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      1. I live in NYC. I wanted an opportunity to serve the EFF. They seem to busy to respond back to anyone. If you who are in Afrika have not received a response then It’s all up in the air.

      2. Thank you so much fighters.
        Am from ward 60 and I am a member in a very superb standing. Is that our RCT are not doing nothing all together. If the Administrator can’t able to perform their tusks they should move aside and allow others do the job. They should stop being power morgue.

        By now the EFF should know how to deal with this card issue.

        They should consult with people who want to take the organization forth not what is happening currently within the EFF.

        By jackalus one plus one

        1. Yes, I agree I should have known there is some infighting. I have to hand to JuJu and Floyd and all EFF members they are doing an EXCELLENT job keeping the infighting hidden. This is a great asset however Jackalus you are 100% right they should step aside and allow new candidates to get the job done!!! Look at all these people On Here reaching out to the EFF dating back several years. And No One Responded? Imagine all the talent passed up that have requested consideration to join the organization WOW

  1. Hey, I saw your advertise posts late. I’m a devoted member of EFF and will be honored to work for the organization, I’m looking for a job in the organization pls. I’m prepared to volunteer my service

  2. I never followed politics till EFF came to light, I would love to work with the team. I am currently working for Nedbank in JHB. Hopefully someone will revert back to me in this regard.

  3. Champions don’t become champions in the ring – they are merely recognized there. That’s true. If you want to see where someone develops into a champion, look at his daily routine.

  4. Dear sir/madam
    I am given matlou a student at tshwane university of technology and am studing management. Am writing this letter only to ask for volunteer in any management function just only to have an experience in the world of work.

    Yours sincerely

  5. Kindly contact me when Administration or PA vacancies become available.My expertise will be a great asset to a political party that is growing from strength to strength.Always refreshing to know that in this cut throat corrupt political environment leaders are standing for their people and fighting corruption with everything you have.God bless for a strong opposition in our beloved country

  6. Hon Malema how can you allow people to rein our country ,I know you are not afraid of Nzimande why are you afraid of Zuma pointing a finger on you….. No no no no Zuma,and all those ANC executives are not good enough for [email protected],

    We need a president who can work for people not go business,’why ANC keeps on saying :in 2001 they promised heaven and earth,2013 promise train and sheeps or camel now is 2017 they always promise in 2018 will be oceans and seas in our yard while they failed to arrange for swimming pool,now I can believe that relevant leader in ANC is not yet born.

  7. My name is precious Mandlazi I’m a graduate of Political Science and International Relations. Im also following EFF. If there are any available jobs please help me

  8. Hello, my name Fortune Shiluvana, a graduate honours degree in political science in the academic year of 2015. i am writting this comment to formally requesting any available job that is inline with my qualification as i am also the follower of economic freedom which i know that is only going to be carried out by the EFF.

    i can get hold on the following contacts details:0791278036/0735724980 or [email protected].
    your help can be highly appreciated.

  9. Hi, l am Thembisile Phanda 4rm Cape Town. I am currently studying towards Business Management. l’d like to involve myself with EFF. Anyjob that can be available for me I have a strong desire to work for this party please send all vacancies available to [email protected]

  10. In as much as i am a candidate attorney in KwaDukuza (Stanger), KZN at the law firm Pretorius, Mdletshe & Partners due to the fact that I hold a BA in Correctional Studies (majoring in Criminology and Penology) and the Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from the University of Zululand. I am, however, greatly in need of EFF Assistance, for i cannot afford the Practical Legal Training (PLT) course. Without it i face not being admitted in time. May the EFF Leadership help me in that regard…

    Furthermore, the time has come for the establishment of the EFF Youth Command, EFF Women Command, EFF Workers’ Command and the EFF Intelligence Command (under the War Council) which will be as vibrant as its National Leadership (which will then be the Supreme Central Command). God bless Africa, and No Place Else !!! Long live EFF !!!

  11. Good day.

    My name name is Calvin Malange and I would like to apply for the Legal Officer / Researcher position. I am an Admitted attorney who is willing to make a contributions by rendering my expertise to the organisation. Kindly forward me the email address where I can send my application at [email protected] or contact me on 0730674232

  12. Good day,

    I was trying to access available vacancies, but when I click on the link, it gives a message, unable to connect.

    Please advise.

  13. Hi My name is is Teboho, am a PhD Candidate in Mathematical Statistics, I do mixed methods research, my research interests is in applying statistical methods to solve social problems. I am currently working as a maths HOD in department of education, but am interested in applying my research and data analysis skills in the EFF team.

    Contact :0784053555
    Email :[email protected]

  14. Dear Fighters,

    Kindly advise how can one apply for the Reseachers and Legal or related positions in the organisation. The link does not open.

  15. Morning Mfundiswa, please advise on how to apply for the advertised positions since the link provided does not respond.

  16. My name isTerraine. I’m from Brooklyn NY. My credentials are not quite a prestigious as some of your applicants. I have a bachelors degree in Liberal Arts and a Associate degree in Early Childhood Education. My experiences make up for whatever I do not have on paper. I’m a middle age woman who had the misfortune of watching white people destroy my mother an employee and supervisor of American Express credit card company and a business woman who owned two multi unit apartment buildings here in Brooklyn. The system of white supremacy and racism railroaded my mother and took her buildings. I watched my mother self destruct. Within 9 years my mother was gone. I have tried for the last 8 years to find out why this was allowed to happen but the individuals working in The City Of New York have rose up against my efforts. I would work for FREE to have a chance before I leave this earth to watch white people get a taste of their own medicine. I would leave America to come to South Africa to humbly work for the EFF. I wish there was a EFF here in the US fighting for millions of black people who have been railroaded like my mother. I know I wrote a lot a just maybe someone will read my message inside the EFF. Maybe someone will respond back. I’m so proud of what you Fighters are doing in SA. Keep up the outstanding work MALEMA FOR PRESIDENT!!! MALEMA FOR PRESIDENT!! MALEMA FOR PRESIDENT!!!

  17. Good day,
    I hope this finds you well.

    For the past three years I have been trying to get employment with my qualification and the only thing I get is rejections. I believe that I have the skills to contribute to the growth of EFF and would like to know how an individual goes about applying to a job with the EFF.

    I have attempted to click on the links however I have been unsuccessful.

    Could you please advise me on a website that have current EFF vanacies.

    Kind regards,

  18. My name is Arthur and I stay in the East rand side next to carnival mall. I don’t know off there are EFF representatives that side but I would like to be active in the organisation. Here is my mail and would be happy if contacted.

  19. May 6, 2019 at 6:42 am
    My name is Arthur Saul and I stay in the East rand side next to carnival mall. I don’t know if there are EFF representatives that side but I would like to be active in the organisation. Here is my mail [email protected] would love to hear from you soon, thank you.

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