15 Replies to “Download EFF Song – “Azania”, led by Mbuyiseni Ndlozi”

  1. Guys I just want to have a membership card for the starts and I’m really looking forward to start fight with you guys for my country, and please you need to put more effort in KZN we being used and abuse by this India people. I don’t mean you offend anyone but that so truth maybe I can even prove.

  2. I can’t stop listening to the song Azania by Dr dlozi sulute Commander in Chief …when down I play the song it’s really calm me down

  3. I’m emotional right now,you guys are making want to learn more about politics I really do. This is our Azania the land of blacks. Don’t be discouraged by the result, you guys are the future period. Juju is misunderstood but i see his ambitious that all. #you have my support #Teach KZN #THE RED SEA #SON OF THE SOIL #SON OF MAMA WINNIE the titanic #SON OF THE SOIL

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