to scramble for quick win information to can draw light of Freedom to dawn in the minds of so much deeply divided Africa and fragile men and women of the continent during their struggle times.

            We need a force like EFF, we need to stand up and take forward what the intellectuals of Commander In chief has brought to light, We need not just embrace what EFF stands for but to come with a National Programme which will be the Pillar of strengthening the whole of Africa from here in South Africa into Africa our home, where we are born and where we will die and buried, our Mother Land – This Programme must be the theme of each and every black household – “Proud Enough to realise all natural assets and everything in Africa is Black, belong to a black man, work hard everyday to come with new ideas, skills, innovative thinking, physically make your hands available to produce industrial merchandise, learn and go to school, Produce black, buy black, spend black, invest black, jealously protect the African from your society to community to the nation – PUT AFRICA FIRST!

            With EFF the leadership is here, we can do and we will do it!

          2. Can we petition government to set up a multi African state mining company / college? Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, DRC, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho etc?

            seems we would need a training facility / university,

            and a multi state SOE.

    1. I hear you my brother but I want to differ with you,though there is a certain level of trueth in what you saying, I mean as Africans we must stop to think that Ubuntu still exist.This countries are in our Continent for buisness only.According to me ,we dont understnd their language,their language is simple ,BUISNES.Look at what they are doing in Nigeria,get some few Nigerian politicians and pay them or put them in power so that they can Oil in Nigeria.Now you cant blame them for doing buisness in their language,All what We Africans need to do is to stop being selfich and be the only Oneces that benefits ,We must changed the “thinking in the box “of our politicians amd teach them that The Capitalist Patriarchy Institutions are here for Power on our Raw materials and Our Oil.

      Chineese are the worst people than Americans and British according to me,Chineese dont develop any country,All they do is to take everything including snakes,rhinos horns ,perlemoeen,copper etc,they are doing it to Zim as I chatying now,doing it to Congo,I just saw six ttucks carrying Copper from Drc to the Durban harbour and to China,now ask yourself a Question ,who is benefitying there,obvious the Chinesse.The very same copper will be send brought back to them as copper pies,copper utensils,etc and so espensive ,why not create jobs in DRC?Fighters,please lets not think” inthe box”but try to think out of the box.We should stop this trucks and fight that all materials and oil shuld be refine in our Continent and you will see poverty and unemployment will vanish.


    2. HaitianIndependance. I am S.African. Jacob Zuma is definitely not some British or US, colonial pawn put there as a puppet president. He is a greedy individual who stole tax payers money for his own use. He was an in-active lazy president who did nothing for his country or people other than ride the so called ‘gravy train’. Your opinion of the EFF is surprising, as Julius Malema is unfortunately cut from the same cloth as Zuma. But he is younger and more spirited and enjoys the power he drinks from his influence over the masses. He has become rich and drunk from the sway he holds over the masses and will continue to do so. Because in politics, the influence someone carries with the masses transfers into money. He has no interest in what his people want. Elections are around the corner and what happens in any country – you just say what people want you to say so you get the votes. That is all he is doing. There is nothing he has really done for anyone that has been significant. He cares for no one.

  4. Trump isn’t actually racist or corrupt etc. Watch unedited footage of his speeches. Watch the Youtube channels of Some Black Guy and Paul Joseph Watson, go onto the site infowars and Brietbart news. The liberal media is painting him as some hitler-esque character but he isn’t, if anyone is Hitler-esque it is Hillary Clinton. Even Obama who is a black man who was supposed to help black americans has spent more time starting wars in Syria yet ignores the blatant human rights abuses by Saudi Arabia a country that makes pre war Syria look like disneyland in the way they treat their people. The reality of the matter is the Western world isn’t controlled by its governments, the governments only implement laws that help the super rich, it is truly men like soros and rothschild who are causing these tragedies indirectly, they have been using the US, the EU and NATO to create a neocolonialist empire and in retaliation to this the US, the UK, France and other nations have seen the rise in neonationalist parties and ideas because the common man’s rights have been taken away, and anyone who speaks out is a racist sexist etc. Trump wants to re-evaluate the US’s ties to NATO and the EU and because of that the liberal media is acting like it is the end of the world. I mean just to illustrate how hypocritical the liberal media is they have discredited Ben Carson, one of the best neurologists in america, a black man who defied the odds that were stacked against him to achieve the goals he has simply because he’s a conservative and endorsed trump. And another thing, the black lives matter movement is another Soros funded enterprise, yes the sentiment is right but they’re only protesting police brutality against black people when the statistics show that actually it almost effects all americans equally, yet when people point on black on black crime they’re labeled racist, even black people who do. When the reality is the black on black crime only exists so highly because most black people are living in impoverished neighbourhoods where gangs and drugs exist freely because they have no other option, and all the democrats do to “help” is put them on welfare and give handouts instead of putting money into the neighbourhoods and the local schools, the reality is the democratic party has become the democratic plantation for black americans and God forbid a black person leaves and decides to think for themselves. And how is beyonce the face of black power and feminism, she has until now when it became financially rewarding to do so been living with straightened blonde hair and a complexion that some say has been lightening, I can’t be certain of the last one. She through a concert for Hillary Clinton, a woman who described black youth in gangs in “the hood” as super predators, yet when called out on it says she was reffering to white kids too yet the white gangs she supposedly meant didn’t even exist at the time. Also there’s a good chance that the DA has in some ways a tie to soros, soros has an open society foundation in SA, Russia has banned such foundations from it’s country because of the link between it and regime change that then adversely affects the average people of the country. So for the sake of our country we must make sure the ANC, IFP or EFF are the parties in control or we will lose our country and free speech. Cos america doesn’t have free speech, it has free speech as long as it is politically correct, which is far and away not the same thing.

    1. Nicely written Simon. We as Africans should be aware of these injustices augustrated by the the super wealthy. The ones who control governments. We should acknowledge our fallen African leaders who had the balls to defy the imperialist west, like Gaddafi. taken from us because he tried uniting Africa by introducing the gold standard. Don’t believe imperialist media.

      As for freedom of speech. I will just leave you with one line. ” The ANC’s secrecy bill.” they have stolen our freedom of speech.

      1. That’s very true. To be perfectly honest until today I didn’t have a definitive view on Malema, based on the headlines I saw it would appear that he was calling for white genocide, yet I didn’t find that to be very believable, so I decided to watch the actual tape myself and not once did he call for genocide, he just said if people’s demands aren’t met the violence may ensue, that’s not a threat, it’s a perfectly reasonable observation.

