25 May, 2014

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The Economic Freedom Fighters notes the newly announced members of the fifth democratic executive. The EFF is deeply concerned about the size of the cabinet that President Zuma has employed which equals 72 personnel inclusive of both ministers and their deputies.

It seems that President Zuma has taken a decision to award his loyalists with government positions, to prioritise giving them jobs as opposed to radical economic transformation which he committed to in his inaugural address. The average expenditure on each minister and deputy for their cars, houses (both in Pretoria and Cape Town), protection services, transport exceeds a total of R10 million. This means almost a billion is spent on this permanent government mass meeting of ministers before we can even think of core functions and programs that change lives.

President Zuma has also kept consistent with the male domination in appointments to government positions. This is a regression from the gender parity and women representation of the past government executives.

The EFF however welcomes the appointment of an African into the position of Minister of Finance. This is for the first time ever that a black African has been appointed to that position and it is against the backdrop of racist attitudes that have sentenced Africans as incapable of dealing with finance. The move must be welcomed and indeed applauded.

It is noteworthy that the appointment of Cyril Ramaphosa into Deputy Presidency will be as ceremonial as that of Kgalema Motlanthe who was without any real powers and responsibilities. The real deputy president will be Zuma’s home boy, Jeff Radebe.

EFF shall soon announce its portfolio committee allocations to hold all these ministers accountable in parliament. Furthermore, we call on public representatives in government to buy their own  cars as opposed to depending on government to do so.

MBUYISENI QUINTIN NDLOZI (National Spokesperson)
Cell Number: +27 73 133 3012 | +27 (61) 482 6589