#EFFHateSpeechFinding SAHRC finds Julius Malema’s comments do not constitute hate speech

The South African Human Rights Commission reveals whether EFF leader Julius Malema, and other members of his party, are guilty of hate speech. Complaints against the EFF members include Malema’s call in November 2016 for all land in South Africa to be returned to black people.

3 Replies to “#EFFHateSpeechFinding SAHRC finds Julius Malema’s comments do not constitute hate speech”

  1. I support the eff as an African-American, here in the U.S.A., because my government has not paid us for reparations for slavery imposed on my people here, nor have they granted our forty(40), acres and a mule.

  2. I support freedom of speech. Brother, Malema speak TRUTH TO POWER.NO HATE SPEECH, in my opinion. I a descendant of American slavery, my people here in America have not received any reparations for 400 years of slavery against my people here in my country.

  3. I support,
    And respect,,
    U’lls needs.
    And wish to donate to the eff party.
    I, the defendant of An African slave,
    Offer my love, prayers, tiny finance, thoughts, meditations,…
    Everything I can..
    My n’jer.

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