EFF-Economic Freedom Fighters25, October, 2013

Economic Freedom Fighters mourns the passing away of 41yr old actress Bayo Jwayi. Her passing is a loss to a number of media platforms, but particularly to the entertainment industry in the Free State.

We salute Bayo as a champion of the Arts, but also as a social activist whose love for children knew no boundaries. Though her career was still on the rise, she had imprinted herself as a force in the Arts nationally. Our thoughts are with her family and friends as they carry her to her last resting place tomorrow in her hometown Blomfontein. Hamba kak’hle Ntokazi. Sizakukhumbula thina ama-Afrika.

EFF further makes a clarion call to all provinces of Mzansi to take stock of all unsung heroes of the Arts who have tirelessly worked towards the betterment, and in some cases, creation of a viable and credible entertainment industry in their respective provinces. The country needs to bank these giants as currencies who bare the stamp of social gravity without which many of our political, social and business programs may not have seen fundamental paradigm shifts. We call on government to regulate the industry so as to improve working conditions for artists especially in the lesser active provinces.

We recongnise the Arts as a crucial pillar of development and a catalyst of change across religious, social, business and political spaces. Many artists toil away unnoticed while they make a difference in many people’s lives. Bayo Jwayi was one such giant. May her soul rest in peace.

Issued by the Economic Freedom Fighters
Contact: Fana Mokoena
Cell: (082) 0600057