By Vusi Makhosini, 11 January 2014

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema has again accused the ANC of being intolerant of political opposition.

Malema has been speaking at the hand-over of a house in Nkandla, KwaZulu-Natal, near President Jacob Zuma’s private residence. ANC members earlier blockaded the road leading to the house and prevented Malema’s car from driving past.

Malema then got out of the car and walked through the crowd to get to the house. After he made it through, ANC supporters reportedly began throwing bottles of water and stones.

A strong police presence near Zuma’s residence has been visible. Earlier reports also indicated that a group of ANC members were protesting a few metres away ahead of the hand-over. The house, which is 300 metres from the perimeter fence of Zuma’s residence, will be handed over to a destitute family in the area.

Meanwhile, police conducted search-and-go to all entrances on the main road leading to the house built by EFF supporters. ANC supporters, clad in party attire, marched few metres from the house with police monitoring the situation.

EFF supporters, in their red regalia, were still trying to complete the house. ANC supporters were said to be singing and chanting slogans discrediting Malema and his supporters.