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  1. Brain neurology and chemistry we find in creatures not only determines the Psychology of a creature but also it’s Anatomy and Physiology of it’s claims to existence. here we consider The Human Afrikan, and the albino Mutant Primate brain conditioning.

    The Albino Mutant Primate Claim to Existence
    The Albino Mutant Primate claims it is the only creature born with the moral right to violently justify it’s existence and to violently get every other creature and everything in reality to justify it’s claim to truth and reality.
    Anatomy & Physiology: The Albino Mutant Primate creature, by brain neurology, developed a face like a human baby(amygdala), with the violent instinctive movements of a reptile(amygdala), using the body of a primate (Limbic). This creature is clearly not human and even tyrosinase injections with melanin tested on them, have not worked, so even living with them and dialogue with them will not work.

    Clinical recommendations: Quarantine

    Human Afrikan Claim to Existence
    Afrikan Humans, by brain condition can claim a free will opportunity with existence or reality, to be able to think of and see what their existence is for themselves,consider how they are thinking and acting in their existence and correct or confirm it as true, harmonious, balanced, correct, respectful, moral and orderly.
    Anatomy & Physiology: The Afrikan Human, by brain conditioning of it’s physical appearance and movement appears as a true depiction of the humans intended for this creation and existence. This human has the face of it’s originator, premeditated movements of it’s own free will and the body of it’s originator or Creator on earth.

    Clinical recommendations: taking time out to reflect on his/her thoughts of self, to confirm or correct them.

    1. Hello fighters here in the voting station always when I come to vote no eff party egent in George CBD York Street at manicipality office

  2. THE TARGET IS YOU Back to psychology.

    Psychology is actually an exact science just like mathematics and physics.

    Here is what the Albino Mutant Primate is really after, and the only way it can act civilized or human.

    The Manipulation Procedure

    What the Albino Mutant wants is your attention to be away from your free will opportunity of your own existence and onto it’s violent innocence of existence.

    In other words, the Albino Mutant has no real human identity or identification and so uses it’s own identity composed of violence and innocence or innocent violence, to forcefully convince you that it’s identity is human and is for you and you can share in it’s concept of your existence. in effect, the Albino Mutant is claiming it makes you or allows you to be who you are and to think how it believes you should think about your education, trade, relationships, production of value and sex. The appeal to you is that you don’t have to be accountable for your thoughts and actions or yourself, just get a degree, get a job, do what it tells you, live and die, no responsibility, no worry for you,it will even kill your ‘enemies’ for you if you show you can do what it does, except that it is living at your expense. in effect, according to human standards, the Albino Mutant Identity is a criminal one, so it turns you into a criminal or gangster, sometimes disguised as a doctor, lawyer, teacher, president. All the titles it has and gives you are not realistic, even a doctor, teacher, president, anything that is taught through this Albino Primate identity, it is a fake imaginary disposition of logic and socializing. Sadly, many Afrikans, especially our leaders fall for this appeal, many ordinary citizens male and female fall for this innocent violence also.

    The Albino Mutant has the physical appearance of a Baby Primate( by physio-neurological formation) and so seems cute to us Afrikans, with it’s little nose, baby features and baby behavior, so much so, we want to marry it and protect it’s violent but innocent personality and demeanor.

    This creature should be our pet.

    Afrikan Adulthood

    Your Primary Duty and Responsibility is to your human neuro-physiological disposition, by existence. Meaning you have to pay attention and take time to think about your own thoughts(not the Albino Mutant’s) about your existence and reality, for the purpose of confirming your thoughts about yourself as right, if not to correct them, all by yourself, THIS IS THE WHOLE DUTY OF HUE-MAN.

    The real titles for civilization and education are psychological dispositions of human psychological care and council, from religious leaders, behavioral psychologist judges, behavioral psychology administrators, behavioral psychology social managers and legislators,behavioral psychology economists and producers, psychiatric nursing police and teachers trained in psychological order.

    If we focused on human corrective psychology as a social an diplomatic approach, not a single white person would qualify to live among us. We would have to, by science, classify them as not human or of general personality disorder and a dissociated creature (which is another word for beast).

    1. Psychology, is not an exact science it is a pseudoscience. If you want to argue please provide some mathematics to support your theory such as in physics the mathematical equation for the relationship between energy and matter is E=MC^2 so please provide the mathematical equation for the relationship of the conscious and the unconscious.

    2. Wow, you really soud just like them, white people, so much hate? And remeber that, you are a product of their filth too, you had to learn what you just wrote, right? Now that doesnt make you any better than them, with your classy english, and gramma and all, grow up man, hate makes you look unreasonable.

      1. It has nothing to do with hate but everything to do with not standing for buu shit. There is a vase difference. I have done more to lift balck people out of poverty through industrial development over the past 35 years than what you have. I did not do that out of hate

    From psychological research;

    PSYCHOLOGICAL APPROACH FOR SUCCESS WITH THE PEOPLE You must understand that it is psychological. The EFF must start by identifying the people realistically, facilitate a curriculum of training where individuals can identify themselves realistically. 1. Involve each individual in Production. 2. Involve every individual in Trade 3. Involve everyone in Social training and facilitation 4. Involve everyone in Marriage self training and facilitation. 5. involve everyone in defense, security and self correction facilitation

  4. Good afternoon freedom fighters.

    Thank you for the positive impact you’ve brought into our country.

    Our political status in the country is transforming for the better, keep up the good work.

    I am a victim of injustice in the Department of Higher Education whereby political cronies continues to undermine the Human Rights of South Africa citezen this day and age. Democracy to major political Stakeholder, in particular those affiliated to unions that are linked to advocacy of corruption, maladministration and nepotism, mainly in the public sector continues to be rive.

    I therefore wish to bring these vital dialima to the freedom fighters with a hope to see justice served in the Education fraternity, in particular, TVET colleges and Universities under the banner of Department of Higher Education.

    This is the sector that is still overlooked and constantly mismanaged by those who beleive to be owning education and training in this country.

    Exigency on how the ordinary people are being treated by those who believed to be politically connected and undermines the ethoes and clean governance in all Conners and offices dealing with education and training in this beautiful country of our needs to be brought to book, and work on Restoration of clean governance, quality education and fair Labour practices.

    I challenge the freedom fighters to join me in the fight against the injustice and poverty caused by unethical conduct and maladministration of state resources, in particular within the TVET college sector. Please give me a signal!!!

  5. Mr Malema
    Do you know about this state own Mine that Is at Ogies Mpumalanga. The is a lot of corruption happening here. 1 the is no medical aid for employees but in the contract of employment it is compasary to have it when the company have to contribute the change to say it is not compasary to have medical aid but the don t change the contract, now the employees they were intintled for yearly bonus but only management and CEO got the bonus the said employees they didn’t reaches the target but the question is where they bonuses come from because the target is not reached. Today ANC MPs and Mandla Mandela visited the mine but nothing said to employees but they visit

  6. Fighters, i am a temporary employee of UNISA, i have been working for this Institution for year, we are a team of 150 plus, the institution is big and aware of our contitutional rights, but we are runned and controlled single handedly by a man and his accomplice for their own interests, we seek your support, loyalty and interest in our movement, we are told we will be send off end of Aug, so they “the superiors” csn bring in their siblings and people of choice on our expense, Fighters we kindly pleading for your assistance…


    Pretoria UNISA temps

    1. Manqoba, you and your colleagues should take matters into your own hands rather than rely on political parties.
      Firstly write to the head of the department outlining your concerns. Don’t be emotional just state the facts.
      Secondly don’t wait for a reply find a labour organisation who can take up your grevience
      Thirdly if UNISA has a legal department consult them and get them to help you from a legal point

  7. Good day Fighters, My name is Teboho Ishmael Mokhachane one of the qualified traffic wardens trained under the city of Johannesburg metro police department in 2013 and I hold a traffic wardens certificate. I’ve applied to the recent advised posts and I haven’t been contacted but I see others are already appointed and working. Can you please assist me in this regard by looking into the appointment criteria of this posts and as to why was I not contacted and employed as I am as qualified as the other’s who are now appointed. My SAP number is 30079991 and my names are Teboho Ishmael Mokhachane. Your assistance will be highly appreciated. This South Africa is for all and we should all benefit the same opportunities “I believe so” please fighters look into the matter and please do justice to it. I’ve been unemployed since 2013 after completing the traffic wardens training at the JMPD Academy and i thought I’m gonna be employed from this post but I’m still at home to this date. Please assist me fighters. Yours in Hope. Teboho Mokhachane

    1. Have you tried to find out why the “others” got promoted and not you. The may be some matter on your side that is preventing promotion. Dont say there is no matter, as it is up to the Metro Police to say if there is a matter or not.

  8. You definitely loosing support from the Indians.Guess Mr Shivambu doesnt know politics as far back .He is just as corrupt as his president.Both Malema and Floyd will have their days.Fool the people but you cant fool God.
    Use the poor to exploite your own greed for wealth.Well done.

  9. My name is Trust Masiye and I have a small upcoming black owned construction company. I was approached by a White guy from Vanderbijlpark and he gave me a subcontract to build a mansion and he was the main contractor. I signed the contract with this guy as a sub contractor and the project was worth 8.5 million. The project was funded by a Trust, so we were supposed to draw the money after every stage. I brought Shutters and building material on site worth more than R900 000.00 in April and once we brought all those building material. the contractor kicked us off site and he has been using our shutters from April to today and he even denied us access into site . now I’m sitting with a bill of over R500 000.00 FROM Form Scaffollding now and he he not picking up my call, if I go there he avoids me. No money to pay the Lawyers . Please help in any way possible. My email is [email protected], or call 065 176 5876. your cooperation in this regard will be highly appreciated

    1. Go to the police as he has no right to claim your property, if you can prove it is yours and get Form Scaff to help you

  10. I’ve been trying for months to get hold of CIC Malema and am busy being passed from one place to the other by the people he has put in leadership. I am trying to help and Save Africa/all human beings as the Mother of the Nation. Julius asked mama Winnie for a signal and now that it’s arrived they are refusing me.

    Someone needs to translate the EFF bible and Remind Mbuyiseni Dlozi why his named that.

    Twice in this book, mention is made of a group consisting of 144,000. In chapter 7:1ff John heard of 144,000 (12,000 each from twelve different Israelite tribes) servants of God who had been sealed on their foreheads. They were thus obviously redeemed people

  11. I am a fighter from Buffalo city metro municipal.this region was elected under fraud because there are branches that launched without a quorum.and the leaders at region dont assist at recruiting new members.all they do is scratching names that go to the provincial people assemble and disbanded other branches.these region members dont unity the bcmm it dividing it. At regionally meetings we members get bully and sweared by region meetings.I am so tired some of the fighters left the party.also people we not treated good at the 5th anniversary at mdantsane.people at branch level complaint about tshirts.those people at region office hold question is when the eff treat people like this how are we going to get votes

  12. Dear Editor – Mail and Guardian

    Let me start by saying that I chose you because you are credible and your stories are always true and I trust your judgement and investigations you always undertake.

    I am sure that you have never thought of investigating the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA)?

    They are doing a good job in terms of protecting the people outside of the CCMA except for their employees, those who bring cases to the CCMA are guaranteed a good outcome wrt awards and so on but, the employees of the CCMA are told that you will never win it.

    Let Us Start as Follows:

    1. Labour Union of the CCMA

    Employees are forced to join only one Union (CSA – Commissioner Staff Association) at the CCMA which does not represent the employees in anything. The officials who are leaders in the “Union” are actually there to protect their jobs as they are scared to challenge management on any issue affecting the employees.

    Some employees of the CCMA especially at the National Office have joined NUMSA and have since been threatened and told to cancel their membership and return back to CSA or face disciplinary actions. The employees actually joined NUMSA after realizing that a number of people are being suspended and then not return to work as they are advised to settle. The CSA does nothing as those leading the Unions are employees of the CCMA, we have been told that we cannot affiliate with other Unions as it will be a conflict of interest- is this true or they just want to victimize the employees?

    Of importance is that the CSA is not affiliated to any federation. In the past +-3 years to date +- 10 officials have been suspended at the National Office alone e.g. CFO (did not last six months), Supply Chain Manager (did not last four months), Manager Finance (did not last two years), Some Senior Commissioner – still at home, HR Manager – Commissioner Recruitment (decided to settle), another HR official – Benefits (decided to settle) to mention just a few. As we speak there are a number of hearings for those who have findings, really now. I will advise that you request the staff turnover or our vacancy rate which they hid to the Deputy Minister of Labour. I wish to advise that you follow up on these guys that I have mentioned above as they can shed some light on what is happening at the CCMA.

    2. The Deputy Minister of Labour

    The Deputy Minister came after hearing that there are challenges at the CCMA and that the employees are not happy, they asked questions and made promises to employees but never kept their promise. Most of the employees who spoke during his visit have since been victimized and there was this lady who was even told to leave immediately and her stuff thrown out after she told them that she is resigning for another job- for ease of access to her, I think she is now with Denel or something. The DM came because he heard of challenges employees are facing under the management of the CCMA and I can tell you staff members are suffering especially at head office. Processes are not followed when suspensions take place and then dismissal but, the public should believe and have their trust and faith on the CCMA.

