Africa True Story : China’s Racism in Kenya

The Focus on China-Africa Cooperation Summit held recently in Beijing may have died down. But the impact of decisions made there have elicited a rigorous debate on China’s role in Africa.

Chinese officials say their foreign aid to Africa has seen the construction of 6, 000kilometers of railroad and 5000km of highways, but all these development marvels have come at a cost to Africas independence.

When a video of a Chinese man ,using deragotory and racist words towards Kenyans including the president surfaced a few months ago, Kenyans went ballistic online. There was finally proof of the many allegations of racism experienced by Kenyans in the hands of Chinese employers and supervisors.

Countless Kenyans came forward with their stories and experiences of disgusting racist treatment especially at their places of work. The Chinese investors that the government let into the country in a bid to create jobs and opportunities for the many unemployed citizens came with a lot more than just jobs.

Workers in Nairobi swap stories of racism and discrimination they have witnessed. One described watching a Chinese manager slap her Kenyan colleague, who was also a woman, for a minor mistake. Other Kenyan workers explained how their office bathrooms were separated by race: one for Chinese employees, the other for Kenyans. Yet another Kenyan worker described how a Chinese manager directed his Kenyan employees to unclog a urinal of cigarette butts, even though only Chinese employees dared smoke inside.

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