This website has implemented changes by removing the custom logo which we have been using, which contained an official EFF logo, this is done to make sure that people do not confuse this website with the official EFF website.

Old Logo (Removed)

Old Website Logo (Removed)

This website is not affiliated with EFF, “the political party”, I as the owner of the website do not have any personal link with EFF management. This website is simply an information sharing platform, started by an ordinary South African, Who is just as concerned about the problems that we face as a country as everyone else, we share information relating to Economic Freedom Fighters, because I personally find Julius Malema & EFF very interesting subjects. We do not choose good or bad news about EFF, we share everything we can find to create a central place where everyone can read about EFF from the time it started.

We monitor the internet and share information with a link to the source. We also allow users to share what they have read or seen by submitting content through the “user shared content” category on this link. We also share information that is published by EFF on other public sharing platforms like facebook and twitter. The information we publish is not sent to us directly, we publish what is publicly available.

New Website Logo

New Website Logo

I am a young (Xhosa) man and I would like to see our country prosper through Unity. We have a good potential to be the greatest nation in the world, but this can only happen if we are all willing to build this country with patriotism, “all races” and not flush it down the drain. Most of the problems that we face today in South Africa are a result of the Bad apartheid system, but through unity we can overcome the pain from our history. I am a young person who has not had first hand experience with apartheid, but I am still frequently referred to as a “Kaffir” in my community, which is a very Afrikaner community and I can feel the effects of the apartheid system through my parents.

Love South Africa and contribute in making it a better place for all who belong to it.

As a point of note:

The Mandela’s, the Steve Bikos’s and the Oliver Tambo‘s fought against apartheid and they were fighting for JUST equal rights for all people. Mandela was jailed for many years, like Steve Biko, he wanted to see Black/African people treated equally with other races in South Africa. Mandela is human, he has feelings, but when he got a chance to walk out of prison, he had to choose if he wants to go to war or contribute in making peace in South Africa and he decided to choose peace. Most of us including me would not go to jail for other people. We need leaders that are willing to build a better South Africa, we need a leadership that is not corrupt. We need patriots! Please watch the interview that Oprah Winfrey did with Mandela and listen to him carefully.


Also see the interview with Steve Biko’s Brother below and think…


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God Bless South Africa!