    The DM and his entourage has failed the staff of the CCMA National Office as they are victimized almost every day and are working in fear. Finance, Supply Chain, HR, and Legal are the most affected by these suspensions and settlements. Get any employee of the CCMA at head office who is not afraid to lose their job and ask how they doing, they will tell you. Careers have been destroyed and lives have ended as people lost whatever they owned after suspensions and dismissals – the talk is that you will never win should you take on the CCMA.

    3. Victimization, Bullying

    I used this platform for fear of being victimized as well and seeing that I might be next decided to share with you. Warning Letters are the order of the day at the CCMA, especially in HR and the other departments mentioned above, I work in one of these units mentioned in this email and I know there will be a witch hunt soon. No one is safe at the CCMA – National Office except those who have been brought in by Management, they are atleast protected.

    We turn to blame people when they go on strike and vandalize and I tell you, the CCMA Staff at the National office are fed up and they are contemplating a strike soon. Those who have joined NUMSA are or have been victimized and bullied as well. We really need your help to get this to stop and maybe employees will start working without fear.

    4. Promotions

    This is a challenge, there is this official who appeared on your paper as one of the top 200 young women leaders, check her out as to how many times within three years or less has she been promoted? What is it that she is doing right that the others do not master? You are Journalists and I want to believe that you will dig deeper than that, you will get more – I put my trust in you.

    5. Leadership

    There’s no leadership there, check the credibility of these leaders and am talking of the top 7. Most employees are not happy and are sick because of the environment and conditions they work under.

    6. I think what happened at SARS with Tom Moyane at the helm is exactly happening at the CCMA – IT IS VERY SAD.

    I will starting today send emails e.g. should there be another suspension from now, I will update you. I have your email so will definitely update you because employees are in fear. What do one do when lives are threatened, do you run or cry for help?

    Yours in Fear,


  13. Government wants to fight the jobless people at next elections and keep us poor and this is the second letter to parliament where we are fighting for jobs.

    After reading this letter join us so that the jobless people of South Africa can stand up to government and demand that they stop preventing job creation in order to keep us poor and buy votes at election time

    Zandspruit Informal Settlements
    Poverty Action Group – Aubrey Matlape Contact
    [email protected]

    Dear Deputy Speaker Tsenoli 23 July 2018
    We thank you for your reply dated the 6 June. Nearly six weeks since you wrote to Ms Fubbs, she has not contacted us. .Our engineers told us not to expect a reply as they tried to engage with Ms Fubbs on a few occasions without her replying. They said that she, like Davies are economist with no experience in industrial development, and neither can function in an industrial world and make the technically informed decisions needed to lift black people out of poverty.
    As we are part of the millions of young black jobless people who government ignores, and as we have not heard from Ms Fubbs about government refunding our engineers as the EU asked the dti to do, we decided the following: ,
    1. We asked our engineers to write to President Ramaphosa spelling out how government forced poverty upon black people and providing easy access to the facts from the web.
    2. We also asked them to write to all parliamentarians, provincial leaders and the media detailing, using their term, the mechanics of how government forced poverty upon us.
    The letter to the President provides anyone easy access to our engineer’s library showing how we were forced into poverty since 1994. In the letter to the MP’s and party leaders they are asked what are they going to do to help us. We will also ask opposition leaders to mobilize their youth wing to use the correspondence as evidence showing how the ANC for 24 years forced poverty upon us.
    None of this is necessary if government pays the money to our engineers as the EU asked the dti to do.
    With these funds, our engineers will recreate the 2011 tool room. This is necessary to teach us how to make production tooling as they did then and from that production tooling, we can again develop a proof factory. In this proof factory, we will manufacture a few show houses, place them in a number of informal settlements, organise Stokvel Banks and purchase factories manufacturing four houses per day. This will enable the Stokvel to own a community factory initially manufacturing houses and classrooms for their own community. From the skills, learnt, our engineers will help us transform the house factories into general manufacturing through product engineering. RDP housing therefore is only the catalyst used to create general manufacturing in low skilled communities countrywide. In 1986 Kwa Ford and Soweto-On-Sea and in 2011 Zandspruit demonstrated that with the help of engineers, informal settlements could develop industries that could lift many people out of poverty.
    We hope you can prevent this impending battle between the jobless people of SA and the ANC government-taking place as it is in no one’s interest
    Aubrey Matlape

  14. Common Sense Psychological Facts that Every Creature Must Satisfy

    If you lose your brain or mind, you cannot know what is real and what is not real

    Everything in existence has a mental self identification or personal identification, making it possible for humans to identify everything

    Creation is by a personal identification of the identification of existence

    Nothing can identify itself outside of existence except the Afrikan self awareness and self correction (conscious justice)

    Nothing that identifies itself as human will ever mistreat, disrespect, hurt, enslave humans or identify humans as different from itself

    Nothing that identifies itself as human, needs to be reminded to identify humans as human or to do good to humanity

    True logic is never formed outside human self identification or outside the reality a human sees for themselves, since it needs humans and reality to become true logic(therefore, no school curriculum, I.Q. test or product is authentic without recognizing and including the reality of the Afrikan Human)

    Human Ownership of printed money, economics, freedom, society, nations, wealth, people, weapons, skill and ability is not authentic unless the human ownership identifies, respects and recognizes each and every human being as part of the ownership, otherwise it is not human ownership but ownership by another species. Just like we have seen with the White Hominids, it’s ownership of human civilization does not recognize or include Afrikan Humans

    Just as was discovered in Nubia and Nabta Playa in Afrika, 10,000 -100,000 years ago, identification of oneself and identification of existence is how humans learn, earth is the classroom, the universe is the black board, thoughts are the chalk, existence is education. Recognize existence and you will be learned.

  15. Capitalism is the white fantasy mentality of replacement of the way the individual Afrikan Human & even the white resurrected primate & virus animated corpse is created to think of self and of reality, with Colonization Mutant Primate Virus thought of itself and reality. So capitalism is the colonial self optimism and colonial self love of the Mutant Primate Virus, about resources and values, land, water, food, women, self validated in colonial thought and using Higher Emotion of colonial self-aggression to get it. This means the Mutant Primate Virus Races will be violent to you then cause you to think violent of each other and portray you as violent and in need of colonial validation logic education. So, what White Races teach as economics even in their universities is the justification of sociopathic behaviors of robbery with violence and the starvation, military aggression, deprivation, sexual exploitation and enslavement of victims of the robbery. This is a belief Virus gives the Mutant Primate and they identify themselves as emotionally validated intellectually by this sociopathic and dissociated behavior called capitalism.

    Capitalist Currency
    In the colonial mindset of the virus, the Mutant Neanderthal prints paper then by emotional validation to colonize it violently identifies itself as owner of all resources & existence by the printed paper through self love and self optimism as the only logic curriculum that it’s victims must acquire and demonstrate as a value, in order to share in the currency it printed.

    So to the White Races, printed and other currencies are permission to exist that the White Mutant Primate Virus gives to Afrikans and it’s own kind, if Afrikans agree to be encoded logically into colonial self identification.


    The only survival mechanism left for Afrikans is to submit to white colonial logic over their own lives or start their own businesses, PRINT MONEY AND PAY INDIVIDUALS FOR VOVATIONAL COLLAGE ATTENDANCE AND ACHIEVEMENT OWN THE LAND, FOOD PRODUCTION & WOMEN

    1. What a load of rubbish. It is capitalism that made made Japan and China great apart from whites and it is the corruption of capitalism that keeps Africa poor. At least the Afrikaner created more jobs for black people than what the ANC are doing. In apartheid under 50% of black people were living in poverty and now over 67%.

      Your frustration like so many black people is that you have not realised that it is not capitalism that made white people wealthy but the ability to use science and mathematics to create technology and use technology to create productive industry. In order to hide the inability of Africa to develop the scientists and technologies Black Africans need to demonise those who can develop the science and mathematics to create industry and wealth. It is called scapegoating.

      Capitalism in not the root cause of whites wealth it is the industrial revolution we started over 200 years ago and the reason we were able to create wealth was through science and mathematics. It was capitalism that enabled the production technology we invented to then grow around the world. Every country in the world owes their industrial development knowledge to Britain where the Industrial Revolution started.

      So get off your backside, stop writing rubbish and go and study science and mathematics at an engineering school or university, because your entire argument is simply hot air.

      1. We would go study science and mathematics if the Universities would allow us to. I know of 3 matriculants with 7 distinctions who could not be admitted at the University of Pretoria and there was no proper reason stated. Instead they were being sent from pilar to post until such a time where the University told them that registrations have closed. So sit your ass down and relax. Oh and where are all these white people with maths and science? because I know of a lot of companies where black people are lead by a bunch of white QBE’s (Qualified by Experience) with no formal education

        1. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and go out and make things work for you instead of pointing fingers at others successes as excuses for your failures. Do you think that whites got where they are by been weak kneed as you are telling me you are.

        2. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and show some back bone to make things work for you. Do you think that whites got where they are by pointing fingers as success to hide ones failures. Stop making excuses for your failures because that is what you are telling me.

  16. Good day EFF and CIC. Malema and all African children,
    I am one of your brothers who always cry for my matter Africa and ask my Self when and how she will be free? But now the only hope that I have is you and am relaying on you dear brothers and sisters of South Africa to help me bring Democracy stability and peace in my country the DR Congo.
    For all ideas and comments I can be reached on this Email : [email protected].
    I thank you. Cesar.

  17. VBS and Shivambu.Why is not a surprise.Thats the reason you wanted Mr Momaniat out so you and Mr Malema could begin your own state capture.The EFF will be exposed with all the dodgy deals .You are not leaders but there to line up the pockets of yousrselves and your friends.Stop using the poor for your own interests.Bear in mind GOD knows everything.Fool the poor but you cant fool GOD.

    1. Neo, the Zandspruit Squatter Camp Poverty Action Group showed government how to industrialise all squatter camps and create jobs. This was confirmed by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research.

      If you want to stop government fooling the poor, Zandspruit will show how government deliberately forced poverty upon 10 million unemployed and how you can become a part of bringing this to the 10 millions attention at election time. Anyone interested can contact [email protected]

  18. In death, free will is given up, free will is the determination of an existence, free will is reality, free will is the will to live. There is only one free will for all, each existence with it’s own. How free will is made use of determines the existence of a creature. Here is the difference between Human and Viral free will use.


    For the white mutant hominids, their free will and the free will of those who follow them is the virus. This means their only free will and choice of existence is:

     Denial of or blindness to the Free Will of the state of things as they actually exist (denying the hominid it’s actual melanin existence).

    Afrikan Human

    For the Afrikan Human free will is the self justification by existence, by itself, and by it’s own choice and chance, which is:

     The Free Will state of things as they actually exist

    White Hominid Virus Mutant

    The virus blocks the existence of the hominid as it actually existed and therefore forms a mutant hominid that is a physical and mental denial of how the hominid is supposed to exist and identify itself. Instead of melanin pigmented, it is white, a denial of it’s free will and true appearance of existence. So the existence and survival of the white races depends on the denial of the existence of everything, in order to exist at the expense of everything else, especially Afrikans.

    The White Virus Hominid Mutant exists to deny the existence of the Afrikan’s NEEDS, meaning independent chance of INNOVATION, PRODUCTION, SUPPLY, PRINTING OF MONEY, PRICING, ECONOMY & RESOURCES. The white races and mixed races are against the natural order of existence.

    1. Bigoted verbal garbage by a man who cannot compete in modern society so he has to blame his poor performance on a white minority who are generally competitive and do not expect life to hand anything to them on a plate but work and study hard for it. Grow up you pathetic man who wallows in failure and tries to get blacks climbing the ladder of success to wallow in his self pity..

  19. Black people have a Free Will right of identification with the land and with whatever needs they have and with production of those needs. White people don’t have any power, they just want to distract you from believing in yourselves and in what you can do independently. They want you to fear going against them. The son’s and daughters of Shaka and the Khoisan cannot be made to fear ignoring whites. Afrikans do not owe white people a living. A white run country was and with their black puppets, is, absurd, illogical, impossible, unreal, unusable, unworkable and useless to Afrikans.

  20. Without embracing the power that white mainly British people developed when starting the industrial revolution, resulted in the economic transformation of Europe, the USA, Japan, Korea, China, India and has left Africa powerless. You don’t understand power, where it comes from and how to use it in creating wealth that is why 10 million people are jobless in South Africa, so you have to blame whites who know how to create and use power for your inadequacies.

    1. it also gave me the power in 1984 for Ford GM, Goodyear and Siemens to ask me to provide an industrial development plan to lift squatter camps out of poverty. It also gave me the power to face up to the ANC government who did not want to industrialise squatter camps and closed down the R3mil proof the EU funded me to show with Zandspruit informal settlements how to industrialise squatter camps a proof that the CSIR confirmed successful.
      What have you done.

          1. my point is, you are here talking about how Mr Malema knows not where power comes or how to use it, i beg to differ on that point in that, one prime example i can use to show you that is yourself, it sure took concern and effort for you to end up on this page didn’t it? now deduction tells me that, this man in question is wielding some level of power to be able to bring that out in people, he has the ability to make a lot of people change their perceptions over things, now you can stand there and brag about what you have done and how much money you have made and all, but that Im afraid doesn’t mean anything to me because there is nothing new about it, if this does not make you think about the relation money and power has then i don’t know what will, but surely i tell you there is a fine line in between, and just so you know, having done all that you just said you did does not necessarily make you any smarter because you know very well that your government structured most if not all of Africas problems, its like you are taking pride for winning a marathon where everyone else was disabled except for you.

