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Zuma must be forced to step down on the following basis:

index(1)  Breaking the presidential code (also called executive code), in that he not only misused States Money- but pre-mediated the “violation of the States finance” for his personal use. That is a crime Jacob Zuma committed against the State- the Republic of South Africa. The criminal report exposure : “recommends the president be called to account by Parliament for violating the executive ethics code on two counts”

(2) Such a conduct is also noted by Public Protector Advocate Thuli Madonsela’s report, as one which has two serious crimes, namely:  These were for: (1) failing to protect state resources (States Financial Sabotage), and  (2) misleading Parliament  for suggesting he and his family had paid for all non-security-related features.

(3) Jacob Zuma recently risked South African national security, which is another case that he is busy hiding-  committing what is called “defeating the ends of Justice“. For a president of a nation to risk national security- that is “treason“. He allowed his Gupta friends to land on South African military base without clearance and he also ordered SANDF to give way for GUPTA’s unconstitutional and unlawful landing – to do a wedding on South African soil.  Thus he no only broke the law, but odered a “treason” to take place. The GUPTAS landing matter- was not related to “States Issues”, but ‘an INDIAN party of the rich’. Zuma risked national security for a “Guptas party”- thus violating again “presidential code (also called executive code).

(4) Zuma is also implicated in the ARMS DEAL CORRUPTION CASE. He is part of those who benefited from the ARMS DEAL. Over 70 billion of ARMS DEAL CORRUPTION case is also hanging on his neck. Justices and Judges have been threatened and forced to step down. Zuma is not just defeating the ends of justice, but a dictator.

(5) He has currently violated the human rights, bill or rights, freedom of movement  of the Bakwena Bamare-A-Phogole tribe, by imposing the ETOLL Act against them. He has ordered that ETOLL structures be forcefully erected on the tribal land of the Bakwena Bamare-A-Phogole without their consent. Zuma is not just a racist, but a Zulu racist in that he imposes the ETOLL on the Tswana people tribe, and not on the Zulus (KwaZulu Natal). He refused the tribe public participation, dismissed their existence and imposed the ETOLL on their tribal land.

(6) Zuma is unfit to pay back the R206 million States money, all those properties must be “attached in court” and he should be charged with crimes against the State. Advocate Thuli Madonsela recommended that he must repay a “reasonable” amount of the money spent to the state, the Mail & Guardian said. The amount he was required to pay was whittled down from R18.6m to about R3m, according to documents the newspaper obtained.



Key LEGAL allegations in the report include:

  • Costs escalated from an initial R27-million to R215-million, with a further R31-million in works outstanding;
  • There was “uncontrolled creep” of the project’s scope after Zuma’s private architect, at Zuma’s behest, assumed a second hat as the public works department’s “principal agent”. This meant he was conflicted, serving two masters with divergent needs;
  • Another four firms that Zuma had privately engaged for his own work were taken on by the department without following tender procedures.
  • AmaBhungane estimates that the Zuma appointees were paid more than R90-million by the state;
  • There were unsuccessful attempts by the department to apportion non-security costs to Zuma. Madonsela could not determine whether a document apportioning the costs reached Zuma;
  • The Nkandla upgrade was “acutely” more expensive than public works expenditure at previous presidents’ private homes, by far the most expensive of which was Nelson Mandela’s at R32-million (see graphic); and
  • Even genuine security measures, such as 20 houses for police protectors, a clinic and two helipads were excessive and could have been placed at the nearby town to benefit the broader community.


Other items she found exceeded security needs and unduly added value to the president’s private property are, as costed by amaBhungane:

  • The swimming pool, which aerial photographs show as a large, oblong-shaped feature at the centre of an extensive paved area covering basement garages.
  • The public works documentation amaBhungane obtained refers to it as a “fire pool” on the pretext that it doubles up as a water reservoir for fire-fighting purposes, although photographs show a large water reservoir higher up the hill.
  • The minutes of a progress meeting in June 2011 show that Makhanya was to “meet with the principal [Zuma] and present the fire pool”.
  • An early estimate costed the pool at about R550 000 but it and the basement parking ultimately came to R2.8-million;
  • The visitors’ centre, which shares a building with a control room. An earlier estimate for the “visitors’ centre and lounge” came in at about R5.4-million but the “visitors’ centre and control room” ultimately came in at R6.7-million;
  • The amphitheatre – a large stepped area overlooking an open space for performances. It appears not to have been costed separately and forms part of R68-million in “general site works”;
  • The cattle kraal, including a chicken coop. The department’s original cost estimate provided for an existing kraal in the residential complex to be “revamped”.

But later pictures show an entirely new, much larger kraal, complete with a reinforced culvert going under the perimeter fence. AmaBhungane could find no separate costing for the kraal, but a March 2011 estimate put the culvert at R1.2-million; and

Extensive paving and a marquee area, which appear not to have been costed separately.


Zuma cannot be voted for in 2014. The ANC should not be voted for in 2014.  BE ready to vote out the ANC, and demand that ACTION BE TAKEN against ANC’s corrupt Jacob Zuma.


We (South Africans) call for:

  1. President Zuma’s immediate impeachment by Parliament.
  2. Prosecution of the president.
  3. Prosecution of everyone else involved in criminal action in the Nkandla corruption scandal.
  4. Prosecution of every Parliament member who “aimed to stop the report from coming public”- as an attempt to ‘defeat the ends of Justice’

Should parliament and the prosecuting authorities fail in their duty, we call for a South African people’s demonstration outside the opening of parliament, 13 February 2014 at the Union Buildings Pretoria at 10 am. 

To confirm your support email [email protected]

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