        1. Thing is Simon. What do you think that is going to translate into?. Malema’s may just be the voice. But the masses he speaks to carry out the will of that voice. Whether he is saying genocide or not, the racial thing is becoming so sensitive at the same time – that is exactly what is going to happen. Genocide of some sort…. Because ‘white’ African technology and knowledge was more worldly than the tribal ‘black’ African society way back in the past. The people with the lesser quality knowledge became bullied. While it was not genocide – apartheid was a very ‘incorrect’ regime and did not help South Africa. Apartheid has not been abolished. It exists now in the form of BEE. Against whites. While it was originally introduced to correct the ‘headstart’ white people had gained through an apartheid regime. It is now becoming something more and I don’t think we will ever see the end of it. Even then that is not enough. The inactivity of the ANC and the bad service they have been giving SA in all forms is being blamed on the colonial era and therefore the ‘white’ Africans. This whole land expropriation thing has also run out of control. The ignorant masses seem to think that with the death of all the white farmers they will just get hand-outs of free land. To anyone who thought they were going to get ‘free’ low cost houses – ask them how many bribes they had to pay to get themselves on the list for low cost housing and then actually get into the house without someone else having taken it first. Do they really think the land is going to be handed out for free?

      2. I agree with you Terrence. I was so sad when I watched what was happening to Gaddafi and our leaders did absolutely nothing, in fact Zuma signed the no-fly zone. In 2011, I lectured about this group of individuals who control governments and I pointed out that Gadaffi among 5 that I mentioned was to be targetted….since then all 5 have been targetted one way or another. Our ‘squabbles’ in this country is part of the same agenda. The sooner South Africans come together and see the bigger picture the better for our sovereignty. All these distractions are deliberately engineered and they love playing the ‘race’ card, to get all the emotions going and taking our eyes off the ball. Lets not forget that Thabo Mbeki shared that dream with Gadaffi and was ‘removed’ by means of lies and deceit. South Africa is of the UTMOST STRATEGIC importance to these manipulators. They have been running our country since before 1948 and they are still around!

        1. Spot on Kyra, the main issue is for us to realise the change of government soonest from current to EFF in order to live the Africa dream, we need to make sure that EFF is in every corner of our societies where we live.

          1. True. But the bane of the black race is lack of unity and courage to call a spade a spade.
            The so called leaders are products of our societies and therefore carry this coward DNA. radical movements like the EFF are called all sorts of names for saying it as it is. We say things behind closed doors, then rush to court to sue people who have the courage to say what they want to say.

            Let’s start with destroying the system that still sees the black race as one fit for slavery. Kill the system and start afresh! How do you ask someone to forget the past when they still live with the repercussions of the past. Until the aftermath of the unjust and wicked system no longer exist will people start to forget the past. For now black people still live in abject poverty, black homes are being reposed by the very system that disenfranchised the black family structures and deprived the black families of access to creating wealth. But here is a failed political organization like the ANC with “House Niggers” appointed to major SOEs, destroying the country and impacting negatively on the continent.
            In closing for now; Let’s self determine and we can start by adopting our own system of governance as it was in the beginning. Because we could have by now perfected the African way of governance. Our fore fathers made the mistake of adopting foreign ideologies and lost their nationhood. lets retract, take back our territories, land, dignity, even language. Actually the bantustan was historically correct to a point as it tribe was allowed to self determine. We should have perfected these systems and we still can.

          2. Tsekane & Osagie Osazuwa. While I admire AND AGREE how the EFF cuts through all the nonsense and makes the bold statements. The radicalism and the racism frightens me. We do not fix the broken systems of the past (or replace them entirely) by replacing them with equally broken systems. Can the EFF see this and rise above the racial hate that they inspire in so many. Because while they say the words, the people they preach to become the will that carry out those words. I know ‘black’ people are fed up and angry, but they seem to aspire to want to go back to the tribal and feudal system days of the past. These systems do not work as they used to and will not correspond with a world that is based on a monetary and administrative world society. The feudal system is primitive compared to how the world interactions happen today. Even England abandoned the feudal system. The Queen has influence still. But she does not run her country. A bit of science if I may – The human brain is divided into 4 quadrants. High Left side dominant, Low Left dominant. High Right Dominant & Low Right Dominant. – This is not a choice people make, their brains and the way they think, fall into one of these Dominance categories. We are this or we are that and it cannot change. I think it is, that more than 80% of the worlds population have a Low Left side Dominant brain. Which basically influences how the world functions today and how we all interact with each other. A brain, Low Left side Dominant, is about order and administration and logic and right and wrong and about efficiency. This fact when you look at the bigger picture, has significance. If you can understand the way we are, the way you are, then you can figure your place in the world and understand why you run up against a wall sometimes and sometimes not.

  5. If Malema wishes to win the 2018 presidential election he must take a leaf out of Trumps playbook, he and the EFF must troll the media, as soon as possible, I’ve been watching video’s of Trump trolling the biased media, it’s hilarious, if the EFF can do that they will appeal to a wider audience and it’ll be a way of obtaining free media coverage and getting the message out, also using YouTube would help appeal to those in the middle class or those who have money, people love a show, it may not be the ideal or “honest” way to run, but politics and media are quite removed from honesty especially when it’s against you. It would be and interesting endeavor, look up Herman Cain, he was Trumps first foray into trolling the media to test the waters for his campaign this year, yes there are ideological differences between Malema and Trump, but one thing they both have in their is they’re underestimated and thought to be stupid by those who don’t bother to listen or think.

  6. you rather go to your nearest branch, our website are not yet ready. all that is working, are only these comments and non of them are responded by our leadership. is just us the members on these sites all of them.

    1. I am Mr Desmond Esau fom Slangrivier,Heidelberg Cape also wants to join the party with lot of other people in the surrounding areas but cant get the membership forms or to sighn up online.Is there somebody in the Western Cape with contact detailles we can talk to please. My cellno is 0767276593

  7. I salute all the EFF fighters lets carry on the light is uplifting I would like to also join the EFF as a member I am from Mthatha

  8. Actions speaks louder than words, EFF has shown that and are good example of this norm, Kuza Lunga Welcome, Welcome home, peace loving Africans, truth loving people of Africa are flocking home, the EFF which seeks to lead South Africa to the promised land by our forefathers who died as Freedom fighters which their fight could not reach meaningful Economic Freedom. EFF has picked up that spear – for the spear has fallen in comfort of mere warm benches of political parliamentary seats all political oppositions sang to the tune of dictating, bullying and dominating Governing Party, the ANC.

    They all along blamed EFF, particularly its commander in Chief for a chaotic parliament, all sorts of accusations about vulgar language that is unparliamentarily in the quest to maintain the status quo where a useless current ANC cadres in Parliament seeks to maintain.

    We all saw the recent SONA Debate in Parliament, in the Absence of the EFF, what is happening there? Chaotic shouting, frivolous point of orders, bullying, frustrated useless talk repeating one and same talk in curves skewed off road junctions. Both the Chairperson of National Assembly and the National Council of Provinces literally lying. Lying to the country which they took an oath of office and promised not to be unfaithful against.

    Let alone the Deputy Speaker honourable Tsenoli who presides over Parliament as if is conducting a lower primary school children debate. All a waste of time, our time, our transformation time, our tax moneys, our opportunity.