          2. Let just take this argument out of Africa and look at China. In 1977 Deng Xiaoping became leader of China after Mao died. He wanted to address poverty affecting nearly 1 billion people. He did not create a policy, he did not ask the Chinese Communist Party for advice and he rejected policies proposed by the World Bank. Instead he said to artisans and engineers all over China, go and teach the people how to farm properly and make simple products China needed. In 17 years this engineering not policy approach produced 20 million SME’ s, 120 million jobs and lifter 430 million people out of poverty.

            Deng a pragmatist realised that no policy could lift so many people out of poverty without practical (engineering ) intervention

            Similarly, fifteen years earlier from 1962 to 1968 engineers at Ford, GM and VW in PE/Uitenhage accelerated manufacturing development so rapidly that by 1968 we had destroyed two pillars of apartheid, job reservation which forced government to allow black people to join trade unions. It was not the ANC that started the fall of apartheid but white engineers. It was the ANC that prolonged apartheid by not saying to engineering and business, provide more rapid economic expansion and kill off apartheid which could have happened. Having industry leading economic and political transformation did not suit the ANC who wanted a marxist approach to South Africa’s future so this route was killed off by the ANC.

            China is a product of engineering developed by whites so is Japan and the rest of the world. Soon China found that their engineering skills were so far behind the west in the early 90’s they had to begin to open their closed society to the West. The fight between Trump and China is about forcing China to open more and create a more leven field in international business. America will win because it has science, technology, markets that China needs and Europe will follow the US’s lead. China realises the growing resentment from Europe and America but because of its cumbersome political system is slow in reacting to Trumps threats. So for the next decade or so, tension between Europe and the US against China will grow. If there is not a war and I hope there is not, China will have to learn to trade internationally following democratically formulated rules, which tody it ignores. That is what the Trump and China fight is about.

            The ANC and Malema adopted a different approach. They have excluded engineers from industrial development and that is why SA cannot create jobs, not white minority capital what ever that is. The ANC and Malema have adopter the same policy approach that caused the Russian Chinese and East Europe economy to collapse and it is for this reasons that I can say Malema will not lift 10 million jobless people out of poverty for poverty it is first and foremost a problem in engineering and both have rejected the engineering approach

            You have never driven a car, flown in a jet or watched TV produced in factories developed by economists and sociologists that both the ANC and EFF use to create industrial policy, so if you need industry to create jobs why use sociologists and economists and exclude engineers who are the only people trained to create industry.

            In 1962 to start the rapid acceleration in manufacturing that by 68 smashed the two pillars of apartheid, my chief engineer at Ford’s car design office and his GM counterpart were asked by the Apartheid government to advise government from an engineering point on policy formulation for manufacturing development. Effectively it was Ford and GM that started the fall of apartheid through their advice to government.

            So why does the ANC and EFF reject the engineering approach that drives world economic transformation. In 1987 Ford, GM and Goodyear left South Africa after funding me to prove out an engineering planon how to industrialise squatter camps. GM arranged a meeting with PW Botha’s officials to find local business to take over the plans to industrialise squatter camps. The officials informed us that neither the ANC not business would support industrialising squatter camps as it was not in their interest to do so. When asked about the ANC they said in order to say in power the ANC would need a large number of jobless people so that at election time they can buy votes through social hand outs. This is what has happened. By excluding engineers from Manuel to Davies, the dti demonstrates government follows PW’s officials predictions for soon after 1994 poverty began to rise and has stayed there for 24 years as the dti has excluded engineering

            As engineers we know how to address unemployment on a large scale but neither the ANC no EFF want this to happen

        1. Wiseman you have totally missed the point. I am not a wealthy man after spending 23 years trying to get government to industrialise squatter camps. I am not boasting what I have done but trying to get black people to realise that it is the ANC and the Malema’s that have and will create more poverty in SA than in Apartheid times. The url will take you to what I have done.

          But let me explain why Malems has no power that can transform black African lives.

          After 1994 meeting’s were held with international bankers and business leaders where the ANC outlined its plans to Nationalise. They were told that if that did happen international bankers and industry would withdraw from SA.

          Mandela had the intelligence to realise if that did happen it would collapse the economy leading to the possibility of Civil War.

          Because Malema like the ANC does not know how to create technology the modern basis of financial power, he advocated taking wealth through nationalization claims. This is to cover his inadequacies in science and technology and buy votes through uninformed thinking of the black masses. He is using you for his political ends not to address your situation as he knows he cannot do it. Like in 1994 if he did come into power and nationalise international funding necessary to grow SA, would be cut off as Mandela was warned, industry would then leave SA and SA would sink into chaos.

          Malema has no power to address unemployment and poverty only power like Mugabe to to force greater poverty and misery upon black people, by destroying the very means capable of lifting people out of poverty.

          There is a great difference between the developed world, China, Japan and Apartheid SA and the ANC governed South Africa. The first group all realised that to bring people out of poverty required Science and Technology, whereas Malema and the ANC believe that Sociologists and Economists can do a better job. What car, have you driven that was created by these people totally useless in science and technology. What man made product have you purchased that these technically illiterate people produced?

          Nothing, and that is why after 24 years of sociologists and economists handling industrial development policy, the majority of black people still have nothing.

          Engineers know how to address unemployment on a large scale in Sa as we have the technical managerial and physical means to do so. But neither the ANC nor Malema want this, because maintaining poverty enables them to maintain power it is they who are keeping the masses in poverty. Not White Minority Capital which Malema does not have the power to get his hands on even if he Nationalises. The power will be gone before he can take control, even if money is forced to stay in SA, it will be meaningless and have no wealth, like Mugabes Zim’s currency squeezed out of existence by international bankers. They too will make Malema powerless.

          1. you are absolutely correct, especially on the part where you say,Mr Mugabe’s currency was squeezed out of existence by international bankers, i have no idea why he couldn’t see that coming, but that does not mean i don’t support his ideas, Look, you cant deny the fact that Africa is technically the richest Continent by virtue of its minerals, we are the engine of this very powers you are talking about, and they will do absolutely every thing they can to try and make us not see that and also make us feel like we need them while the exact opposite is the case, look at what china is doing in Africa, look at what the americans are doing to the middle east, can you not see? why did they kill our leader Gaddafi? why do they hate Mugabe so much? what did they do to them so bad that they think its of their best interest to make this people suffer, i do not for even one second believe this nonsense of us needing other people for survival, is just bullsh*t, they need us, period, its a matter of how, we go about to claim our place in the market, those companies you have just mentioned above, which one of them belong here in SA? their goal is one, one only, that is to suck Africa as much dry as they can, thats it. now, Ive lost faith completely for the ANC gorvenment, and i also happen to believe the only party that stand the chance to rid us all of being at one place is the EFF, we need movement, we really do, as for the Apartheid gorvenment,?they have failed dismally, given the fact that they had all the freedom that they had, they still could not advance the country to the level it is ought to be regardless, all that they have done is make sure that their brothers and sisters in other countries get the tightest grip of our country, look at our mines, almost none of them belongs to us, face it, no White man can solve a Black mans problem, period.

          2. Wiseman keep this conversation going and I will reply tomorrow as I can’t now except to say I will place black females any time against chinese males in the work place and in my reply I will try and help you re focus because solutions to SA problems are available and you are right to point out business even more so now more black people are in senior posts chat on Saturday and I will provide the factual basis

  21. Dear Mr. Julius Malema

    I’m writing this letter without any hatred in my heart. I do not believe in hatred, but I do believe in justice, and I believe in speaking out against injustice. White South Africans now live in a society submerged in a culture of fear for speaking out. While many may be silent, I feel that I have a duty to speak out, especially if lives are at stake. I will not be silent.

    On behalf of the white minority in South Africa, I strongly condemn your racially explosive rhetoric and the call for the targeting of white people in South Africa by your political party, the EFF. I strongly condemn any legislation that confiscates land from South African citizens without compensation. It is unconstitutional.

    The genocidal political culture of violence against whites that has been fostered in this country is a disgrace, and it is deplorable when an important and powerful political leader with immense influence over the masses, such as yourself, is so reckless, and openly sings “KILL THE BOER” at your rally’s, to your massive audience of followers.

    Mr. Malema, you need to be held accountable and responsible for your public speeches. Your inflammatory rhetoric is stirring up your followers, riling the emotions of anger, inciting racial hatred and instigating violence against white South Africans. Words are powerful weapons that could lead to disastrous actions. You have made speeches, where you explicitly target white Afrikaner men, (“Afrikaner boys, the EFF is coming for you”) continuously blatantly threaten the boers and white Afrikaners, not only because of race, but because of the Afrikaner heritage and culture. Besides you singing and declaring “kill the Boer, kill the farmer”, your followers refer to whites as “pigs”. This undermines our dignity, it is discriminatory and harmful. It is also dehumanizing.

    There is a very clear upward surge in farm attacks and farm murders after high profile incidents patently prejudicial, pernicious and polarising language of a hate speech character, such as your notorious and inflammatory statement: “I am not calling for the slaughter of white people, at least for now”, as well as “go after the white man. If you cut a white man they feel terrible pain,” and your followers make comments of murder, rape and burning humans. It is horrifying.

    Any form of racism should be condemned, no matter by whom it is professed. There should be no justification for racism. You refuse to see people as individuals, to see the humanity, instead, you generalize and lump us all together as white racists, regardless of our attrition, acts of love and kindness or acceptance of others. The average white South African is not racist and embraces multiculturalism. It is unfair to judge us ALL by the actions of some. In the apartheid era, I spoke out against apartheid, as it was wrong – it was racial injustice. Now, I am speaking up against racial injustice again, on behalf of the white minority. Mr Malema, your incessant black vs white arguments are no different in tenor and in kind to those espoused under 48 years of National Party rule.

    What happened to Nelson Mandela’s dream for this country? Of reconciliation, of a rainbow nation in which ALL persons live together in harmony with one another. It pains me deeply to see what has happened to his (and our) beautiful country – yes, OUR country – however, you refer to white South African citizens as “settlers”, you say that this is not our home; that we are unwelcome visitors who do not belong here. Our ancestors have been here for hundreds of years and we have as much of a right to be here as you do.

    Mr. Malema, not only is it unfair, but it is terrible for anyone to live in fear. A fear-driven life is no way to live. We live in extreme fear for our lives, every minute, of every single day, along with thousands of other white South Africans, especially the boers. I have honestly never been as worried about the state of affairs in this country as today. My husband and I have recently become victims of a death threat, which shocked us to the core, as “SHOOT THE BOER”, “OUR FARM” (which we believe refers to land expropriation), graffiti was painted on our front door, in Xhosa, along with VIVA JUJU” and “VIVA EFF”. According to Wikipedia JUJU, is the nickname for Julius Malema.

    Mr. Malema, you are constantly inciting illegal property grabs, calling on your followers to seize and occupy any piece of white-owned land they want by ANY means necessary. So, Mr. Malema, you are encouraging your supporters to carry out crime and condoning violence, as a means of accomplishing political reform,” Your followers are “doing as you say” and marking property’s that they intend to seize with red paint as “OUR FARM/OUR LAND/OUR HOUSE” and planning to kill whomever has not vacated the property, as we’ve seen happening with the escalation farm attacks and farm murders all over South Africa, characterized by extreme brutality, and horrific levels of torture that often accompany these crimes.

    Mr. Malema, you have said: “…the masses are on board for an unled revolution…the highest form of anarchy,”. Mr. Malema, with tears in my eyes, I plead with you; I beg you on behalf of white South African citizens, to conquer your bitterness and hatred, to turn your hatred into reconciliation, to end the violence. We implore you not to drag this country into a civil war – for the sake of potentially thousands of innocent men, women and children who will lose their lives, and for the sake of this country. Surely you do not want to destroy South Africa; for it to become the next Zimbabwe?

    Mr. Malema, today, I challenge you to think about Madiba’s dream for this country; of peace, of unity, of a better country for ALL.

  22. It is high time that we face the reality that our economy is rapidly collapsing due to inappropriate decisions made by those in power to further corruption in order to benefit the selected few.
    If those in charge of public funds are closing their eyes in seeing that the reason of high unemployment is due to the third party contracts employed to exploit our own brothers and sisters but enrich the few. Now they talk of cutting the public sector wage bill whilst directly increasing the contractor’s bill. Where is the logic in creating temporary jobs where people they work without benefits instead of creating permanent jobs for those services the country will forever need. They will freeze the permanent positions; approve voluntary separation packages in order to hire their contractors to do those respective jobs
    Why the people looted the country are not prosecuted. In the SOE’s for an example Eskom, the mines advised that Eskom must invest in capital in order for the mines to continue supply coal uninterrupted and at a reasonable cost but instead opted to go for coal trucking where more than 250% is paid to get supply.
    Is time we stand up and fight for what is ours, than allowing few individuals control the economy in the name of democracy

  23. I have a proposal for a great land transition program. This would involve the following.
    1. Government would identify land to be appropriated.
    2. Government would recruit potential farms in all aspects of agriculture.
    (adronomy, animal husbandry, piggeray, water management, equipment management and repair,fruit production, pesticides and control etc.)

