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  1. Cdes i was so happy to see Julius at SCOAN NIGERIA on Sunday, well done man.it is good to associate with the powerful man of God like T.B Joshua. yes we see future in that movement and believe that most of the people will join the movement provided youth. I have assessed that whatever Julius Touch it succed. you are a serious leader who have never been biased and always follow the truth.

    I believe that the entire concentration should be on the youth of our country. I am also disturbed by the prophesy by the man of God(T.B Joshua which says there will be revolution in South africa and youth will be killed. Lets intensify our truggle and we must also be carefully because what we are doing is good and believe that it is relevant. Keep up the good work and i beieve that the revolution wouldn’t come from EFF. Guys we need to know your offices just to have member ship card.i HAVE ALSO GRADUATED FROM ALL RANKS OF AOUTH AFRICAN POLITICS.ANCYL,YCL,ANC AND SACP

    Stay blessed

  2. Do not be afraid of Death where people fight for their rights and there is revolution government will use ” repressive state apparatus’ we must know government wants obedience they do not want change. Do not fear change. just look at the injustice that happened at marikana, that’s one of the greatest injustices since the dawn of democrancy.

  3. i would to that Mr Julius Malema for bouncing back to politics after being treated unfairly. I believe this organisation/political party will bring hope to the youth and the rest of country as large, seeing our ruling party is misusing our faith and votes. upholding no graudge from the ruling party is using our fellow citizen’s money to make themselves fat and sellfish to delivery a good service in our belovered country. Robert from Daveyton

  4. We vey much appreciate the work you’re doing. Please keep up the fighting for the good of all South Africans. I’m certain one day, we will have economic freedom and our children will once in their life time see hope for their future.

  5. Come 2019, EFF shall govern thru the will of our disillusioned South African electorates, more especially our Youth, Our Future leaders… Change is here and our people are tired of being stuck in this ANCorruption Morass. Viva EFF Vivaaaaaa!!!

  6. EFF is the future and hope of not just to the South africans but to the Africa as a continent. Julius Malema, hate him or like him , he is indeed a colossals figure. He is not just speaking what we want to hear but he is acting them… Viva Malema! Viva EFF!! Viva South Africa!!!

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