    I do not want to talk about DA its a waste of time, They simply wish to be an EFF but unfortunately cannot qualify since their own owners must be starting to drop them for the Verkrampte Boere Organisasie for which Groenewald tries to resurrect Andries Trichnardt to the detriment of the so called Afrikaner people future prospects.

    When we come to the EFF, we need to be not just bench warmers, we should be wary of grand standing BUT we must work, DOOR TO DOOR STARTS NOW!

    The oppressed Majority gave ANC a two third majority and plenty of time which they wasted. This Majority must get EFF into position of Power as Government of this country – Groenewald promised us in parliament we will see “die poppe dans.”

    En ek ook sweer en belowe Groenewald vandag die poppe gaan dans! [I too swear and promise Groenewald today that Die poppe gaan dans]

  9. limana lona, welcome home, it is good we bring home not only ourselves but our children, our families and those whom are born with in our biological family line. Joining EFF means we must be brave foot soldiers of this country.

    Aluta Continua! As we join in our numbers lets keep focus for saving this country beyond 2019.

  10. viva EFF viva, so far so good. This is the only party that is going to bring a real change in the current political situation. Hamba Zupta , Zuma must fall

  11. How does the EFF will eradicate the poverty, unemployment , racism and unequal to all the South Africans.
    The standard of our education has fallen down than it was during the Apartheid regime not that i encourage the apartheid government and how it will bring back the land to the Africans ?

  12. I think we need to realize that one of the reasons Africa is poor is because that foreign companies have bought African leaders, as we see in South Africa today.
    Mining companies, for example. That would explain the lack of multi state African mining company.

    If the SA leadership is working for foreign companies (European, as in the arms deal, Russian – the nuclear, and who knows who else), it stands to reason that many African leaders are employed by foreign companies.

  13. It is fact that most African leaders has been in a position of governing their countries on the mercy of European colonialists, once in position of power, all sorts of deadly trap strategies would be laid on the path of those who spoke independent African minds, being it political, economical, social including law and order to either swallow the entire population that supports such standout leaders of a life time strength like Combatant Robert Gabriel Mugabe -It is up to the nations conscience like the people of Zimbabwe has done to either succumb and die with dignity in their own land against all odds of foreign pressure and intentional starvation or for the nation like ours in South Africa to stay in false high level of hope without any nations progressive benefit while allowing the foreigners to ransack their land on the expense of their future which will forever remain desperate, hungry, hewers of wood and drawers of water for the master and his children.

    The international community concept is a global village today, my enemies enemy is my friend, the only time when we will find ourselves as a Proud nation out of the corporate and political emotional control by the Europeans is when we change government, drastically change its policies, build a non racial society and do away with this journey of multiracial society where one group see itself as superior to others like as whites has imposed themselves as such because they in majority received our Land through black genocide, through illegal unjust law parliamentary instruments which were passed day in and day out to keep the blackman in his position, the inhabitants of this land to their position of slavery, where buildings were demolished and rebuild to strengthen the civil service, the police, the military and the justice system to serve the master and protect their ill-gotten privileges.

    The authors of TRC submission from this lost ANC Generation of leader stated it better to this body processes that went awry, “And so history was re-recorded in the image of the mighty, seeking to persuade the subjugated that they were fortunate beneficiaries of philanthropy; occasional victims of a well- intentioned experiment gone awry; a hapless people who should be thankful that, because only a few million among them were being killed and because they were experiencing population growth, a crime against humanity was not being committed.”

    Further they stated a bitter truth which Afri- Forum will never accept because to do so will require them to be sane and in remaining sane they know they will be inviting pain in their journey to their chosen self superiority over Africans and I quote “The liberation of South Africa has come with pain: pain of the victims of colonial policies that decreed the majority of South Africans sub-human; and pain of the victims of an ideology that could not be sustained forever because it was inherently iniquitous –
    Thus forcing its proponents and its beneficiaries, like humans possessed, to resort to brute force in defence of the indefensible.
    The rapacious licence of an era that defined might as right; an epoch of an international morality that justified dispossession and turned owner into thief, victim into aggressor, and humble host into ungodly infidel.

    New leaders shall rise and Africa shall Prosper!

  14. African leaders are doing what their masters of slavery are telling them what to do and if they don’t do what they are told to do, they will either be a coup or assassination of anyone who is disobeying them in respective you are a president or prime minister. that tells Africa is not yet liberated as we were made to be believe and i haven’t heard anything from our commander in chief and his people around him regarding the nationalisation of the land, banks and mines for the benefit of the peoples of the country as a whole, let’s not be a sellout to the people of the country like most of the political movement have done so in the past and are continuing do so…..viva viva EFF STAND FOR YOUR POLICIES

    1. Radical Economic Transformation – every house hold has an internet connected computer (not phone).

      slightly off topic, but relevant, I think.

      quickest way to improve education, employment and grow economy.

      data cost too high – once again corporates screwing the people.

      I think negative foreign influence (which please is not just European) is business related. Itis not about ideology, race, colonialism. It is about money. It is to be expected. That is how businesses operate.

      For example, the Chinese often refer to themselves of a “friend” to a particular African nation. Look at the names of Chinese shops: “Friendship shop” “Happy” Good Luck R5 shop” etc.

      It is purely about foreign businesses wanting to compete (which is how all businesses operate).

  15. Jonathan, you are putting forward and openly, very pertinent facts about business, about dynamics of business I guess, about dimensions which are partly divergent and also partly convergent in the reality of capitalism. But it is exactly what destroys the world, it is what EFF argues successfully without anyone being able to stand up and deny that Capitalism in todays global village destroys the lives of the nations viewed smaller to the so called super powers, The effects of Capitalism destroys and the so called business which many like Chinese aggressive business push in Africa but masqueraded in a “Friend” mind set does nothing than endangering the very same global village piece by piece day in and day out.

    Of course every person, every household, every family, every government, need money, need trade to survive and to RULE peacefully – In making money – we need the working alternative – we need a true socialist state, we need a government that will allow trade under prioritised societal development in which no one must go to bed hungry. At this moment as we speak many sleep under the bridges, homeless, too many still go to bed hungry, people are not working, How many people sick and more with psychological illnesses are roaming the streets with no help season after season.

    But we all are quite, we are a state that do not want to know a hell out of it. Yet we drive cars extravagantly costly cars we do not even need and pass these fellow country men and women despising them as no humans. What kind of a country is this? What kind of Society we have become? What kind of People are we?

    1. It is called Economic Freedom Fighters not African Economic Fight. In any case if you want to be a member just see the party members around the place where you stay, I Think they will be more than happy to assist. Welcome to a real political party with a vision you won’t regret I came very far with the party.

    1. Let us flock home Fighter, The site is really a challenge, also look for EFF Members at your branch or try to send your message to [email protected]. We all are trying. I am even on my way to Braamfontein offices to follow-up in this regard.

      Do not despair! Forward Ever!