    3. Government would recruit trainees whould go for training and become apprentices on frms in areas they were trained in.

    4. after training they would pledge to work for government on th farms for a prescribed amount of time. They would be given the first option to purchase part or all of the farming enterprise with good credit.

    5.Annual evaluation from the for further discussions on my ideasvernment and supervising farmer would follow.

    6. The government could develop a smooth transition method and get control of the land and keep the revenue coming to government fiscus. I can be reached at [email protected] for more of my ideas on proper land transfer and keep government in control of the process.

    I can be reached at dramoyana

    1. What will this achieve?
      In 2014 the Department of Agriculture announced that after spending R4 billion developing and training black farmers they achieved a 99% failure rate. In 2016 a Rhodes study showed that the failure rate was still just as high

  24. The white man wants to be protective in the sense that he does not feel that badly if he offends black people. The white man is pleasantly deceptive. When criticized, he tells himself and others, “It is black people,not me.” The White man is deflecting, projecting, externalizing and feeling relieved of the black problem. White people want to convince relevant parties themselves that their offenses against black people on land and historical injustice is justified, non-existent or that they are the victim rather than the perpetrator, they try to escape responsibility. White people turn their envy into arrogance, so that they cannot feel inferior. In the short run, it works pretty well. In the long run, they leave a trail of deception that needs to be investigated. We must catch these white people and confront them on international laws. Let us expose them and make them deal with the truth, according to Afrikan Law.

    Don’t fear white people when they get angry for you criticising them, they are pretenders. White people have no conscience.White people try to feed of your self esteem because they have no credibility as humans. by pretending to be confident they think they are organized and safe. Afrikans, never be attracted to white people and their charisma which is fake.

    1. the reason why east afrika advises not to fear whites is because he dose fear us as he knows he cannot compete against us. He ignores the fact there are growing numbers of black people who do not fear us because they embrace the modern world and how it works. East afrika is scared of the modern world because he does not understand it and how whites created it and too scared to try and understand it and wants to drag black people into his fear.

  25. you know? Mr Greville, I somehow pick up a sense of arrogance in how you talk, but I being such a reasonable young man am able to look beyond that in a dialog, the truth is I went on to check out what you have shared with us, and Ive got to say, Im inspired in how you look at things, but Ive got to warn you that, there really is a reason why we have other fields of study in modern academia, you can not deny the fact that Engineering alone has got nothing to offer, trade is the basis of any any economy, in order for for us to develop infrastructure in our country, we do need engineers, but remember that they too need to be paid also, now where do you think the money would come from? you cant just print some more money and give it to them as that would result in hyper inflation, secondly, if we want to embark on doing that,then we need new money in our country, now new money can come in a form of foreign investments(which does have its down sides aswel, (in that this companies collect a sizable chunk of our money in a form of dividends,at some point, then we only take pride in the number of people who are working for peanuts in this companies, l totaly hate the fact that this companies owns mines and a lot of our land in our country, I hate it***its our land, its our minerals, why then should we apologetic on what belongs to us????)or in a form of a loan, or foreign trade, now south africa as it is doesn’t really have much to offer we depend on this foreign investments, this is ridiculous, this economic model is not working for us, and it is because of that i support Mr Malema, white people have no power, the only power they have now is to brain wash, I so which our people could just wake up and see that.

    1. You are right engineers arrogant and elitists as we train to be so for the safety of society. Imagine if we had not trained people how to work with electricity, generated in power stations, engineers designed and maintain. Recent explosions at power stations happened because those now in charge did not follow the maintenance and running programmes engineers implemented in order to maintain safety resulting in these explosions.
      Allow engineering standards to fall chaos takes over as Eskom shows. For more than 50 years, engineers developed and ran Eskom and its power stations. It was one of the largest power grids in the world. It was also the most cost efficient. When the ANC took over they removed senior engineers and replaced them with non-technical people. This caused our current electricity mess making Eskom power far more expensive and power stations failing.

      You say engineering alone has nothing to offer: Yes there are other fields of study but by 2050 most of these fields will be taken over by machines engineers create and accountants, economists, administrators, sociologists, medical doctors and many others will replaced by these machines. Starting in the 1950’s engineers in Detroit started an automation campaign to rid labour from car assembly lines worldwide by 2050. That will probably happen sooner. By 2050 to 2080 all factories around the world will close down as engineers will have perfected the ability to design the product in a parametric solid state modelling system on a computer also created by engineers, export to a 3D printer also created by engineers and printout the parts or product. This will mean everything we need stoves, fridges cars, jets, houses mobiles TV etc will no longer require a factory as 3D printing will take over production. Industry will return to the countries that created the modern world such as the UK, Europe and the USA. Major economies such as China Korea and Japan that rely on exporting to the west products and technologies that the West invented and developed will shrink as local 3D printing replaces exports to these countries.

      In the not too distant future anyone without a science or engineering degree will be unemployable, unless you are an artist or musician. If you are relative young, all of this is going to happen in your lifetime.

      Your comments, “trade is the basis of any economy,” “ we need money in our country”, “number of people who are working for peanuts”, “this economic model is not working for us”.

      Of course, trade is the basis of any economy and trade is the reason why in most countries worldwide English is the international means of communication. It is from trade why over 80% of the worlds scientific papers are written in English. But what cause trade to happen worldwide, and what still enables trade to occur? It was the Scottish engineer and inventor James Watt in the late 1700’s his invention the Steam Engine. The international measurement of power today is the Watt and it was engineering that was developed around engineer Watts steam engine that created the industrial revolution. This engineering power which no other country had enable the UK to dominate the world for centuries and the UK still dominates large sections of science and technology.
      Some of the UK’s contribution to the modern world. Laws of gravity, light and calculus, Newton. Theory of electro magnetism Faraday. Theory enabling microwave transmission, and ovens, radio’s, TV’s, x-ray machines, James Clark Maxwell. Steam engine Stephenson. Reaction Steam turbines for power generation, Sir Charles Parsons. steel ships Brunel. Theory of Evolution, Darwin. DNA discovery Crick and Watson, DNA human profiling Alec Jeffery’s. Splitting of the atom, Rutherford. Silicone conductors for electronics Cavendish Lab., and the World Wide Web Tim Berners-Lee, Mathematics underpinning Quantum Mechanics -Daric, The Modern computer Turing, the jet engine Whittle, the modern parliamentary democratic system, to mention a few.

      The industrial revolution demonstrated that science and engineering were needed to develop world trade. So take engineering and science out of the trade equation the entire world economy will collapse. To understand what engineering is about it is the practical application of Science through Art. Look around you everything man made uses to create trade was planned designed and developed by some engineering office taking science, mathematics and art and transforming trade with ever improving products created by product, not infrastructure engineers. I am a product engineer.

      Mining. The future of mining in SA is in the hands of the US Company Lockheed Martin. They have been developing robotic mining for mining asteroids simpler than deep level mining in SA for decades it will be they and other high tech countries that will re-create deep level mining in SA through robots.

      Land, Mines belonging to black people To the Khoisan it is a joke that people own land as it belongs to mother earth not us. If humans claim they on land then South Africa belongs to the Khoisan not settlers like you and me who stole or bought Khoisan land. You never hear about Xhosa or Zulu paintings in the mountains but you do hear about Bushman paintings.

      If you are not Khoisan, you came from central west Africa about 800 years ago, whites came about 300 years ago. So what makes you a more legitimate settler than me. If you want to ensure that your children want to participate in humans future, set aside your anger as it is hurting you no one else. See they do well in maths and science so that they can go to university and become scientists, engineers, and have a job for no trade can happen without engineering creating the products to trade.

      1. wow, so much food for thought,I couldnt agree more on most of what you just said, but i hate to bring this news flash, to you, that notion about land belonging to the khoi san? mate?where is the proof? the one you white people created and fed to the ignorant black people? Look, lie to yourself all you want, but Africa, belongs to Africans, that you can never change,you are the only settler in Africa our land, ok?? now get that in to you head, secondly, the great inventors you just wrote about, how many of them had companies again? my point is, yes, they did invest stuff, right?but that alone wasn’t and still isn’t enough for trade to take place, that is my point, or maybe i should give you an example with tomas edison the thief, (dont care about misspelling his name) what the hell did he do?by the mere fact that he was a business man we know him, he sold peoples ideas, to the rest of the world that is, now you need to understand the fact that, it is through such transactions money goes around, not by the mere fact of creating something, secondly,I dont care about who invented what,when, and why, all i care about is having this white people taking us for a ride on the expense of our minerals and our land, that Mr, I care about, you white people are Evil, you are Satan himself, and you are the reason why there is no peace in the world, you are the reason there is global warming, earthquakes, and guns,and wars, you, white people are the people who are trying by all means to destroy our planet.all those inventions, what greater good where they for?? global warming?

        1. Genetics show that black South Africans came and invaded Khoisan land, Southern Africa around the 1400’s., only a few hundred years before whites settled here. It also shows that the European and Asian people population left east Africa 70 to 80 000 years ago. Europeans interbred with Neanderthal man who became extinct about 30 000 years ago, making all Europeans 6% to 10% Neandertal. My European ancestors were black and only started to become white due to the cold european conditions about 8000 years ago so although I have a white skin but my ancestors are similar to yours black and African.
          Go to Wits University paleontological department and they will confirm what I say and take the map I provide at It shows that you are settlers in southern Africa and Wits will tell you that all people are from Africa.

          As far as mining is concerned the ANC stuffed up that industry and the management and technology is now in Australia. So at 1994 SA was the worlds leader in mining we are now about 10th an slipping.

          What is Malema going to do different to Magube as he has no science and technology and all he can do to open SA up to corruption as the ANC has done. The billions of Rand stolen from ABC government was stolen not by whites but by blacks

          It is not your minerals and land neither is it mine and until you can develop science and technology the rest of the world will exploit Africa when it wants to. The 18th and 19th Century it wa the British Americans and Europeans, Now it is the turn of the Chinese. There is nothing Malema can do to stop it.

          I agree that there is a potential to destroy our planet but there are thousands of engineers, scientists and universities working on how to reverse the effects of technology making it more earth friendly. Just remember if it was not for technology Africa would be starving on a massive scale as it is only science and technology that sustains Africa’s high birth rate and therefore this high birth rate must be part of the problem technology has caused, so not all the blame is on white technology.

          1. Hehe,africas birth rate.¿ do you not know that africas birth rate is part of the plan?or you are just trying to petronize me, “all the problems of this world are caused by white people” you think nature is not enough for you, GMOs my friend are the reason behind africas high birth rate, the porno that you have made impossible for anyone not to see on the internet.?what do you make of that? dont you be sitting there and lying to yourself thinking that Africa needs you, africas problems were structured, we need to be saved from you, by ourselves, i tell you now, if africa were to shut its doors now for any of you, it would be saved, unfortunately that wont happen.

            And another thing you should know is, you people cant keep on creating problems and expecting us to sing praises for you for finding their solutions, thats exactly what is happening right now, and that what you are saying about technology fixing global warming”? We are way far beyond the point of redemtion, and you know it very well, you people have messed up a great deal, that is why you are all over the place looking for other planets to explore and exploit, i dont look at what you people are doing or saying because i know its all lies, i look at whats happening now, how can technology save us from the heatwave? That is coming this week?how can it save us from earth quakes? How can it save us from drought?(that it caused) You seem to be having all the answers, is it because between me and you, you are the one who resembles the image of christ?

            “Technology is not something worth trading the existance of the whole world for”

            We are paying the highest price for it now, (except for you are the only one who benefits from it)the millions of people who die every year or should i say every second are dying because of it,

            You see nature is something you can not cheat my friend, yes you can learn from it, but to cheat it is something you cant, regardless of how smart you think you are, and the reason for that is so simple

            Nature created you, now how can you now know morethan your creator? You might think you do, but that would most probably be out of ignorance, and im cool with that?

  26. Mmmmh? Now, if whites came down here, 300 years ago as you say, and Bantu , 800 years ago as you claim, which one of you white people saw this happening? And who drew that colourful map of yours?and I’m assuming that as naive as I ought to be by virtue of bing black, I need to take your word for it just because you are white, right?

    You know? I do know very well that there is and there will always be an invisible hand taking care of the interests of white poeple in Africa, and they use any means possible to attain their goals, deadly, tricks, you name them, Ebola, kholera, Aids, boko Haram, ISIs(USA) international criminal Court, UN, NATO, Google, white agents within the continent to bring about mass destruction of the black race,t the Bible, to keep us at your Mercy,you name them.WE SEE YOU. That is the reason why you are against Mr Malema so much.

  27. Hehe,africas birth rate.¿ do you not know that africas birth rate is part of the plan?or you are just trying to petronize me, “all the problems of this world are caused by white people” you think nature is not enough for you, GMOs my friend are the reason behind africas high birth rate, the porno that you have made impossible for anyone not to see on the internet.?what do you make of that? dont you be sitting there and lying to yourself thinking that Africa needs you, africas problems were structured, we need to be saved from you, by ourselves, i tell you now, if africa were to shut its doors now for any of you, it would be saved, unfortunately that wont happen.

