03 October, 2013

Economic Freedom Fighters calls on President Jacob Zuma to be held accountable in terms of law following reports of his involvement in the unlawful landing of the Gupta family’s chartered jet at Waterkloof Air Force Base on 30 April this year. Innocent military officers have been severely punished, even facing expulsion from the service because we are being told they acted on their own in putting the country at risk and its protocols in disrepute.

These officers now appear to have run the military protocol like we are a banana republic, yet they were on strict instructions from the Presidency; from Mr. Zuma who intentionally sort to hide the paper trail as his head of state protocol ensured the unlawful landing of the Gupta aircraft on our airbase.

During this period the Presidency lied to the entire nation when questions were asked about how state protocol could be compromised under the President’s watch. Heads rolled, and Zuma pretended to not know what happened and joined the public chorus in chastising those in the military who acted, seemingly, on his instructions.

The landing poses questions EFF has always raised about the competence and character of Mr. Zuma. That indeed, our country is being run like a spazza-shop, where a rich family of foreign nationals, simply by being close to the President and doing business with his family, will get the treatment we give to heads of state. This is what South Africa means to Zuma – a toy he can play with together with his friends. The protocols that have been put in place to receive those high profile guests, who come in the name of other republics and peoples of the world, now are used to impress friends of Zuma; a man like this should not have to be at the head of state in the first place.

EFF takes serious exception to a President who lies on a matter of national security, putting the lives of our military officers at risk and desert them when he knows he is at fault. This marks a man of low character and morality, who refuses, even when his actions have put those under his watch at risk, to be held accountable.

Mr. Zuma must be held accountable in terms of law for his role in what is the greatest abuse of state resources by a president yet.

MBUYISENI NDLOZI (National Spokesperson)
Cell: +27 73 133 3012
Email: [email protected]