  16. proud EFF affiliate. The poeople are tired of having nothing and constantly sitting on the economic sidelines watching and hoping for change. All around us our brothers and sisters are steeped in abject poverty even after we supposedly “reclaimed our freedom”. we’ve been patient for more than 2 decades and in all honesty we’re still a people of garden boys and domestic workers with the few exceptions we see. South Africa…vote.

  17. why do we not form a multi-state regionally-owned mining company? Surely this would increase taxes to pay for education and health etc.

  18. Cear Jonathan
    Vote us(EFF) into power our government will gladly do exactly what is in your mind. We are going to strive to make South Africa a place everyone will dream of becoming a citizen.

  19. Dear fighters, Power to Act is what EFF need and must have to change the economy into a promised land, it will be said to leave Jonathan’s views not complemented. He is raining pertinent ideas. We all need IT in order to develop, maintain our strong business acumen. We were called by EFF leadership to become creative in order to serve the people of South Africa better.

    1. Dear Anonymous, all experienced same problem, look for EFF fighters where you live, if Municipal Council have EFF Reps please approach them or if have access to Twitter, link with the EFF platform in that municipality, ward or Province for help. Welcome home, Never Give Up – Join EFF

  20. Good day. My first order of business in 2018 is to join the EFF. Julius Malema is the only “Voice of Reason” on our political platform today. In the past, I pretty much voted eeny meeny miny mo because no-body actually addressed issues and I was nervous voting for EFF seeing that I am a white female South African. About 18months ago, there was an issue in our area, I contacted the municipalities, the SAP, the ANC, the DA and as a last resort the EFF. I was overwhelmed with the manner in which EFF addressed the issue. They were polite, friendly and went out of their way to assist. The gears started shifting. I have listened to debates, I have observed how the EFF will do what needs to be done for our country and its people. The governing body of the EFF speaks loud and clear (much to the dismay of many) but what is most impressive is that they lead by example, they study, they educate themselves, they pay their own way in regard elections, they dream of a United Africa! I do not necessarily agree with ALL the statements made but I realize that the EFF is organized, structured, they reason with logic, they speak to us, ordinary South Africans. Mr. Julius Malema protects the sanctity of his family, his leadership starts at home.

  21. Dear Krya, I am Proud to call you Fighter Krya, Welcome Home – It is good to hear of your testimony, we all were Sceptical at the inception of EFF, we all were concern about its statements since did not understand nor were aware why they were putting them in such a manner at that time, We were made to believe in history mission of the Governing ANC while others would hear EFF as reckless voice since we were not used to Radical and militant voice post 1994. When not agreeing with the statements at some point since we are bound to be, Please do not hesitate to approach EFF again for clarity as you have done before on your service delivery complaints. If a leader is not respected or known where he or she leaves then will account nowhere as you exactly see with ANC Parliamentarians!

    Once again welcome home and do Please contribute to EFF policy directions, opinions, suggestions right where you live.I too am not a leader at EFF but a supporter still trying to become a member in Good Standing!

  22. so, to me, the quickest way to increase so called (I dont know what it means) “Radical Economic Transformation” would be free internet as a basic service.

    yet, there are no plans for this. Why?

    can someone please tell me if they agree? Lots of free education online (Khan Academy etc).

    also job opportunities.

    Id also like to see more free drug rehabilitation.

  23. Internet I guess has to do with DATA on sale which we buy with our own money But will be depleted by service providers if not used by its buyer/rightful owner who paid for it – a broad daylight Robbery! If Online Education is Quality Education same as Distance Education Model with the likes of UNISA [University of South Africa] then Thumbs up!

    On Drug Rehabilitation and Mental Illness Rehabilitation I Agree Fully!

  24. Hi
    I just love this forum and today I would like to throw something in the works…controversial. fortunately in EFF land ‘controversial’ is acceptable. I was out on the streets in April with posters in regard “The Guptas must go” but I have been thinking lately…..who is really behind the Gupta saga. When the FBI or the CIA get involved I go Whoa! what is going on here, they are the worst and now they are trying to fit the saviour shoe by ‘investigating’ the Guptas….think again. I asked myself the question “If I was tjommies with the President’s son and I could see opportunities towards self-enrichment, what would I do?” and if I am brutally honest with myself, I may have taken that opportunity. The Guptas never had an agreement with us to uphold governance with integrity – ZUMA and the ANC did and they failed us abysmally! Should they be held accountable – YES but more so the ANC. What I am seeing lately is a massive ‘attack’ on the Guptas only, and the ones who really failed us are still in office with the FBI investigating, and Peter Hein stepping in as another saviour. Companies are closing their doors to the Guptas but still sing to the ANC. There is such a thing as a white minority monopoly that has nothing to do with race or colour, it has to do with a global elite that is very alive in this country who couldn’t care less about the people of South Africa or Africa for that matter, the same people who have been the global puppetmasters for centuries. I just feel we might be taken hostage by the Gupta – Scapegoat saga while the real enemy continues to manipulate and control. Who introduced the Guptas to Bell Pottinger? We have to take back control of our country, for us and our children sake and we are not the only ones….Palestine….Hawaii and many more, who didn’t have Guptas but strangly enough our paths are similar. They have been regarding us as them (apart from, collateral damage) for too long, it is time for us to take the fight to them! But we have to take off blinkers and see them for what they are! We see the Guptas, we see the ANC but somehow we don’t see the massive elephant in the room – the hidden agendas.

    1. Yes, true, the hidden Agenda’s white monopoly capital that captured South Africa State of governance since the arrival of the Whites led by the world known Criminal, a Jan van Riebeck. We have resources they do not have, therefore will attack Africa and get concerned about South Africa and Nigeria more so Zimbambwe that gave them a middle finger years ago. Over above all of this, we should be aware that if they get a weak leadership which seeks to wine and dine with them on the expense of Africans then we will fall and remain captured by one or another group continuously as Zuma and cronies did then brainwash our minds with false non existent belief that we are busy with Radical Economic Transformation while we are not.

      If Zuma and the Guptas were indeed on Radical Economic Transformation Agenda – What was the GUPTA WEDDING GUESTS DOING BY LANDING ON OUR REVERED STRATEGIC MILITARY SAFETY POINT in WATERKLOOF AIR BASE? AS ATUL GUPTA RESPONDED IN HIS WORDS “We only wanted the best for our child marriage day”

      Treating SA as Thrash – then Zuma and cronies still with these guys calling them His friends!