    And another thing you should know is, you people cant keep on creating problems and expecting us to sing praises for you for finding their solutions, thats exactly what is happening right now, and that what you are saying about technology fixing global warming”? We are way far beyond the point of redemtion, and you know it very well, you people have messed up a great deal, that is why you are all over the place looking for other planets to explore and exploit, i dont look at what you people are doing or saying because i know its all lies, i look at whats happening now, how can technology save us from the heatwave? That is coming this week?how can it save us from earth quakes? How can it save us from drought?(that it caused) You seem to be having all the answers, is it because between me and you, you are the one who resembles the image of christ?

    “Technology is not something worth trading the existance of the whole world for”

    We are paying the highest price for it now, (except for you are the only one who benefits from it)the millions of people who die every year or should i say every second are dying because of it,

    You see nature is something you can not cheat my friend, yes you can learn from it, but to cheat it is something you cant, regardless of how smart you think you are, and the reason for that is so simple

    Nature created you, now how can you now know morethan your creator? You might think you do, but that would most probably be out of ignorance, and im cool with that?

  28. It has been a bad day in court for the Economic Freedom Fighters, with them losing two battles with costs.

    This now brings to five the number of courts cases the red berets have lost to AfriForum since March 2017.

    On Wednesday, the EFF sought to interdict a warrant allowing the seizure its movable assets from its Johannesburg office, but failed after the court found that the matter was not urgent.

    That means the previous judgment to grant costs stands, and that the EFF should pay back the costs AfriForum incurred.

    The EFF paid just over R126 000 of the R333 000 which was meant to be paid on Tuesday, and now it has an escalated burden after Wednesday’s two judgments.

    On November 1, AfriForum obtained a warrant from the same court to seize movable assets belonging to EFF commander-in-chief Julius Malema and for the EFF to pay an amount of R337 758.68 owed to AfriForum by Malema in his personal capacity and the EFF as a party.

    An attachment process was carried out by the sheriff on November 9, during which a number of assets were identified as those to be removed to recoup the costs.

    In another court appearance, the red berets and Malema were held in contempt of court for ignoring a court order interdicting the party from inciting illegal land invasions.

    AfriForum’s Kalie Kriel said: “EFF legal representatives did not pitch, and the court ordered against them with costs.

    “We will enter into discussions with the EFF’s legal team to discuss the money they owe us,” he added.

    “Our main concern now is the contempt of court case. No one is above the law, including Mr Malema.” DM

    1. Benjamin how will land economically empower black people? I have no problem with black people owning land but please explain how is it going to rapidly create economic transformation without industrial development?

      1. this is how, we own our land, we own our minerals, we control the price of minerals, we are empowered, we get our place in the market.simple as that. you see this thing of Africa being a bitch of every super power mother fu*kers needs to stop, now.can you see how UAE is respected? yeah, I think you do get the idea.

        1. Just because it sounds good does not mean your ideas are good or will work.

          Once you take control and control the price of minerals. This may have worked in apartheid times when SA was the greatest mining country in the world, but once communist ideas began to dominate mining policy, the international funders withdrew investment, scientist and engineers took our world class mining R&D to Australia and other regions. Anglo American moved headquarters to London and reduced investment in SA.

          Australia now is more dominant in mining than SA and because of communist inspired policy we have slipped from first place to around tenth. Also we no longer lead the world in advancing mining technology as Wits used to do so once you have these minerals how are you going to control prices and attract international funds from a point of weakness, technically inferior and over come communist policy that frightens international investors away.

          Then there is another problem. Within the next decade the US will be so far advanced in robotic mining technology that african labour will be uncompetitive. Africa will be left with two choices either do capitalist business with the US or close down your mines

          Please explain not in vague terms as you used above, but the factual basis how you are going to overcome these obstacles!

  29. it is stupid to claim that the US or anywhere will be far advanced in mining because no one, especially not Afrikaans, have to follow white speculation technology which they to force our students and professors to accept. Afrika is moving to change this stupid white curriculum of study based on faith and unrealistic methodologies. reality is open to all, we don’t need a white retarded approach to any research. Now that we are getting more independent, all white curricula of useless technologies have to be kicked out. To have a white curriculum is to suggest that their needs are ours, yet they are not fully human.

  30. Absolute rubbish- typical reasoning that keeps Africa poor.
    The automated mining sciences and technologies have nothing to do with race. The laws of physics and mathematics used to develop these technologies are not based on faith and unrealistic methodologies or upon whiteness but upon the laws that governed the Big Bang and formation of this Universe 13.8 Billion years ago – 13.7999999999billion years before humans started to evolve on this earth
    Technologies based upon this understanding of the laws and forces of nature, enabled whites to develop the largest mines in the world and invent around 90% of the manmade product in use today. Your proposal is nothing but hot air. All you are proposing by discarding technology whites developed is to base black people’s future on faith and unrealistic methodologies driving Africa deeper into poverty and starvation.
    Go out into the world and demonstrate how you are going to create a better place for black people than the technological world that whites created and China Asia and Japan embraced. Stop being a brainless big mouth and no practical means to improve your life through faith and unrealistic methodologies as you propose. A life based upon Physics, Mathematics, Technology derived from the Laws, and forces of Nature not faith and unrealistic methodologies are the only practical economically viable way forward if Africa wants to lift itself out of poverty.
    So if you want to kick out white technology, and base your future on faith and unrealistic methodologies, stop using cars, travel on tarred roads, use electricity, or buy food grown using successful white farming technology. Don’t watch TV, listen to the radio or read a newspaper. Stop using your smart phone and leave the internet alone all white inventions. Also take of your shoes and clothes made from white production inventions and go back to living on the land without our technology and starve. That is what you are proposing. Fortunately there are many young black people who understand the benefits of the technological world and outnumber you.

  31. I am an employee of SOE which is Eskom. I am really ashamed with the management of Eskom. Load shedding is done purposefully. Our black so called brother in management are sabotaging the nation and end up saying a black man cannot handle the senior position of power. Then a white person or indian is employee. The current load shedding is because the board doesnt approve money on time for maintenance. They know very well that in December that is when the opportunity for maintenance is available. Now for that to happen planning needs to take place early now December companies are closed and they have approve the money its late and secondly most companies the provide critical spares are closes. Eskom management need to be called into order this can not carry on.

  32. Dear malema or followers whoever is to reach this first please I need help but I can’t say my name I just need help I have 4 sisters who work at the cruise their story has been all over the mecury and isolweze papers all I ask is for yourl to help me get them to come to South Africa there were charged for drugs yes I know some will jugde them and that okay but please for their wrongs can they at least be transferred to South africa for family moral support whichever punishment I could take it for them they just young and they know the consequences but all I ask is for the help I know it might be too hard. Thanks

  33. I am an African American here in North Carolina I would very much I like to be a part of your organization also I would be interested in donating as well as contributing to your other foundations and apart of your obligations I am very interested in obtaining your t-shirts and your hats also to publicize them here in the United States many of us here are very concerned and very proud of the work Julius is doing and I think that together we can make this thing happen I have great confidence in Julius Molina’s leadership and I highly recommend him anyways I can help please let me know I do plan to visit however I am right now going through tax Seasons here in the United States as you can almost imagine but yet and still my prayers go with you guys hope to see you soon and please respond as to how I can go by getting one of your t-shirts and also one of your hats thank you very much I think with this would be a beginning of a new beginning here combining us as a part of your struggle thank you so much Kasper Edmonds 252-955-4292

  34. My address is 1716 Main Street Scotland Neck North Carolina 27874 name Casper James Edmond proud of you guys hang in there my brothers and sisters together we stand divided we fall and we hear as you know I’ll going through struggles as well but we shall overcome

  35. Good day fighters.
    My mother was an employee at Taung Skull in the North West since 2011 until 2017, unfortunately they were told to wait for 2 weeks and not report to work on that period and after that months passed with no documents to show that their services are no longer needed and no UIF or whatsoever. We then reffered the matter to the CCMA on the 10th November 2017 and we were turned back and they said we must 01st December 2017 and when we went back they said the case had been dismissed. We furthermore proceeded to the Public Protectors office(Kimberley) on the 2nd April 2018 and they reffered our case to Mafikeng and we have been waiting for their response eversince, whenever we contact them they say they will email us the feedback, we then proceeded the case with the commission for Human Rights and still have not received any feedback. This is very frustrating as my mom is unemployed and struggling to make ends meet, she tried apply for child support grants but the system says she’s employed and doesn’t qualify for a grant. It has been two years with no light to this matter, please assist us. Here is the public protector case reference number :7/2-005019/18.
    Taung, Buxton.

  36. Hello guys am Letlhogonolo Selehelo from Kuruman Northern cape i have been working on Defensor security company for a month now but i didn’t get paid for last month please help EFF my no 0606648606

  37. Never let the white humanoid virus make you think negative of yourself. They are not human,they cannot empathise with you. All they feel about you abd themselves is false,if they tell a story of you,then tell your own story, they don’t know reality. As an Afrikan, have empathy for yiur own thoughts and abilities,decide for yourself what you can do and how, with your land. Fear no one.

  38. Hi Fighters. I need help. I a woman who was born in exile. After my grandfather passed on in 1989 in Swaziland, my grandmother came back with me to S.A. But my mother came and took me back to Swaziland where I attended school. They came home but I stayed and continued with my studies. I later got married. I’m in the process of getting divorced and it’s been going on for 4yrs now. I had to come back home as there was nothing and no one for me in Swaziland. I have been back for 3yrs now and have been trying to get a citizenship. Even if it’s a temporary citizenship until my divorce is finalized in Swaziland and I can get a permanent one. I have had to put my dreams on hold and have to rely on my mom for financial support and she’s a pensioner. I have seen the things you’ve done for people and thought I should try seek help. I have applied for citizenship but always either told I don’t qualify or I my things got lost. I even personally emailed the former home affairs minister but in vain. I desperately need help. Please.

  39. Good Day
    I would like assistance how do you go about if you need assistance from eff in connection with a firm in the Eastern Cape because people that are working there are afraid to speak out as they afraid to be fired and even their contracts states that they are not allowed to have UNIONS. This firm was once exposed on news paper because someone licked a footage of the environment that they are working under but there was never an intervention after that phones are no longer allowed there for those that are working at the factory.

  40. Hi I’m free state welkom I want to know that the will transport available for members who like to attend the rally in Pretoria this weekend on 02-02-2019

  41. I’m proud of the EFF SURPRISING the country on its radical manifesto for the benefit of all who live in S Africa including whites who have historically, grossly offended us as blacks in this land, i’m profoundly touched by the manner in which EFF articulate and protect the dignity of the natives. I’m equally humbled by the level of solidarity and intellect the org. Has been pushing within the leadership, I must also commend the same radicalism we have witnessed in that, the leadership of EFF is able to protect the leadership of EFF against any barbaric and potential onslaught.
    I knew very well that one day, I’ll call EFF my political home, I should give thanks to Zondo commission to have unvailed my eyes . I should also thank Baleka Mbethe to have publicly shown a concern about her being worried about positions in the AND, it is now clear that these gogos and old madalas in the ANC believe that they are cemented in in the org. And are not ready to go home and enjoy their pension and all looted monies.
    As for a possible ploy to assassinate the VIC, that in itself, will bring a total obliteration to a certain race in this country, if SACP and ANC could not avenge Chris Hani it will be a big mistake for someone to think that we will also be like them, just watch out!

    1. Fighter: I do feel for your situation in this country. But the problem is that the modern world is the result of engineering who create everything man made. For the last 24 years the ANC government has prevented engineers, the only people who can create industry and jobs from creating those industries therefore SA cannot create jobs.

      Consequently the majority of black people live in poverty.

      Science that underpins engineering cannot be manipulated like philosophical arguments. In terms of science something is either is either right or wrong. Eskom is a typical example. for over 50 years engineers managed and controlled eskom and it was the fifth largest generating industry in the world and most efficient and reliable. Soon after 1994 the ANC government got rid rid of the engineers and replaced them with non technical people. Today we see the consequence of replacing engineers. Eskom has collapsed, it cannot service its debt of over R450 billion and the only prevention to it collapsing is government intervention and the Tax payer. The communists tried what the anc is doing and collapsed east europe Russia and China’s economy. The ANC is doing the same to SA.
      The EFF also does not see the value of engineers in developing SA economy and therefore all they can do is make promised but provide no practical policy that banks will support. Therefore under the EFF they only have words no practical engineering solutions necessary for industrial growth, the most important means to create jobs.

      In other words without engineering both the ANC and EFF will collapse the economy as the ANC is presently doing now, and you will probably be worse off than you are now.

  42. Greville Wood, it cannot be justified that you attach failure of the ANC to the EFF, it cannot be correct to insinuate that the EFF policies are impractical when you have not put them to test, you speak exactly like a bogus DR who diagnosed patients from a distance, you are therefore advised to differentiate between perceptions and reality, it is real that the ANC collapsed all SOE in the country, it is real that all officials embroiled in bosasa Zondo commission are ANC corruption beneficiaries, it is real that all officials involved in SOE corrupt acitivies are from AND and ANC alone, it is real that the country economy has plummeted by the likes of Nomvula Mokonyane who uttered words like ( when rand drops, we shall pick it up) this shows a clear ignorance within the ANC. it is real that 99% of ANC MP’ s are corrupt or, now it is a clear perception that you insinuate that EFF policies are impractical when they have not tested, let us be real this time, the ANC has destroyed the economy of this country, do not put EFF liable for the mistakes committed by these gogos and old madalas from the AND.

