31, December, 2013

EFF-Economic Freedom Fighters

The year 2013 has marked a turning point in South African political possibilities and balance of forces, only comparable to the period of the unbanning of liberation movements in the year 1990. Central to the developments of this defining year is the emergence of the new political movement, the hope and shield of the working class masses in South Africa and abroad, the Economic Freedom Fighters.

Of so many things that occurred in the year 2013, EFF’s emergence mostly signified the end of an era, an era of comfort with the victories of the 1990s that resulted in political freedom. The end of an era of unconnected working class protests scattered across the country without a unified vision, program and vehicle to birth a new day free of poor service delivery, landlessness, poor education, healthcare and sanitation.The end of an era of reliance on a corrupted and captured liberation movement that now works in defence of the ruling elite and capitalist order. The end of an era of acceptance of gradualism and satisfaction with mediocre services holding populations of poor peoples across South Africa as voting cattle without truly benefiting from the electoral deals of successive government of the last twenty years.

EFF’s emergence has above all proven, before it even attains any ounce of state power that the hegemony of the ruling parties can be challenged. This is characterised by the successes 2013 gave to the establishment of movement already;

–   A successful National Assembly that resolved on the formation of EFF as an alternative, anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist party and vanguard of the protest movement ready to contest power

–      A successful launching rally in Marikana in which more than 20 000 people arrived largely from the surrounding communities of Marikana

–      A successful presence in more than 80% of South African wards, with regional and provincial structures across the country.

Like all revolutions, the emergence of EFF has inspired many to also take a stand of bravery and join in the active declaration of the end of an era and fight for a new day in the lives of the working class. Activists, organisations and communities long trapped in the failed hope that the liberation movements will deliver economic freedom have broken away and now seek a new phase, waving high the flag of working class freedom epitomised by the program of economic emancipation in our lifetime.

Economic Freedom Fighters therefore salutes the fearless activists, movements and communities that continue to defy the order of the day in pursuit of an alternative revolutionary movement. EFF salutes the fighters that have worked hard to build the alternative revolutionary movement of the people, some of whom have suffered job losses, abuse and isolation for picking up the red beret and build EFF in their communities. EFF further congratulates those that have reached more than 100 memberships in their branches, registered 6 party agents with the IEC and secured 20 volunteers per ward for EFF revolutionary work.

The new year of 2014 shall signify the era of economic freedom. As the last sun of the year dusks in the shadows of the old era, making way for the glorious new day; let us all say Aluta Continua, and in the words of the Hungarian lyric poet Sándor Petőfi, hail that our movement;

Will not die on a soft pillow –

Will not welter in anguish on the cushion,

Will not slowly droop, melt,

Like the candle that one forgets in the room,

Like the flower that a worm eats away…

If once a spirit drunk with freedom

Tears the enslaved peoples from their slumber,

They rub the sleep out of their eyes

And write “world freedom!” on their flag

They march against the tyrants,

And the blaring battle trumpets

Resound far off – Then we will fall!!!

Let 2014 be a year of economic freedom and the intensification of the collective assault on the hostile anti-working-class capitalist order. It must be a year of the nationalisation of gold, platinum, coal, diamonds and all other mines. The beginning of the era of the expropriation of land without compensation for equal redistribution; The year of the era of a corrupt free government, protected industrial development, free quality education, healthcare, sanitation, and housing. 2014 must be the year of massive investment into the economies of our beloved continent, Africa – the cradle of humankind!

2014 must be the year in which we correctly honour the memory of the anti-apartheid and anti-colonial activists from Nelson Mandela down to Autshumato, the Khoikhoi leader who was the first political prisoner on Robben Island. We must take the potent gift of the right to vote they have delivered to our generation and inaugurate the government of economic freedom in our lifetime.

EFF wishes all fighters and South Africans a revolutionary new year of economic emancipation, the year of new beginning; 2014!

Issued by the Economic Freedom Fighters
MBUYISENI QUINTIN NDLOZI (National Spokesperson)
Cell Number: +27 73 133 3012