      1. Thats just it! It was Radical Economic Transformation JUST not for us. There is not one person on this planet that could do anything about agendas that date back 300 odd years ago….even less. BUT we can do something about it if we stand together as South Africans today. Yes they select the government, puppets. In my opinion a couple of things have caught them off guard – the last municiple elections – nobody expected the ANC losses. On a global scale – the Trump win. The way in which President Mugabe stood down with as much dignity as possible without anybody dying in the process. Their methods usually include civil war, destroy the infrastructure, poverty and then they step in as saviours. A couple of months ago there were rumours that President Mugabe was talking about bringing back the Gold Standard. This happened as South Africans were standing up against the ANC – I froze….we know what happened when Gaddafi wanted to do that. If that materialized, they would have created a civil war that would have destabilized South Africa – the true trophy.
        All I am saying is that if we understand where it is coming from – we know how to handle it – the biggest threat to them, is if and when we stand together in strength, united. The person, the party that can unite South Africa is the true leader of our people in my opinion. The person, the party that is willing to listen to all South Africans. If we want things to be different, we need to change the path…
        There is not one person in South Africa today that does not know our painful history, the question is “are we going to lament for the next 10, 15, 20 years or are we going to stand up, and take control of our destiny, which according to the EFF constitution includes all SOuth Africans.

      2. Why don’t we ask people – what would you like to see in terms of government policies. If you were President, what would you do and how would you do this – economic transformation for all. You want expert economic advice ask the cleaning lady, who works all day, feeds her family, gets her children through school, often university and still has time for a smile.

        If I were President:
        I would oppose Systems and Ideologies that are outdated. I will propose Systems of Governance that have evolved successfully, towards Equity for all South Africans, from the moment of birth.
        I will establish economic systems that define the African Essence combined with Best Practice. I will establish a unique blend of Economic Policies, specifically designed for South Africa and our people. These policies will include the best applications of Capitalism, Socialism, Contributionism and Principles of Ubuntu, towards the ultimate benefit of our citizens and our Sovereignty of State.
        I will uphold the values of Economics, which deal with production, distribution and consumption of goods and services that support the material welfare of all South Africans.
        I will uphold the values of Economics, that define our Sovereignty of State in regard our Natural Resources and Trade therein. New Trade agreements will be negotiated and implemented which benefit our State and South African citizens directly.
        I will renounce any trade agreements of the past that do not uphold our Sovereignty of State and the welfare of South African Citizens.
        I will propose effective African Economic Policies that depend on a number of variables:
        • African Principles of Ubuntu at Microeconomic levels.
        • Principles of Equity in terms of Specialized Education and Skill Set Development.
        • Effective Macroeconomic Management.
        • Effective Government Expenditure Controls and Management
        • Renewable and Sustainable Energy Development Programs
        • Effective Land Utilization and Equal Land Distribution.
        • Taxation Systems that are in direct proportion to the earnings of every South African and Legal South African Residents.
        • Social Grants – Reformed approach that will allow the individual to move past ‘hand outs’ towards self-determination.
        • I will oppose unregulated Free Trade. I will propose Regulated Free Trade within the boundaries of Africa. I will propose Protected Trade outside the boundaries of the Republic of South Africa.

        I will oppose South Africa and other African countries being an international dumping ground for second rate food stuff and other unwanted material.

        I will oppose the dumping of food to control and regulate international price control.
        I will oppose the destruction of our indigenous and traditional seed, which has been allowed to happen due to lack of trade restrictions. I will oppose Genetically Modified Seed invasion that has almost wiped out our entire traditional seed and keep the commercial and subsistence farmer at the mercy of multi-national seed companies.

        And don’t even get me started on Education Reform and Restorative Justice.

        I really don’t want to be President. It is so much easier to advise from the sideline….tongue in cheek and with humour…..smile.

        The point is, every one of us has something to contribute, lets take that responsability seriously.

        1. Mouthful Krya,

          In actual Fact the characteristics of a social states are one in which the citizens of that state should be given an opportunity to participate in shaping the governance of that state mentally and physically so.

          I completely agree with your views and proposal of governance and the detailed points on which you sick to be the corner stones of our future government Policies Especially on economic borders, The addition on the economic variables will be the point on *Water conservation through recycling and better plumbing, though I agree this will have direct interlink to and with Renewable Energy.

          Further the point of governance should be National Safety and Security Measures which in my view the following principles should inform:

          1. Free Education from Secondary School to Masters Degree.
          2. Consistent Redistribution of land and Monitoring on usage of Land for Production.
          3. A Strong support and tax free assistance to African Farmers inclusive of state control of food storages.
          4. A Strong Public Order Policing which will speak definitive Justice Law & Order
          5. A Strong Police Service that enforces trust of police in community.
          6. A Strong Defence force which will have the international reputable value offering compulsory military training discipline to all Matriculants before university entry on the basis of choice of refusal.
          7. A Strong Police and Military Intelligence which will seek to enhance safety of the state.
          8. A Government system that will allow a President elected by the voters in co-voting independent from that of legislature that will mean Ratification vote by the Public.

          We need to Production of Goods from our own Land concentrating on high quality standard!

  25. Hi Tsekane
    I totally agree on a reformed education system, where the premise is EQUITY, where each child in South Africa has an equal opportunity towards becoming successful citizens in a United South Africa or anywhere in the world.
    We need to take a serious look at our outdated education system, primarily USA / UK based that is not affective and never has been. Denmark has made some interesting changes to their education system, worth while reviewing.
    We should look at a child-centered education system that is in alignment globally as societies are becoming more interested in the whole child and to addresses all of children’s needs, not just their academic needs.
    I agree an Education System that is free and available to all South Africans as these are our future leaders.

    I strongly believe that Restorative Justice should be applied seriously – we should develop and uphold the Practice of Restorative Justice. The large majority of criminals are actually cultivated in penal institutions, when petty criminals are turned into hardened criminals, which could have been prevented through the Principles of Restorative and Rehabilitative Justice.

    We require specialized Health Care Systems that are free and available to all South Africans.
    We require Housing Systems that are free and available to all South Africans.
    We require Green Technology in regard Energy Production towards efficiency, reduced expense, self-preservation, and self- determination.
    I personally would like to review the Principles of NEPAD, in the true Spirit of being African.

    A little story, I live in a small village…a few years ago de Beers decided to explore mining of diamonds in our area, they arrived here to do the EIA…..the entire community showed up, the long and the short of the story is that we stopped them in their tracks BEFORE they could even get a temporary prospecting licence. The main reason – this is a water catchment area! We refused to listen to any of their arguments and provided evidence of the disasterous effect their mining has had on other areas EVEN the promises they made and never kept. Have a wonderful 2018, we have much to do.

    1. Let 2018 be the year for Radical Economic Transformation – Lets start with the Global Elite Banking Systems. Lets start with the disasterous impact of Federal Reserve Governance on our continent. Lets educate our children in regard Fiat Currencies that have no back-bone – the deceit of charged interest and debt! Lets educate them in regard that our country is listed on the New York Stock Exchange as a Corporation and we are the assets and liabilities void of being human beings…merely statistics. Lets bring back the Gold Standard! Lets look at the principles behind Crypto Currencies (needs work but is the future) where our equity lies with us! FREE Internet – nobody owns it! It is the inherent energy field of our planet!!!!!

  26. My is that next season we will be the king makers, but again should we start now to prepare for the 2019, then we will even challenge 2third majority, if we don’t loose focus.
    We managed to convince most of our youth through higher education level. I therefore yake this as a victory to us.