    1. Fighter, You have a right to fight to remain in poverty, but you are wrong as I have put the EFF policies to the most important test which is that do the economic development policies they propose have suitable technologies similar to those underpinning world industrial development that makes them work and encourage banks to fund them. The answer is not one. Therefore the EFF has no policy that can practically lift the majority out of policy as their policies like the ANC are led by social development which cannot create industry but only provide handouts. Hand outs is all that the EFF can provide like the ANC. No difference.

      Go and read about the failure of industries in East Germany, Russia and China and you will see that EFF policy is no different to those policies that caused industries to collapse fail there as the ANC is doing locally.

      Then go and read about Deng Xiaoping who realised that for China to lift itself out of policy China had to stop using Marxism to grow the economy and he ask engineers and artisans to start economic growth. Just by changing from Marxism that destroyed the economies of those mentioned in 17 years engineering had created 129 million jobs that lifted 430 million people out of poverty and created 20 million SME’s.

      Nowhere on this planet can non technical people create the jobs and industries needed and as Deng demonstrated engineers are the only people who lifted China out of poverty Both the EFF and ANC exclude engineering from their policies., preferring to use the old failed Marxist idea of forcing poverty upon the masses.

      Therefore supporting the EFF you are supporting their right to force poverty upon you just as the ANC did. The EFF is not about economic development it is about assuming power for the few just like the ANC.

  43. Let’s be factual about, this ANC has caused a deep damage to the economy of this country, ruined our loves so grossly, billions of rands being stolen by all these MP’ s and and their officials, we cannot even get funding from their dti and other state coffers, all these monies are meant for them, their girlfriends and boyfriends, children and step children’s children, we have nothing to benefit, trying so hard to bring about innovative solutions to boost the ecomony of the country being black, just a waste of time, DA intending to abolish the affirmative action, it is clear that ANC and DA are coming from the same bad luck packet. Only EFF will safe us from the rage of these two monsters that are intending to kill everything associated with black.

    1. I know of no responsible person outside the EFF and ANC who has any interest in killing anything associated with black people. Most people I know are frustrated because the EFF and ANC talk a lot but do nothing but talk.

      As an engineer at Ford’s car design office in 1984, Ford, GM and Goodyear some of the largest manufacturers in the world, asked me to develop a plan that would industrialise squatter camps. By 1986 we had proven out the plans showing how this was possible in factories and farms black communities owned through stokvels. All three manufacturers left SA soon afterwards. Local black community leaders showed no interest in developing the plans. From 1994 the ANC has gone out of its way to prevent the plan’s development and in the mid 2011’s I tried to get Malema interested when was at the ANC. He showed no interest then just like the ANC

      In 2011 the European Union funded me with R3 million to practically demonstrate how to industrialise Zandspruit squatter camp. As it demonstrated that the Zandspruit proof factory could have prevented government wasting R50 billion, the ANC government forced the project to close. Malema at the ANC and as leader of the EFF has shown no interest in creating industries and jobs for squatter camps and rural communities on a large scale. I know as I wrote to him many time at the ANC and EFF.This includes many of the EFF leaders.

      To overcome both the ANC’ and EFF lack of interest in lifting the majority out of poverty a multi-racial, non political organization is forming to educate black jobless communities on how through organising community stokvels they can create jobs and industries in their communities.

      The URL will take you to the plan that Malema, the EFF and ANC don’t want to materialise as it gives financial and technical power to the people not to politicians. Please copy and paste the browser to your browser, read it and come back an give me your views and answer why has Malema and the EFF shown no interest in addressing poverty and jobless practically as the plan shows is possible?

      1. Greville Wood, I’ve not gone through the site as yet, but, I want to assume that you could have had a very good program, form my little observation of the things you mentioned, it is apparent that you developed a good program for blacks communities without involving the very communities who you intended to target, it is obviously construed as impose on the people. You should have brought at least 1 or 2 blacks hailing from the same environment to give support to prototype and you did not do that, you only approached the leaders alone as a knowledge holder for the program. But coming to your remarks insinuating that EFF will only do the talking like ANC, I can confirm that your assertion is not about reality of things, you have not put the EFF into government so you may say they are not implementing but talking, we can all say that with the ANC and not the EFF. this is your opportunity to cast your vote in favour of the EFF and let’s see if they will be useless or not, but to be precise, EFF is led by young, educated and energetic, the country will be in good hands as we will all be sharing the resources of this country equitably? Agreed?

  44. I know of no responsible person outside the EFF and ANC who has any interest in killing anything associated with black people. Most people I know are frustrated because the EFF and ANC talk a lot but do nothing but talk.

    As an engineer at Ford’s car design office in 1984, Ford, GM and Goodyear some of the largest manufacturers in the world, asked me to develop a plan that would industrialise squatter camps. By 1986 we had proven out the plans showing how this was possible in factories and farms black communities owned through stokvels. All three manufacturers left SA soon afterwards. Local black community leaders showed no interest in developing the plans. From 1994 the ANC has gone out of its way to prevent the plan’s development and in the mid 2011’s I tried to get Malema interested when was at the ANC. He showed no interest then just like the ANC

    In 2011 the European Union funded me with R3 million to practically demonstrate how to industrialise Zandspruit squatter camp. As it demonstrated that the Zandspruit proof factory could have prevented government wasting R50 billion, the ANC government forced the project to close. Malema at the ANC and as leader of the EFF has shown no interest in creating industries and jobs for squatter camps and rural communities on a large scale. I know as I wrote to him many time at the ANC and EFF.This includes many of the EFF leaders.

    To overcome both the ANC’ and EFF lack of interest in lifting the majority out of poverty a multi-racial, non political organization is forming to educate black jobless communities on how through organising community stokvels they can create jobs and industries in their communities.

    The URL will take you to the plan that Malema, the EFF and ANC don’t want to materialise as it gives financial and technical power to the people not to politicians. Please copy and paste the browser to your browser, read it and come back an give me your views and answer why has Malema and the EFF shown no interest in addressing poverty and jobless practically as the plan shows is possible?

  45. Your statements are not correct! In 1985 I worked with KwaFord and Soweto-on-Sea Squatter Camps. In 2011 as I said I worked with Zandspruit squatter camp and the South African Housewives League, the oldest black NGO in SA starting in the early 60’s to help wives whose husbands lived in mine hostels.

    You can have all the energy you want but if you don’t have an engineering solution to poverty all of the EFF’s energy is talk and nothing else. You cannot create a modern economy without engineering, and that is what the EFF and AND does not have and that is why there is such a difference between black and white people . We use science and technology to maintain our position. All our businesses are based upon science and technology. You can disbelieve me but you will then remain poor. It is up to you to embrace the industrial world or follow the EFF and live in poverty

  46. I rather find your statement very concerning ntatate Greyville Wood, if you water down the manifesto of the EFF in that, then, which political party you think would emancipate blacks from adverse poverty? I’m waiting to hear a straight line answer from you sir…

    1. Africans bemoan British Colonialism but China, india, the USA and Europe embraced what British Colonialism provided their countries, the modern world. Virtually everything you enjoy in the modern world is the result of the British Empire including the English language. You name it and you will find 9 times out of 10 the Brits developed it

      Like many parts of Africa who have not embraced the science and technology that drives the modern world, the ANC and EFF policies deny the technical development that can grow the economy and have chased local technical skills to Australia, Canada
      and Europe.

      Then black people have not embraced science and technology that develops engineers. Therefore nearly 90% of the population has less than 2000 registered engineers in SA where as the 9% white population has over 10 000 and both the EFF and ANC are chasing them away.

      As engineers are the only people who can create industry the ANC and EFF are making it more and more difficult for SA to grow its economy. The EFF can create all the policy they like but without engineering, under their rule poverty will increase relative to a declining economy due to the lack of technical input.

      I know of no other political party in SA that has definite policies preventing engineering growing SA economy as the EFF and ANC has. There is your answer

  47. Greyville wood, I’ve innovated a good PPE for mining, I’ve been working with Cape Peninsula University on my innovation which brought about a complete prototype, this sterling work was patented for intellectual property right. I worked with seda to develop a good business plan, I spent over R100 000 from my own pockets to develop this idea into a complete prototype, I was then, directed to the dti for funding under the program called SPII which is for innovations, I can tell you that our application was sitting in those offices for 3 long months before it was rejected based on the so called clause 6.2 of the project guidelines. We made an appeal to that effect, when the clause was presented to us, it became clear that we were only reminded that we are just black citizens who cannot be trusted as intellectuals. Now who is the minister of the dti, you know it is going to be non other than Rob Davis. When we wrote a letter to his office for his pa, there was no big deal about our ordeal, up until we told them that I they do not respond to our emails we will go to the union buildings and sleep there, up until someone listens to us, then, that office organised a meeting with someone from the dti, I’m responding to you know being on my way to this meeting, it is possible that this meeting will remain a futile excercise like just like all these other meetings, I must tell you that only EFF can restore our dignity in this country. Being blacks means nothing in this country, only whites and few connected are getting good business with the dti.

    1. I have worked with the dit since 1994 on a plan to industrialise squatter camps through factories communities could own. The CSIR has reported five times to government that the plan will work. I reported to the dti in 1995 that they did not have a policy to support engineers creating industries so that all squatter camps could become involved in industry and have jobs but was ignored In 2017 organised by the dti, at a meeting I was told that government still did not have such a policy.

      I have the dti including Rob Davies confirming that Ford, GM Goodyear and Siemens who funded me to develop this plan in 1984 before they left SA. The EU provided me with R3million to demonstrate how to industrialise squatter camps and this was successful. As the plan could have prevented government wasting R50 billion instead of supporting commercialization government forced it to close.

      I wrote many times to Malema while still at the ANC and to the EFF on joining me to industrialise SA’s squatter camps. I was ignored. Now the squatter camp I worked with is going to use social media at election time to demonstrate to the 10million jobless that neither the ANC and EFF are interested in job creation only power.

      It is clear that when coming into power the ANC never intended to create poor but increase poverty to more than what it was during apartheid and use the jobless to buy votes at election time. I see no difference in the EFF

  48. But now, if I may ask, you were funded by other bodies 3M as you said, how deep have you gone in to the business for industrialisation of squatter camps, what did you do with the money?

  49. The following URL’s will take you to the website that squatter camps are preparing to inform the 10 jobless just how the ANC created so much poverty million jobless. It is not complete but read what is there and come back.

    I was funded by the EU not 3M (European Union) and that money was used to develop the manufacturing proof which the dit forced it to close, by starving it financially. They did so by ignoring the EU request, who had placed funds with the dti , to use some of their funds the dti held to commercialise the Proof.This the dti refused to do forcing to sell all the equipment to pay debt.

    Please go to the following URL’s

    1. How the ANC forces poverty upon the majority

    2. Documents

    3. Manufacturing and Farming Project

  50. But you are navigating me through the government programs, I agree with you on one thing, yes, many of the government policies are useless which are attributable to the ANC. But, I thought, you would take me through to your project site and let me are how it looked like.
    I’m currently still trying to work with the dti on my project, but I can tell you that as long as we still have the type of a mentality black officials at the dti are showing, this country is going nowhere. I agreed with Mzwanele Manyi on one things, going into the office of a funder and find a black official waiting to deal with your request can be more stresful and devastating impact to your entrepreneurship endeavours. But I can tell you that having met one of the most senior person at the dti gave me a new hope.
    All this trouble will be a history after the elections, EFF will bring about very tangible programs to benefit all and not only the connected.
    If you still believe in your project help us bring the EFF into power and let’s work together on your project.

  51. i have moved away from trying to get politicians to support mass job creation and I do not see the EFF as any different to the ANC. They do not have engineering led development plans and without them they and the ANC are causing SA’s industry to collapse just as similar ideas caused East Germany’s industries to collapse before the fall of the Berlin Wall. All the ANC and EFF are doing is repeating a history of industrial failure.

    As far as not informing you about our projects I have informed you a few times but either you have not read the plans or you have never seen an engineering led plan to initiate industrial development and do not understand what you are reading.

    Point 3 in my previous statement clearly describes the plans to industrial squatter camps, so as you are asking the question, it is clear that you did not take the trouble to read about the projects and it would appear that I am wasting my time in discussing the plans with you.

  52. Mr. Your plan should have actually developed into something very tangible as opposed to a normal documented concept of the whole thing. Having received 3m before, where did you invest this money into, if you are saying your project failed because of lack of support where is the rest of the funds injected into the project. This is what your funders would have wanted to see, I’m not pretending to be your funder but I wanted to check what you did with your previous funds. You must have purchased some facility somewhere and got stuck or maybe bought some material, what did You do with the rest of the money?
    If you then think ANC and EFF are not ideal to the concept, which political party you think would adopt your program?

