07 January 2014

EFF-Economic Freedom Fighters

Lekwa, Gert Sibande District, Mpumalanga, ZA

Economic Freedom Fighters in Mpumalanga takes a moment to congratulate the matric class of 2013, particularly the Mpumalanga Class of 2013 for a sterling performance in the National Senior Certificate Examinations and the achievement of a 77.6% pass rate.

While we maintain our reservations towards the NSC, its credibility and its quality thereof, these reservations are primarily premised on the rationale that prefers quality over quantity. That being said, we celebrate and embrace the hard working matriculants who, throughout the year, strived to achieve.

It is unfortunate though that today yet another class of Matriculants has come through this milestone and still they have no incentive to look forward to in the form of continuing their studies. Eighty percent of those who will want or have the means to further their education will have to migrate to other provinces in search of academic opportunities because the University of Mpumalanga is yet to be functional. It is disheartening, at the least, that many more will not even consider the prospect simply because the cost of enrolling at a university does not seem like it will ever be within their reach. We reiterate the clarion call that all fighters from Ward Command Teams to the Provincial Command Team avail and engage themselves into assisting these matriculants to access bursaries, NSFAS funding as well provide guidance and the necessary know-how that will assist in accessing opportunities of higher learning.

Mpumalanga is the heartbeat of South Africa’s economy because it houses the country’s Mineral-Energy-Complex. As such it is incumbent upon the youth of this province to prepare themselves academically and technically for the time when The People will take over these strategic sectors of the economy as they will be the very people required to control these industrial complexes. We therefore implore upon this class of 2013 to break away from the common stereo-types of universities as their only means to acquire the requisite skills needed to be successful. We call upon them to swell the classrooms of agricultural colleges, technical colleges and FET colleges in order to gain the necessary skills to run their own economy. They should know that as we prepare the ground for the Expropriation of Land without Compensation and the Nationalization of Mines and other strategic sectors of the economy, it is them who will need to work and till this land to produce food for the nation. It will be them who must run and maintain these mines, the paper mills and the steel mills. It is their technical skills that will build the power stations and the renewal energy plants of the future.

Those that are yet to come through the gate of Matric must be inspired by knowing that EFF continues to work tirelessly to achieve our fundamental objectives, key amongst them is the provision of FREE QUALITY EDUCATION UP UNTIL THE FIRST/PRIMARY TERTIARY QUALIFICATION. They must find comfort in knowing that “Economic Freedom is coming tomorrow” and that future generations will never suffer the same nor similar disparity when it comes to the issue of education because FREE EDUCATION IS A HUMAN RIGHT as well as a CARDINAL PILLAR OF ECONOMIC FREEDOM IN OUR LIFETIME. It must never be a commodity only accessible to those with money.

Once more I say congratulations to the Class of 2013 and all the best to the Class of 2014

Statement issued by Lady Fighter Ayanda Tshabalala – PROVINCIAL CONVENOR

Contact person: Mpumelelo Masina – Prov. Spokesperson