    1. Hi Isaac.
      Three weeks down the line and the so-called new ANC have done nothing to get rid of Zuma and hold him accountable – his assets should have been frozen months ago, when South Africans came out in their hundreds of thousands against him. We should actually thank them….because of their inability to take charge they are giving the election to EFF. The DA, are a bunch of “Brylcream boys” – smoothies, slick, slippery eels. We need real voices and the people are realizing this!

  27. When Asked WHY EFF?

    My Answer will be: True African Political Asset, Political Fighters, Fearless Economic Strategists in thinking owned by Blacks for South Africa we hoped for since 1994 that do not succumb to colour and useless politics of patronage!

    ANC is a Dying organisation!

    DA is in shambles borrowed temporal access to governance by EFF!

    1. Kyra, EFF has always emphasised non-racialism, whites welcomed in it including South Africa it will be governing on condition they live with Africans as Equals not on Superiority they grant themselves over any other people as it is happening Now and has been!

      Recently our CIC has on Twitter commented equal cooperation on the recent Kroonstaad Henneman train Crash.

      I invite you to be on Twitter Platform too.

      1. Hi Tsekane. Whites are Africans also. Please rather use the term “black” and “white”, rather than “African” and “White”. You do not have the right to tell me that I am not African.

    1. Dear Krya, I guess your question herein was supplemented later by the latest question you raised today which I have put my view and knowledge on precisely pertaining to whether will there be a room for white people in the EFF.

      White people who stand for the truth, for Africa and for the equal freedoms of ALL South Africans are welcomed in the EFF – the Narratives on the emphasise placed on white people Now and then is premised on the Actual behaviour of a particular incident like the Obvious issue of Land which white people want to remain dominating and controlling to the detriment of the rest of other inhabitants. As you have seen the AFRIFORUM Afrikaner Boys who unashamedly bring a criminal law challenge against our CIC on the grounds of the Old law that explicitly seeking to regard black people still as Temporary Sojourners in their Land of Birth! It is a shame, a blatant disregard for Humanity, a resurrection of Apartheid crime against black people yet they are enjoying all the fruits of negotiated peaceful forgiveness settlement – Spitting right on the face of black people!

      Many still controlling the means of production impeding Blacks at all costs from bettering their lives!

      1. Hi Tsekane
        I am fully aware of the narrow minded views on both sides of the disgusting color barrier – and I specifically refuse to call it a racial barrier because essentially there is only one race on this planet and it is called the human race.
        I do however think that on all sides we should avoid the colour implication. South Africans who do not inherently embrace (not just words…truely embrace) our national identity and be proud of it – should be dealt with specifically. We do this by means of direct name and shaming personally and collectively by means of the organisations that represent them.
        The bigger picture here is that the EFF is gaining acknowledgement from many South Africans of all colours and then every now and again there is the niggly little comment on colour, that undermines the very Constitution of the EFF. Generalisation is superficial. I am simply sharing my thoughts and ideas.

        1. Hi Tsekane
          Have you read the book – The Tall Assasin? It relates to the Broederbond who, in my opinion are the most disgusting bunch of criminals ever! Many South Africans are suffering today because of this legacy that was left by these criminals. We are ready (and have been for a long time) for leadership that addresses these issues. I am in South Africa because I want to be here and because I want to be part of the solution that will unite us as South Africans.

      2. With regards the land issue.

        My opinion:

        I think everyone wants to see land redistributed. However, we need to have black farmers that are able to farm well. This suggests large scale training programs possibly.

        As much as the EFF complains about white farmers, you and your families have eaten the food they produce your whole life. I think the concept of taking land without compensation is the greatest, or possibly only major flaw in EFF policy. It is theft.

        Of course, you will say that it is only “stealing the land back, as it had been stolen from blacks”.

        well, not in the Western and Northern Cape – that was stolen from the Khoi San.

        and the black stole the rest of the country from the Khoi San, and pushed them south.

        I just dont understand how anyone can think it right to steal a farm from a family that has worked so hard for so long to feed you.

        1. The debate on land ownership must be put forward on the basis of correct historical information Dayson, otherwise distorted facts will make us think we are speaking truth yet lies and misinformation as you have laid it bare herein. The Khoi San people are African tribe just like many other indigenous African tribes are black Not white people who are foreign and who will remain as such. There was never a war or fight over land between any African tribes for that matter.

          Taking land without compensation back to its rightful owners through Government administration can never be theft nor equated to a white man mass killing and genocide they employed against black people when taking this land. The white people who many still to this day acquired and owned land through Apartheid crime policy produced well on it not in the interest of the Nation nor the blacks you are alleging they have been feeding, Hell No! They have done such in the interest of their own personal value as masters over the very blacks they used as cheap labour, as less human in a slavery form to enrich themselves. Please this you too is aware of!

          The Notion you are trying to insistently pointing on about African tribes as not the same people as you have tried to point out discriminately between the Khoisan and all other indigenous Africans as not one people is exactly what desperate white foreigners did and are consistently doing to find a none existent gap in the society to be seen fit to qualify as inhabitants of this land and a reason to justify their presence too without been questioned on everything they possess through theft and all crimes against the blacks, [A scientific justification of Divide and Rule the Blacks], this won’t succeed anymore.

          Do not forget that a white man has written and re-written history to his favour and destroyed each and every material that seeks to preserve Southern Africa and everywhere as black.

          As for training on land management, yes this will thrive through EFF Govt but never think Africans did not train whites on farming and never think Africans did not have knowledge and skills on farming – the only farming method which was not present to Africans was Capitalist and Apartheid method of doing things.

          The land belong to Africans, it will be in the hands of the state as was before the arrival of a white man and everyone who have knowledge, love to work the land and the ability to trade in farming will have the access with state food security as Priority.

          We the Africans are not Hungry – whites are if not Why they took all the Land by force, genocide, crime against humanity and continues to this day even on the face of social cohesion kill blacks on farms!!???

          1. your “facts” are not true.

            The Khoi-San are racially different from black people. They are a different race. Also culturally different.

            How can you say there was never a war between black people about land!!!! Do I even need to answer that?

            What genocide? Please tell me what genocide?

            I am not foreign, I have a South African passport. How can I be foreign?

            You are a populist. Want everything for free. Rather steal than work. Probably rather listen to music than study, hence your lack of education. Probably spend the weekend chilling out, because why not, someone must give you for free. Right?

            Why work? Seriously? How do you think you would do on the international labour market?

            You are lazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Hi i want to join EFF and have a membership card.I stay in inanda at amaoti I got grade 12 and I’m free to help EFF get more people in my section and attend the meetings and be work with them

  29. Hi, I want to joing EFF but whenever i try to download the form or apply online it takes me to a different site. Please kindly assist.