    1. The funds went into the engineering proof which government forced to collapse. The CSIR project managed the spending of EU funds on behalf of the European Union and Department of Science and Technology. When the engineering proof was completed, independent consulting engineers reported and verified the proof’s success to the CSIR and the DST and independent accountants verified spending in terms of PFMA to the CSIR With support from the CSIR and Accountants that the engineering plan had met all obligations in terms of EU funding, the EU agreed to further funding. The European union wrote to the dti asking them to use EU funds in dti’s possession in the Employment Creation Fund to fund the second stage of the engineering proof, the development of a business plan and commercialization. The dti said they would but kept the project waiting for nearly three years. Eventually DG October wrote stating there were no more EU funds to which the EU called October a liar as there was still a couple of R100.00 million of EU money in the ECF. Holding costs over this necessitated the project scrapped equipment sold off in order to pay debt incurred waiting for funds to arrive from the dti . The true story was as the EU stated was that officials were stealing from the EFC and that is why they could not provide the funds as the EU requested.

  53. I no longer need a political party to support these plans as I have international investment and if SA does not want this East African countries do. Then let the jobless people rise against government for not supporting development which is going to happen at election time through social media led by squatter camps who were involved in the engineering proof

  54. You are indeed very adamant about the work of engineering, you really love engineering sir, of course you are right, we need engineering plans to resolve some of the issues we are embroiled in, but engineering is not the only solution in isolation, I possess a little engineering background in electrical, I’m also innovation fanatic and entrepreneur. We’ll probably meet at some point and share ideas. But I can tell you, you do not have prospects for success in the ANC government, DA is not growing any further than where it is today, it has already reached a ceiling, the EFF will either be a ruling party or a decision maker and in that regard, let us support the EFF and hold it accountable. ANC is not getting any better, they are more worried about going to jail than being worried about the wellbeing of the country.
    Truly, whether or not you hate politics, you are still affected, you better take my proposition and move forward sir.

  55. The Eff is not accountable, it has nothing to deliver the 10 million jobless from poverty. It has no PRACTICAL PLAN for the development and growth of our economy. It is just like the ANc they want power and nothing else. Furthermore, their policies demonstrate that they are technically illiterate and can only know how to bring poverty to SA. You obviously do not understand the analogy I used in referring to the collapse of East Germany’s industries next to west Germany’s industrial growth that had proper structured engineering led industrial policies. The EFF is following the failed East Germany’s parth just as the ANC is doing and you cannot point to one policy that proves me wrong.

  56. Greyville, you are so obsessed with the failures in EFF, I can ask the same question, which one of the policies of the EFF you seem to be doubting, just mention one and I’ll tell you the other part of it. S Africa is a very unique country with its own political dynamics, we have 4 races in the country that aren’t uniting and the economy is still shared according to racial lines, unlike Germany and other Eu countries you want to compare S.A. to. Just sober up and let’s talk sir.

  57. This conversation is going nowhere and you dont know the first thing about SA’s industrial capacity that engineering provided which both the ANC and EFF are hell bent in destroying.

    The economy is still in white’s hands because we control science and technology and if you cannot understand that you will never free yourself from poverty. There is nothing the EFF can do to take this away from us. They cannot grab our science based creativity like in land, as this asset resides in our heads. If you don’t believe me why are after 24 years are 91% of the population providing just over 1000 registered engineers and 9% provide nearly 13 000 engineers. As we live in a technological world, if black people and political parties do not want to embrace science and technology, then they have to accept poverty on a l large scale and that is what the EFF has to offer, poverty on a large scale even larger that what the ANC has created.

    Industrially before the ANC, SA was compared with Europe and the USA for engineers we saw to that. By 1968 PE began to compete with Germany, the UK and the USA in the planning designing developing and manufacture of cars and trucks, so we have a history of been compared with Europe in terms of industry. In terms of mining we were the greatest mining country in the world and local engineers trained at Wits developed the Science and Technology to dig the deepest holes in the ground. Everyone around the world came to SA to learn about mining. Everyone came to Bara to do their medical practicals as it was internationally recognised as possibly the greatest teaching hospital in the world. Everyone came to SA to learn about hart transplant surgery as it was pioneered in SA and was CT Scanning. Because of the ANC government all of these world skills and many more discarded. ANC through stupidity and GEAR policy decimated the manufacturing industry engineering had developed causing the loss of over 500 000 jobs. I predicted this to minister Erwin at a meeting in his office in 1997, and for the same reasons I made that prediction, I predict that if the EFF did come into power they would collapse SA’s economy resulting in massive job losses, industrial closures and starvation not so much for the whites but for most black people.

  58. Can you stop mentioning engineering just for few minutes, write one comment without mentioning engineering please. Or maybe I’m talking to a robot here?

  59. I want to call the 2019 elections “NO HOLDS BARRED” my very first time I feel so good outside the ANC, I’ll literally collapse the branch of the corrupt ANC within my word, I was a good leader in this branch, I led them with pride and deligence, I shared my personal resources with my constituency while our leaders were busy looting the state money, I’m so happy that I’m finally out of this monsteric political organisation called ANC. today we were sitting in our EFF meeting joined by fellow fighters from Zimabwe showing solidarity in the struggle, it felt so good to hear from our fellow Africans embracing the CIC and reminding us that the CIC is going to emancipate the entire Africa and will be the first president of Azania, it feels so greate to be part of the writing of this profound history. I’ll throw my entire weight behind the EFF during and after the campaigns. We’ll crush yellow green and gold and turn it into ashes but, we will obliterate white and blou to the last point of checkmate. I’m ready to be with you my love, EFF today and forever, we are becoming a board church, the elephant in the ANC is dying down, today the EFF has become a giant elephant, do not stand our way becaue we will crush you…!

  60. I would like to know if I can ask something private I need a clarity if something happened to me was right and fair

  61. Psychology is fact, it can be used to analyse the behavior of white people throughout the years towards black people. It dhows is whites are psychopaths. E= mc squared is mediocre white science, 1/8 th of the true human logic of melanin self reflection. The vtwo races white and black have never coexisted in 4000 years, they will never coexist, we will implement segregation and self sufficiency in everything

  62. Sibongile Mncube, i’m waiting for a question you wanted to ask, can you shoot now let’s help each other here?

  63. As per a message that I received yesterday whereby your contact details was sent to me. Now it is the time to let you what happened and I am prepared to accept your decision since I can see this is the Party which is really fighting against the deprived rights of South Africans. This is what happened:
    In 2004 October 22 Friday morning I was involved in a car accident at Mooi River with my colleague who past on there and there on the scene we were both on duty of paying pensioners working for Cash paymaster service which is just has been phased out by Sassa to phase in Post office . I was hospitalized initially to the nearest hospital which was Estcourt and was nearer and I was there for 3 hours and I was transferred to Med clinic in Pietermaritzburg same day I was there from 22 October until 08 December I was the one who forced to be discharged because I was also frustrated of being in hospital and my kids were alone at home with my disable brother and I was not healed.
    In January 2005 I went to Venen meth & Hart ( spelling might be wrong) but it is well known firm in Pietermaritzburg . I filled in certain forms and they said they are going to contact me. I waited up until the following year 2006 in January I went back to them to find out the progress only to find that there was nothing that was done. They asked me to fill in another forms and sent us to neighborhood which is Stowel and company to do a sworn statement and I submitted. They said I can leave and they are going to let me know of the progress and it was the 10 January 2006.
    On Wednesday 12 January 2006 I received a call from RAF telling me that they received my documents but only the records from Estcourt hospital where I spent only 3 hours from and he was accusing me of taking white lawyers but I told him that the way I was injured I preferred to go to a well known firm because there are people who offered me assistant regarding claiming to RAF. It is where I asked him what can I do to withdraw. He said he can send RAF private investigators to come to me so that I can go with them to retrieve my file at Med Clinic I was so scared but I did that, and they came the following day we went to Med clinic I requested the file and they told me that it has been archived in Cape Town so we need to be patient they are going to retrieve it and send it to RAF.

    Early in March 2006 the very same man called and it was the first time we met (Mr Vusi Mkhulise) at RAF in Durban he told that I need to cancel with Venen meth and Hart by means of affidavit and state that whatever cost in cured will be payable when RAF pays and I did that and asked for the bank statement I went to same building there was an ABSA bank and I did it same time. Then he called me in for the second time in the middle of the month and told me the amount they were able to offer me. I was shocked and he noticed that and he quickly explain that the reason being is that I was on duty which means the other part is going to be paid by the employer I was a bit confused asking myself how is RAF sharing the compensation with Employer or WCA but I agreed because I was also hungry. That amount was : R120 000.00.
    On the 30 March 2006 the money was deposited in my account. I went back to WCA and find out from them (because my employer got nothing to do with me anymore the WCA must take over) and they told me that they are waiting for Dr’s final report which will determine what is going to happen. When the final report came it said I was not disable it is just that I was badly injured and that was the end .
    I tried to call them (RAF) and told them what WCA told me and they said there is nothing I am going to get from since I accepted the offer and use the money there is nothing they can help with. They told me that I shouldn’t have accepted that offer in the first place. I went to different lawyers they told me same thing . EFF is the only political party that can dig hidden information to be exposed I thought to myself maybe you are going to assist me in this case because right now I cannot run , limping and living with pains for the rest of my life.
    When I went for a check up in January 2005 I went pass by reception asked my bill and the receptionist told me bill that was finalized so far was the bed only which was R279 000.00 the rest was still to be finalized. If you see this bill it shows that it was close to the million or above and WCA paid. HOW DID RAF COMPENSATE ME ?
    This is how I got injured:
    • Both legs were fractured
    • Right arm was also fractured
    • Stirring wheel went over the stomach and the intestines were damaged and they were compelled to cut them and rejoin
    • Hip dislocation
    • Inserted plates in my legs and arms but they were removed one by one and only the one in my hip which is still there because the doctor was also feeling sorry for me because I was in and out in the hospital and pain I’ve been through and he said the plate in my hip is too attached to the born so by that way he would not remove but if its hurt I can come back and let him know, but because of pain I’ve through it is painful now and cold but when I am thinking of the operation I am so scared.

    • Also head injuries : my left side is still itching even today and in 2015 I had Meningitis of which I don’t suffer any disease that is related to meningitis but when I researched on Google I found that previous head injuries got impact on meningitis.
    • My thigh was dug a big whole for the skin graft to the leg which was did not work properly it looks terrible to the leg
    • In 2007 I developed Incisional Hernia which I had to for an operation to remove because is very painful. (developed over / inside that MVA operation)

  64. Forgot to mention this:

    I approached a lawyer last year and she said she would not be able to help me because the period is more than 10 years. But then to me this is not about claiming late from RAF the reason is that they gave me wrong information though there is nothing in black and white they can deny that but is R120 000.00 enough for my injuries and if I was not on duty who was going to pay for hospitalization? In this case ICALA ALIBOLI.

  65. Sibongile unfortunately you have two choices after carrying the emotional burden since 2004. Either you carry on fighting for what you may believe to by right and continually causing emotional damage to just you. Or you can put it behind you and get on with your life.

    Another problem with your story no one has the time to read long diatribes as you provided so if you want to continue harming yourself after 14 years then condense your story so that it does not take more than a minute or two to read.

    Unfortunately the way you told the story it is most unlikely you will have any success so stop harming yourself, get on with your life and accept that there are no guarantees regarding fairness in life.

  66. thanks for advice but it harmed my life because by the time they told me I thought they were right
    but now I can myself that WCA and RAF are two different things but anyway thank you.

    1. Every morning you wake up, say to yourself, today I am going to do the best for myself and my life and not let the past destroy me. Soon it will be a distant memory and with a positive approach to life developing you will be able to see opportunities life presents. At present your emotional past is preventing you seeing opportunities. Good luck with the rest of your life.

  67. hi my name is princess Meyiwa I know what I am going to say is off topic but there is a post I received on Monday about free learner and free drivers from eff on WhatsApp and on facebook I would like to ask if the post is legit before I had out my information its about students been offered free drivers from age 18 to 25 the only reason why I am asking is because when I try to call them they do not respond at all plus when I google their info it does not exist on the internet the number I got from the post is: 065 890 3939 and the email is :eff [email protected] .I am not insinuating that its a scam but I needed a confirmation from you guys whether its legit or not. thank you

  68. I have a case and i am asking eff to help resolve the issue. I have registered my company doing lightning protection and offered my company services to another company in johannesburg. I was initially given go ahead on one block and got paid as agreed. They then called me again and i did work on another block, and i wasnt paid as per quotation i send before starting work. They now telling me stories that labor costs can’t be 30% more than material, but yet they didn’t have problem with initial quotation. I have email communications from since last year january to date.

    As unemployed black south african i can’t afford a lawyer to take on these people. Please send me email to [email protected]
    Alternatively you can contact me 0797871805.

    1. In business around the world there are plenty of sharks who see that people of all colours as targets. You did not take the necessary business precautions to safe guard your business and the only people who can resolve your problem. You can either find the funds for an attorney or put it down to a lesson from life, move on and don’t make the same mistake. Political parties cannot help as it is a legal matter around he said she said requiring legal not political intervention.

  69. WHAT DOES EFF HAVE TO SAY ABOUT the so-called “Christian Crusader”, white savagery group advocating and proclaiming A WAR in TREASONOUS South Africa!
    Get rid of this pale-faced guy who is making “Terrorism” on unsocial media. Nip this serious “threat” it in the bud before you find another Terrorist act at your doorstep just like the recent one in New Zealand carried out by a bestial white savage troglodyte.

  70. As the YOUTH of ward 105 under Cnllr AYANDA NDLOVU, we would like that EFF opens a branch in our community that will be beneficial to us because we can see that the ANC isn’t being productive, especially when it comes to us as the youth because we are the future. I really wish that the EFF could come visit our community before the elections.

