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This is not the official EFF website, it is a supporter website,  You can find the official website here:

This website started operating on the 12th of July 2013, by that time EFF was not yet fully registered as a political party, I heard on the news that Julius Malema was starting his own party and I decided to start this website,  see our first article to share: Malema takes command of Economic Freedom Fighters  , Posted on July 12, 2013

The aim is to ensure that you are aware of what is happening or being said about EFF. Knowledge is power!! I monitor the media/web for EFF related information and share it with whoever has interest in EFF. Comment and express your feelings on issues around EFF, if you also want to share EFF related information  or stories or something you have seen on the web or you want to write your own story, you can submit it on this page:

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For any other information regarding this website email: [email protected]

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