  30. In short, Jonathan need a guanine historical political information on Africa and its inhabitants and also a legal understanding on the different type of citizenships versus indigenous inhabitants of the land. It might very well be the information he believed to have read was re-written in favour of his thinking. It is fact that Africans do work very hard in comparison to any race in South African economy. Give all people the means of production which is their land and you will see the whites are actually lazy and will never work on their own and compete with African on the equal challenge!
    Many run their own farms as I do, without even the help of Government like Apartheid Government has done stealing blacks income, blacks tax, blacks opportunities, blacks money to provide to the white man’s economy from farm land, infrastructure, activities, education, funeral covers and worse social security grants and hard earned pensions, the list is endless!

    Who is lazy then? who is a thief? and who are thieves between Africans and whites historically?

  31. If i want to apply there is other cooking website appearing look into it viva eff proud coloured i believe in u mr.malema

    1. !Gai IIgoas, matisa |nammsa |hosaron. (Good day, how are you my lovely friend).
      How would the national anthem sound with Khoesan aded into it. Kanguage of the original people of this planet who were the 1st inhabitants of Africa and in the world. They have the oldest DNA ever found and that is why I am proud to be known and Khoesan or Camissa people (People from the river of peace) also known as coloured. Yes, our great great great grandparents and aunties were raped by verwoed and the ancestors of those still living in Oranje but we are still proud to have even a portion of this DNA in our bodies. The last person to fight for us was Ashley Kriel (Mkhonto we sizwe) and in this day and age I want to embody him and fight with those that are willing to fight!!!!

      1. Good day Leroy
        It is good to hear from the descendants of the African people speaking with faith towards his friends and fellow fighters. We defied Die Stem to this day, we understood and heard Madiba’s inclusion of the Afrikaans version on our National Anthem which has overstayed its welcome. The language of the Khoisan people is our language too. Maybe EFF should commission an artist who can start working to bring together the proposed version of our envisaged and inclusive true National Anthem! Amandla!

  32. I also wanted to join online, but ended up on a site that sells organic vegetables.

    I would like to join EFF to support their movement to shorten the national anthem. Inclusion of ‘Die Stem’ has served its purpose and is now an irritation to the majority of South Africans being a constant reminder of the colonialist influence. We have to cut ties with the past in order to evolve into a modern African country.

    The drawn-out anthem is also an irritation to sports fans because it delays kick-off.

    Also, if we drop at least the Afrikaans part, then Mr. Malema will not have to stand and sit in protest so many times in parliament.

    Problem is, Afrikaans is not exclusively the first language of white Afrikaners …

    Nkosi sikelel’ iAfrika.

    1. Look for fighters in your area including if you have any EFF councillors in your municipality, otherwise please send Commissar Gardee or Ndlozi your request at 78 De Korte, Braamfontein, Johannesburg
      Tel: 011 403 2313 Fax: 011 403 2264, Please do not come alone, invite many you know and in your area to join EFF. Our Freedom is here.

    1. Amandla Fighter Jacky Kabeni, Please contact the office at 011 403 2313 for help to be linked with fighters where you live to obtain a membership form, otherwise my fighter just look for EFF Leaders where you stay and if you see them ask for the help to enroll as a member.

      May you have a happy revolutionary welcome, Please also recruit more many others for the Gospel of our Freedom to move faster and become a firm future source.Amandla!!

  33. Dear Tshepo, I am a member of the EFF, we currently are using manual forms to Join the EFF, so you too need to get one and be active with other members from within your branch if it is, if you can call (011) 403 2313 or just state the Area you come from with the municipality ward so that we can facilitate you get set accordingly with the Fighters. Please note I am just a member in Mpumalanga trying to assist you.

    Welcome my Fighter, Please invite and recruit others, Do not dispair – Our Future and the Future of our children is EFF! Amanadla!

    1. Welcome Fighter Shirley Kgaswe, Please contact EFF Head Office at 011 403 2313 with information on the area you come from. You will surely receive help. Please invite many others on your community as possible. Lets join the EFF to participate in its well being and contribute to its policies as a Government in waiting. Amandla! #Asijiki

  34. As a white south African I really hope someone can shed some light on my question, I was born here ( at the end of apartheid) my question is, are white people not wanted in the country? My concern is not for myself but for my 7 month old son, as a parent it frightens me greatly that harm would come to my innocent child, reading and listening to the news on how children are brutally killed based on the colour of their skin is frightening.

    1. No one is going to do anything to you, I do not respond on behalf of EFF, this is not the official website but believe me nothing will happen to you or your children. in 1994 a lot of white people who didn’t believe in an African led government left to countries like New Zealand & Australia but nothing happened to those who stayed. If you dislike Africans, you will have a tough time living in Africa, otherwise nothing will happen to you and your children. Even the land expropriation does not mean anyone will be chased out of their homes. If you love Africa and its people and you feel that you belong, then relax brother man and enjoy the African sun with us.

    2. Dear Denekah

      Let us put the record straight, NO ONE said or ever canvassed politically, economically or otherwise that white people are not wanted or must be killed for any reason! Not EFF NOT Any leader in the EFF or any members of the EFF have ever done so.

      Let me put to you frankly openly honesty with respect the following:

      It is unfortunately that some people who simply do not like EFF for their personal political reasons just take a worded snapshots portions of media report write up and circulate them as hate speech of what the EFF has said against white people while not true. JUST A SMEAR CAMPAIGN!

      What happens in this country is a general problem of crime and criminals targeting anyone and everyone But there are groups who use all sorts of media especially social media bringing a number of different isolated criminal attack incidents historically of white farming community into one videos material and then distribute it as a political motive to scare, incite, invite and encourage others to see it as planned violence by black people against whites.

      The recent propaganda that is mass driven is being led by again group of white Afrikaners who as farmers heard and seen the Govt resolution in Parliament to redistribute land has alleged and told the world media that they are being killed because of the government decision to expropriate land without compensation for usage required by the country for peace and stability.

      If you happened to have seen people brutally killed for colour of their skin except in few cases where I have observed and there is proof to it, please circulate back for us to see and to take action as EFF.

      Lastly it is a widespread intentional misrepresentation by some media put it in the minds of the broad citizen that EFF want the white people out of South Africa, this not truth but Propaganda aimed at scaring white people to stand together and fight with black because some land owners and business people feel without facts that they are going to lose to be rich and control of government.

      Thank you for your honest inquiry, I hope this respond will seek to clarify your concern.

  35. Im truly touched by what foreigners are doing in this country, they must all be removed and only professionals to be allowed, in few years a black man will wake up with nothing to do, and completely destroyed, this government will never be in power with my vote, they have lost contact with the poor, only defending their interests and white friends

  36. Mthokozisi, When readers consume the content of your writing especially those who are not conversant with the happenings in the country, or those who are privileged and never have to experience the view of the country by observation on its current social aerial view, economic activities, benefits, conduct, treatment of all these aspects into the daily political and administrative power they will immediately dismiss you as a mad thing or a person with unnecessary complaint and hate YET you are putting truth as is.