  71. I am frustrated , I really thought whites have come to understand they are not superior. But after what is happening at Phumelela Gaming and Leisure, I wonder when will a black man be free.
    Phumelela is one of the companies where whites dominates, they have majority of their workers are whites and a few black people who are there are treated bad. for example their executives are mainly white , they have black managers on paper but they treat them like the help.

    Currently it was announced that they will be retrenching people mainly black, they will be closing their Tab and Betting world shops, where mainly black people work. The majority of the people who bet at these stores are black. The revenue of Phumelela is millions and black contribute the third of that. When Eskom retrenches its announced in newspapers, when Telkom retrenches its announced, Phumelela is retrenching and they said by end May the process should be done. Why? Our government preaches everyday about unemployment, do they even care that companies like Phumelela are now adding to the problem ? thousands of people will be without jobs, their reason to save money. they have executives that earn a lot of money doing nothing, most because they didn’t get the work on merit but because their dad or uncle or some family member is working there on a senior position. This company is one of the few white owned companies which think employing a family member is the way to go no matter the qualification ,yet qualified blacks are given menial jobs that don’t add value.

    Phumelela has three 3 CEO’s , salary of one CEO can save a lot of people from being retrenched but they wont touch their own. The CEO Rob Scott (formerly worked for ADCON) has turned Phumelela and telly track into a mini ADCON, he employs all his friends from ADCON , on senior positions including his Girlfriend , whom is working on a consulting basis but is the head of a Marketing Department with the boyfriend being the CEO of .

    She is the she devil , untouchable because no one can complain about her, she disregards policies and rules, she disregards HR regulations, she does as she pleases and she gets away with it. she threatens people everyday that she will fire them, now with the retrenchments its a daily thing that if she is not happy she askes people if they want to be part of the group being retrenched, she never takes blame for any mistake done by her, in her department there is a daughter of an executive and a niece whose uncle is working there they are treated like gold. everybody else is given shitty treatment and no one cares face her or call her to order cause she sleeps with the boss.

    They cut corners, use service providers who don’t comply with the procurement procedures. And force their members to deal with payments of such by doing dogy transactions and a lot of corruption issues.

    In a nutshell Phumelela is getting away with murder because its a mainly whites at executive positions who do and gets away with murder. I hope one day they could be exposed , I hope the media has guts to deal with such. The Steinhoff matter has been going on for long but nothing is being done cause companies like Phumelela are a part of that.

    Can you please assist look into this matter

    1. You do not understand the power that the ability to manage and develop science and technology and the business it enables us whites to create. For nearly 200 years Britain controlled the development of science and technology and still do as over 80% of new science and technology emanates from the US, Europe and the USA.

      In a technological world the only way to match white power is to embrace science and technology as China did and India is now trying to do. When there are twelve white engineers to one black engineers in SA where only 9% of the population are white, this should give you some idea how whites collectively still dominate business in SA by controlling science and technology and the businesses this knowledge enables us to create

  72. I find it disturbing, it’s rather very ignominious to self esteem, extremly festering if you asked, for 25 yrs we have been floundering with racism, economic oppression, inequalities in our justice system and many more ordeals we as blacks find ourselves inflicted on. About 5 yrs ago EFF was born on in S.A. the only solution to resolve all the problems, but the same oppressed nation cannot help us correct the ill of the past by voting EFF into power, they are ever thwarted by the corrupt ANC. The ANC of the grannies who are cemented in the parliament positions. The ANC that killed the economy of this country with their corrupt activities, the ANC that plummeted the dignity of this country and turned S.A. into slaughter land by killing their own members in order to loot more, billions of rands being laundered. All of them have blood in their hands.
    South Africans, in the EFF, WE ARE TRYING TO BUILD THIS NATION, WE DO NOT HATE WHITES BUT HATE THE FACT THAT THEY WANT TO ENTRENCH MORE POVERTY IN US. Only if they can do the right thing and the right thing only, to let us share the economic gains of this land, if we can reach this milestone, then, we are able to put this ANC down and send all these thugs to prisosn. Let us work together and build one nation without this ANC.

    1. Without science and technology the EFF cannot build South Africa as the skills base relative to to black population is far to great for social developed policies to handle. As the EFF has not embraced the sciences and technologies necessary to develop industry the only way to free people from poverty, poverty will continue to escalate under the EFF as political rhetoric practiced by the EFF is no substitute for science and technology

      Communists in China Russia and Eastern Europe tried the EFF approach and ended up creating nothing but extreme poverty. Precisely what the EFF will achieve

  73. this makes me frustrated ,i have a case with one of the security guys in my company , the guy is looking for the fight with so that the company must fiyer me , now i took this mutter to my layers , they sand i document to the company by name OF VOLSEC SECURITY , MY COMPANY IS ERIS PROPERTY , MY CASE IS FROM HOME ARFARS , BUT STILL the company i work for refuse to solf this problem, the guy is from mozabigi ,MR MALESELA LEDWABA can you please expouse this company thanks

  74. The white race are a reduced genetic genetic existence that only exists by an egotistical desire and emotion to have Afrikans fear themselves. Do not have any agreements with whites, they are predators of mankind and prefer to hire predators among blacks. They do not intend to share the world with black people.

    1. Pea brain who calls himself East Africa. If we are so bad please stop using our hospitals we created in Africa, the crop farming we taught Africans to do, the road and rail service we built in Africa the internet we developed, the universities and schools we created in Africa. Do not live in any African city or drive in cars or busses on tar roads as we developed all of them. Stupid, irresponsible man

  75. EFF has been under attack in Mamelodi for the past three weeks weeks. An EFF member has been in ICU for two weeks qfter he was brutally attacked by ANC hooligans in Mamelodi. More beatings and assaults have been the order of the days against EFF members who are peacefully campgaining around Mamelodi. Today in the electioneering workshop in Mamelodi, an old woman, old and only left with her 3 teeth in her mouth just infiltrated our meeting wearing ANC regalia. Just after the meeting, the police of Mamelodi arrested a taxi driver who was transporting EFF members to and fro. They also arrested 3 other fighters at the same time, as I’m typing this, we are trying to find lawyers to assist.

    I publicly want to urdge the EFF leadership that they should never consider going into coalition with people who are busy terrorising and killing us. We will never allow this to happen. But even if we are being attacked asijiki, victory is certain!

  76. Serious allegations have been labelled against the IEC lack of security on voting processes that were allegedly manipulated where people voted more than once.

    I think parties should stand together on this one, I think the secret that ANC has been using to coop the votes is about to be revealed. I urge the EFF to do the right thing by assisting other parties to lodge the complain. It’s clear that even the EFF could have performed much better.

  77. Att: admin, I’m sharing this experience with confidence in the sense that you’ll not reveal my identity according to your guiding policy here, so to maintain peace and order in our meetings: I was left very furious after the chairperson of Gauteng insulted and mocked me in public. I always respected my leaders but this one is little too much and I will lose respect for her in the future.

    If her office cannot assist us on our matters she must just say it without losing respect. It seems like she is only interested in the matters that are on the media alone for publicity, some of us do not want to talk too much about her but if she keeps disrespecting us we will remind her that in the first place, she emerged through a faction that did not want the CIC to be the president of the EFF at the last national conference. It was not all of us that voted for her but we respected the democratic processes that prevailed at the time and she must lead us with respect so we are able to respect her back. In the beginning, I was planning to deal with her in our meetings but since I’m okay now, she is safe for now.
    Leaders of our org. Should never think that they are in power for the rest of their lives, these are politics, how they treat their constituencies a favour will be returned some day. Just brotherly advise….

  78. There has to be a government psychological separation from the white races, even economically. Psychological therapy of Afrikans on this earth, starts by acknowledging one’s history with white people, if that history involves violence and trauma by whites on blacks, that has never been corrected and no apology or reparations paid for 3000 years of brutal, unqualified, inhuman attacks and theft, then why are black people still marrying these creatures, socialising with them, using their logic to rule Afrikans and behaving like them???

    1. More verbal garbage. The past is the past and as Jesus said “let the dead bury the dead. What about the atrocities of black settlers against the indigenous people of SA the Khoisan. Black people (Bantu from West Africa) are just as much settlers as white people in South Africa. You never hear about Bantu rock paintings in South Africa but all over SA there are Bushman or Khoisan paintings. So the Khoisan as the indigenous people of SA have just as much gripe against black people as against white people who both arrived in SA around the same time. 14-15 century.

      As for 3000 years of violence against blacks, you have one zero to many. Whites only arrived in SA in 1650 so you 3000 years statement is wrong by 2650 odd years.

      You also forgot it was Shaka who murdered over a million black people and displaced most people living on the east side of SA chasing many into Zimbabwe but to the Zulus he is a hero.

      So it is ok for blacks to deprive the Khoisan and other black people of their lands and kill millions but not ok for whites to take land and develop South Africa as we have done. Even the worst days of Apartheid could not compare with the worst that Shaka did to black people,
      Go and get a decent education as set aside stupidity.

      1. If I may àsk, where do you, as whites feature in our home affairs…??
        The matter you mentioned above is tribal oriented and not racial. You are a different race and all those you mentioned are the in the same race but different tribal orientation. Simply the best, when there are fights and internal squabbles in a household, it is not necessary for a neighbour to take advantage and start killing other members of that family hey?

        1. We are all the same race. 8000 years ago my ancestors skin was black, 76000 years ago my ancestors came out of Africa and it was only 8000 years ago living so close to ice and snow that our skins adapted to receive more vitamin D from the sun that my skin became white. So like it or not whites are not a different race to blacks. So what is your argument!

  79. Fighters it is unjustice to address things that are not building and helping our country to grow . This platform is where we guide and help people to have a wayforward and understand why this party EFF has been formed . We can not use this EFF website as our battle field , If there is unhappiness that you are getting from your branch or leadership there is process and procedures that need to be followed . If these kind of discussion is continuing then EFF higher structure would be made aware and strictly measures will be taken . EFF must be respected either way so please stop racial attacks and address issues friendly and if still no happiness please escalate it to the leadership at branch to help you .
    Hopefully this leadership you will find in order
    Viva Leadership Vivia

    1. Ntate, you really don’t get it, I believe you have been saying that for 25 years in this democracy, what have you achieved so far…?
      There comes a time when robustness should be the order of the day. Just help us correct some arrogance that does not take this country forward and that’s all.

      1. It is very difficult to make progress in job creation when from 1996 to 2017 the dti admit that there is no policy in government that can support engineers creating the industry and jobs needed. In 2017 the dti met me and confirmed all of this and this was passed on to the DP who did nothing. SA still cannot use engineers to create the jobs needed.

        In 2008 the CSIR confirmed to parliament that our plans could create jobs and industries in squatter camps.

        1. Dti was ran by racist Rob Davis who never cared about job creation programs but only worried about his own lucrative projects he was awarding to his own people he has benefited through. Very racist Inze who is still a private pa to the minister, she’ll never escalate any complain forwarded to the minister as long as the complain comes from a black entrepreneur. We are not sure how Ibrahim Patel would turn this around and start working for us all.

  80. Good Day Mr. Malema and/or other Freedom Fighters

    I so appreciate the positive impact you have on us, as the youth, and mostly the country.

    My name is Yolanda Mhlambiso, I am 15 years old, and I am currently registered as a grade 10 student at Mida High School, in Dutywa, Eastern Cape. On completion of my June 2019 exams the educators at this school informed me that I should not return to their school, in the third term, as a result of me being sick and, as a result of me seeking help via African healing methods. I feel that they are victimizing me, and violating on my basic human right, to education. My reasoning or rational behind this thought is, no schools will open up their doors for me, to further my education during a third term or at this time.

    I find myself in a dilemma because, I am hungry to learn and to better myself, however I find myself outside the doors of education and/or of the education system, and this leaves an undesirable taste of injustice in my mouth, because without education in a country rife with unemployment, I will be nothing but a statistic in this country.

    I am too young to vote in this country, but as a young female, given an opportunity and the right age, I would stand behind your movement. I am pleading with you Mr Malema (and/or Freedom Fighters) to please help me, because I have nowhere else to go, and I am staring straight in the face of a bleak future, and this frightens me.

    Warm Regards

    Yolanda Mhlambiso

    1. Yolanda, I am a white engineer and would like to try and guide you so that you can have a positive future. But first let me tell you a story about black women in industry. During the Mandela trial to prevent the car factories closing down due to labour unrest the Apartheid government told Ford and General Motors then in PE to forget about Job Reservation policy where factories could only employ white people and employ whoever to keep the factories rolling. Ford hired about 2000 black women off the streets and taught them all a specific job on the assembly line. In 1964 most black women could not read or write and were unskilled.

      Two things happened by placing illiterate, unskilled black women on the car assembly line, quality improved and and production out put increased. This proved that unskilled and mainly illiterate black women are very good at assembling cars.

      I am sorry to hear that you cannot access education, can you explain why, but without knowing you if you want to be able to earn a reasonable living take up a trade. I encouraged a young black woman who works for me to become a welder and now she is very good at her job earning a reasonable wage. So instead of asking politicians who don’t know how to create jobs, look around and see in the cities what type of jobs are in demand. If you want further advise please come back to me.

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