13 December, 2013

EFF-Economic Freedom Fighters

Economic Freedom Fighters cautions against the exorbitant spending of public funds that is going into commemorative events for the passing of Tata Nelson Mandela. This must be vexing to the soul of a man who always insisted on being humble, but also to always put the vulnerable first.

It cannot be that governments of provinces, municipalities and the national government has been spending on organising reparative events that include music concerts where artists, events managers are taking home millions of public funds. For instance, the national memorial service took place in Gauteng, yet the Gauteng government proceeded to also have a memorial service in Soweto, literally repeating a memorial service twice on one region.

Today we are told that the Gauteng government, through the MEC for Arts and Culture is planning a concert. Rest assured, this means looting more of public funds for some of the artists, stage hiring companies, and events managers who are friend to the MEC. There was music and speeches in the National Memorial service, as well as in the provincial service; what purpose does a concert serve if not wastage of public funds?

EFF loves Mandela, believes in making it a point that he is properly commemorated and that the public is ushered to mourn him and do so through public memorial services. However, this must have limits, particularly in expenditure, it must be done meekly.

We must ask, how much of these millions going into these events benefits friends and families of people in government. For instance we are told that part of the T-shirts printed for commemorating Madiba, included those of the ANC, printed with public money. We are further told that the Democratic Alliance government spent millions (72m) for a concert in a province where people have open toilets.

EFF cautions that spending exorbitantly on events is not a good way to honour a man who went to extents of taking parts of his own salary to benefit the vulnerable. It would not be justifiable that in the end, when all is said and done, the total expenditure on commemorations comes to billions of Rands.

Madiba must be honoured not once, but forever, and through providing as much as possible, space for the vulnerable to sustainably benefit in our society. The spending is beginning to border on dishonouring Madiba and the very simple message of his legacy that to be about him is to be about the people. EFF therefore calls on the music concert planed by the Gauteng government to be cancelled. Furthermore, EFF calls on municipalities to subject themselves to provincial government memorial events; South Africa must honour Mandela, and do so meekly.

Issued by the Economic Freedom Fighters
MBUYISENI QUINTIN NDLOZI (National Spokesperson)
Cell Number: +27 73 133 3012