25, November, 2013

EFF-Economic Freedom FightersEconomic Freedom Fighters unequivocally condemns the violence that has been orchestrated against the rank and file and community activists of the red beret revolutionary movement.

On Friday night, ANC linked group of hooligans disrupted an EFF public meeting in Zenzele, West Rand. These blood thirsty hooligans arrived in a group and told fighters that they do not belong in what they refer to as an ANC area. They began to throw stones at attenders of the meeting, leading into a clash where one of them shot two teenagers using live ammunition.

Saturday night, after an event of the EFF Region of Ekurhuleni in which the region was officially opening the EFF Regional offices, one of the members was attacked by ANC linked hooligans. Our Member, our Poet, our Soldier, our Singer Bigg Dogg (Colly Magoa) of Tembisa was attacked, poisoned and dumped in a Tembisa River.

These acts are no doubts politically motivated. They are crimes of passion working tirelessly, although sporadically, to suppress Economic Freedom Fighters. Members wearing EFF regalia are asked to strip it off and assaulted precisely for refusing to obey such hideous, blood thirty cowardice orders.

EFF calls on the African National Congress to come out against such acts done in its already wicked name, least this launches us into yet another cold violent night of “black on black violence”. Sharp political contestations should never have to lead into violence. The silence of the ANC, since the first hooligan disruptions at EFF’s conception stages moons ago, is an indirect encouragement of political intolerance and violence.

EFF shall never bow to such pressures and fighters everywhere must not fear or retreat. Ours is a just course, an idea whose time has come, and these acts are proof of this very fact.


Mbuyiseni Ndlozi (National Spokesperson)
Cell: 073 133 3012
Email: [email protected]