Illiterate corrupt hospital CEO

I’m concerned about Doris Goodwin MDR TB hospital CEO who’s corrupt to the core. He has only a matric certificate and has employed his sister and two nephews through nepotism. He faked his position while government was absorbing SANTA NGO employees, apparently he was a salary clerk and promoted himself to CEO while SANTA was being taken over by government. There’s a lot of corrupt activities happening in this small hospital in KZN uMgungundlovu district Piermaritzburg. Plz help fighters to stop the scourge of corruption in our country.

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  1. I would like EFF to investigate Dr Diba (clinical manager) of Senorita Ntlabathi district hospital in Ladybrand (free state)
    He is a chairperson of one of the ANC branches in the free state
    1 his post was not advertised & the were more senior doctors dan him,suitable 4 the post
    2 in the last 3 years he hasn’t done any clinical work (he doesn’t attend to patient),if he is on call he never come to attend to patients,he will be unreachable on his phone
    3 he is always attending anc meetings,his almost always absent from work
    4 he controls supply chain & hospital tenders are awarded to his anc friends & his family members
    5 anyone who challenges him,he forces them to resign
    6 the hospital is falling apart because they don’t buy what is needed,dey order useless things just to create tenders for his friends

    Can anyone please investigate

    1. I have sent u guys multiple emails in the last 6month for u guys to take down de the above post as it was untrue and I was misinformed,I have apologized 2 de person in question,I have retracted my statement,so please take down the post

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