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EFF Rally MarikanaThis page has been created to be used as a guide for the historic official public launch of EFF, which will be happening this coming Sunday, the 13th of October 2013.  Fighters are requested to Post Directions/Travel information and related details to help those who will be going to Marikana!

EFF will be slaughtering 8 cattle to feed all the Fighters attending the EFF National Rally in Marikana, Koppies, dated 13 October 2013. This is a movement worth celebrating because it will bring hope and real progress amongst our ordinary people-ECONOMIC FREEDOM FIGHTERS. See More at www.salabournews.co.za/



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  1. Transport to Marikana from Tshwane Region, it is R80 and you need to call Mo Africa for more info on pickup points. 0764391622

    (As posted on Facebook)

  2. Transport from Ekurhuleni Katlehong to Marikana for the National Launch. It is R100 and please contact Fighter Cats 078 488 7602 and Khabo 0725389405 (As posted on Facebook)

  3. Transport to Marikana From Thulamela Region, Limpopo Province, Venda (Thohoyandou and Surrounding Areas) It is R250. Please Call Madula Sadiki on 0725825630. Even when you are not from Thulamela and you need transport, they can accommodate you. Be part of this historical day.
    (As posted on Facebook)

  4. I have transport from Buccleuch, Sandton to marikana. i need 2 fighters only. damage only R100.00 return. my number. 083 340 3555

    1. We are here in Marikana to Mark the official Birth of the TRUE REVOLUTION, for those who are not at Marikana …..know that the revolution will not be televised.

  5. Quitting is never an option: We don’t know when our breakthrough
    will come. Adapt, change and evolve, but never, never quit.

  6. we need transport for uj main camp fighter are ready to go plaese lets hook them up uj saterlicamps come tru

  7. I think you must include list of branches and contact details of them on the web even if can be a contact person for the branch.

    Thank you

  8. At the end of every struggle victory is certain,today not only history is made an ernomous giant is put into parade to heal our proken hearts.God’s will is like his purpose and EFF struggle shal come to pass.A new revelation deserving to be chaptered in our children educational books of history is finally here.Viva fighters viva!

  9. Dear God

    May you please shower all the fighters with the double portions of victorius strength to move the South African motionless wagon under zANC to prosperity and greener pastures.

    We know this is a new birth of our economic freedom in our life,prophecied by fighter and commander in chief,Sello Julius Malema,a revelationist of all revelations.

    Words cannot thank you for bringing the fihgter in me and all other South Africans to realise the possibility to live.

    God is with us fighters,this victory is an assurence that we are the government in waiting.Asi’jiki.

  10. bring back our land.
    “Till today they (whites) are not ashamed of
    killing of our people. They want us to kneel
    before them. “We are not going to do that. We are not going
    to beg for the land. Bring back the land.”

  11. Victory was witnessed and fighters were made to feel like kings and queens as the giant was officially launched.

    Hope is not about what you have,in our lifetime hope is about change and only EFF will make this change everlasting without fear or favour.


  12. 4, October 2013

    Economic Freedom Fighters welcomes the ruling of the Johannesburg High Court that the mineworkers who survived the Marikana massacre last year and the families of those who died must receive legal funding from the state for the Farlam Inquiry. We have said long ago that the state must cover the costs of the entire commission as it will assist in the speedy processing of truth and justice for victims. The ruling provides a legal basis for government to act, if not from a moral conscience, then from a legal conscience.

    We therefore call on the state not to appeal the ruling, thus delaying the search for truth and justice. It is in the best interest of the public that through tax payer’s money, government must fund the workers and their families’ legal costs as it acted in killing them, in the name of the republic. The truth about Marikana and justice for the victims will indeed serve a great benefit to the pain that the massacre has caused to victims, but also to the nation as a whole. The matter must not be stretched any further so that the country can close the legal chapter of the brutal mass murder of workers in Marikana.

  13. “A referendum on death penalty” Malema mentioned as he continued with his speach,now 2 kids have been raped a
    nd killed in Diepsloot.

    Let the fighters take the country from zANC and we will make it a garden of Eden #proudlybroughttoyoubyfighters

  14. Ma combrade now is the time we all been waiting for EFF come here to western cape we want to show all political parties that we are not here to play now is the time for us youth lead this contry to the right direction with the fresh mind set .I am 100 % sure we are going to take back

  15. Viva Fighters Viva,the time is now to take back what is ours. We must and always run our affairs……Viva the spirit of Chris Hani Viva

  16. eff is eff and will be eff ‘sale e fitla palamenteng zuma ge a tshaisa o gorogela ngakeng ya sekgowa.even if they pretend like they disagree with us personally they agree with us. Zuma agree that is too old to work for goverment and mus go and rest in peace in the home country that he steel from it.

  17. eff is eff and will be eff ‘sale e fitla palamenteng zuma ge a tshaisa o gorogela ngakeng ya sekgowa.even if they pretend like they disagree with us personally they agree with us. Zuma mus agree that is too old to work for our goverment and mus go and rest in peace in his home country that he steel from it.we won kill him because we can see his day are num….

  18. Greetings Fighters My Name is Robert I m from Ward 40, we have a serious problem in our ward that need serous attention from our senior Fighter, Please help we don’t need to be separate in this ward even to loose this ward. as an EFF we are standing and saying Ekurhuleni Belongs to EFF, please help.

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