    I would have appreciated a lot if you have time and resources to please articulate all your observations breaking them down in a clear category of Economic, Social, Education, Political, Public Governance and State positioning in order to exchange clearly to readers in our social platform as to What we mean when we say “In few years a black man will wake up with nothing to do, and completely destroyed…… they have lost contact with the poor, only defending their interests and white friends”.

    Let’s unpack, lest we are not sitting with these Racists organisations of White Minority Capital supported back to back by White Monopoly Capitalists who destroys South African daily progress and at the same time brave to stand up without shame to call us as EFF members “Fascist”.

    They do so easily without meted with broad society anger because we write less, people are not informed, our information is presented skewed intentionally so by a media and narrow thinking political analysts.

    I thank you in advance for your tireless reading and preparedness to write and highlight these aspects, let us patiently write, let us put from our minds through tips of our fingers the true situation on where we see danger and not fear to put our proposal even for current EFF leadership to understand what future we want.


  37. We are sick and tired by people that have the authority to the land that is not theirs, we want back our land without a fight. We know what they did to our people but we don’t wanna fight back we want our land in peace. And we don’t have to pay for the land that is ours.

  38. Tsekane, thanks for your advise, it is this hunger that we as black have within us that makes us write from our hearts, and seeing the future of our children dissapear in our presence, just because we as black people are not careful with our actions, so let me elucidate on the issue of foreign shops, it is not a xenophobic comment but a fact, today in South Africa we have teachers, doctors, engineers, politicians, to name a few, that were raised by the parents who makes a survival from selling in the streets and running spaza shops, today these children are intellectuals, are educated are anything you could mention, and the saddest part if people resort to violance, they name them hooligans, it is a fact that so many South Africans benefited from informal business, today our government is so weak in making rules that protects a poormans job, this freedom our fathers fought for, today it is not ours, and I am very angry with the government that claims to represent us the poor masses of this country, it is not guaranteed that all our children will hold a formal education, those children needs to fall into the informal business, in which business they will fall in to if the government is unable to protect them, it is that reason that makes me believe”the future of a black child is abandoned by our government”

  39. I have this true conviction that EFF is a force to reckon with, come next year 2019 is the year that EFF is taking over, let us work hard.

  40. I have a concern about people who calls themselves employers meantime they re exploiting our poor people,something has to be done to stop this brutal people,they hiding behind religions,careers and riches
    I have recently made a huge discovery about so called helping hand in private department of doctors and is not true it is only money making scheme.shocking hw they can get away with crime.

    1. I understand the greed that despoil the lives of Hue-manity to enrich Mankind. I began refining and perfecting dynamic political—economic system that balances corporate profitability with cultural prosperity. This means that epochal change is necessary for “Freed World Society” to craft a “Global Cosmopolis”. The way and means require that Hue—manity sever its obedience to the History that has been imposed and enforced by the Dominion of Mankind, and that its bodies politic unite in collegial polity to cloak their mettle in the mantle of Destiny.

    1. I think we should pressurize the government to provide internet as a basic service. Unlimited free education on there, and also access to jobs.

      1. Real or perceived Challenges Mitigating the implementation of internet access to rural communities are:
        1. The cost of setting up broadband and telecommunication infrastructure in rural areas comes at a cost that might be hard to justify in terms of return on investment.

        2. Low household incomes resulting in low consumer paying capacity, is making it unattractive for mainstream telecommunication service providers to extend such service to rural communities.

        3. Cost of complementary services such as, electricity, as well as Bandwidth Data cost may also be a hindrance towards rural communities accessing such services.

        The solution is simple and affordable if the authorities will listen to an ordinary folk like me. many government institutions and functionaries have received my proposals but then they go about with my IP trying to do what they don’t have the knowledge to do.

        We conducted a feasibility for providing free broadband to 10 Rural communities across KZN. It will cost as little as R3Million. But Millions are wasted with no sustainable plan or OTT to support the Investment in providing connectivity. When these bunch of clowns in Government are ready to do the right thing, we will be there for the people.

  41. Hie, is there any ways that I can join EFF.Im a Zimbabwean aged 23, its my first time to have a favourite party like EFF, I have been reading its constitution and watching some of EFF videos.I choose to support EFF, I know im not allowed to vote but I wanna join and add my support to this party.Please help me if tgere is anyways I can be a member of EFF. My contacts are 0787591067

  42. Tsekane receive my greetings

    You have answered so many opinions including myne, I tried to be broader on my last opinion but I was never answered.

    Are you hiding yourself from the truth or you are still thinking?

  43. fighters, I have a serious case at my work. I am wekng for indians. We dnt wek under fair labour, they ate too racist, they dnt care on what will happen to us. I wanna file a case upon them.

    1. Indeed! Any change from ANC lies and taking the masses for granted will be welcomed. It is better to have a change of power than to believe this ANC can bring about any change.

      And yes EFF can make and will make a drastic change that will result in a change in the Status Quo. It is better we take a decision now and if we fail history will forgive us for our mistake, but history will never forgive us if we don’t make a decision. And that decision in the next elections is to let the ANC know, the masses are ready to risk the repercussion that a change may bring about. Nothing dared, nothing gained.

  44. Good Day

    I would really love to join these movement, as I foresee success and prosperity for South Africa. Where is the nearest branch in Germiston or Pretoria?

  45. How do we tolerate corruption so much. It is not normal. And Im upset that the EFF voted out the DA in Eastern Cape and voted in the corrupt people. I thought EFF was against corruption but it looks like I was wrong. They are maybe just pretending like the ANC.

  46. I have joined signed and sent my EFFSC membership form in April but still haven’t received any feedback do i still wait or do i consult with the fighter that distributed the forms?

  47. Fighters’ manifesto launch,matsogo Juju,l am not an Eff member but need membership as soon as before elections.
    Language spoken that day was well understood and l am so touched and hope Fighters stick to those points mentioned and l remember when you promised that no more sleeping in parliament and that was true.

    Organise membership as soon as posible or refer me to the nearest branch as l am in Rosslyn.

    1. Sello , I relate Brother.

      I also just joined the EFF membership here in Kaalfontein when registering to Vote.

      It is for the first time i understand the true meaning of Politics outside Tenders.

      Best Wishes.


    1. Lucky you are 100% correct and over and above your statement, we are going to take over and be the government with ANC being an opposition party.

  48. Hi Fighters

    I need election EFF posters around my section 1in Gugulethu Ny 28,38,Ny 6,Ny5 pls Fighters.

    From:Lucky Monareng.

  49. For some reason people think we are betraying the ANC when supporting the EFF.

    This is what I always say. We are all from the same cloth “The ANC” BUT
    it is stupidity to continue to vote for a party based on their historical victories while current matters are being ignored.

    We know how to fight for what is right because we learnt from our previous leaders. The sad thing is that our people refuse to see that the strategy of war can not be the same every time you go for battle.

    We had a Mandela when we needed him.
    Now we need a leader such as Malema and we have him.

  50. Very true comrade, we can continue to walk while blindfolded by the ANC, we are not living in the past. Amandla comrade, Viva EFF

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