Zuma’s son criticises EFF, ‘stupid banks’, and Rupert

Durban – President Jacob Zuma’s son, Edward, on Friday said “certain leaders” were using people’s genuine concerns to fuel anarchy.

Zuma referred to EFF leader Julius Malema’s remarks about residents of Vuwani, Limpopo, burning schools in protest against a Municipal Demarcation Board decision to incorporate their area into a new municipality.

“Never, ever burn down schools, clinics and community halls,” Malema told residents of Gugulethu, Cape Town, on May 15.

“Take ownership of them. If you have a problem with the councillor, go to them and fight with them. You know where the ANC offices are, where the DA is, where the EFF is situated. Fight with them. Leave property alone,” Malema said.

In a statement, Zuma said the continued “war talks by some small opposition party must be taken seriously and be attended to with immediate effect” and that South Africa was under siege.

Zuma said the EFF was “agitating workers” against the ANC, following the “nonsensical decision” by the country’s four major banks to stop doing business with the Gupta family, which had links with the Zumas.

Zuma attacked business tycoon Johan Rupert, and alleged that Rupert had “captured” the judiciary to ensure his father’s removal from office through courts.

He recently laid a charge of corruption against Rupert at the Nkandla police station.

He appealed to the ANC and government to stop banking with the “stupid banks” that wanted to “suffocate” workers. The Postbank should be resuscitated and all government accounts kept there instead, he said.

Source: http://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/zumas-son-criticises-eff-stupid-banks-and-rupert-20160520

One thought on “Zuma’s son criticises EFF, ‘stupid banks’, and Rupert

  1. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE INVESTIGATE THIS ACTIVITIES BEORE DUDUZANE ATTACK INNOCENT PEOPLE…………….. there is the ANC investment vehicle Chancellor House, that was involved in the tender for the boilers of Medupi and Kusile power stations, through their 25% stake in Hitachi Power Africa, the company that got the R40 billion boiler tender for Medupi and Kusile, where the wife of Gwede Mantashe already have coal tenders lined up, besides being a director of Bidvest, that landed a R639 million Kusile catering contract.
    Chancellor House also own 10% of Bateman Africa, the company that landed a R2 billion materials handling contract at Kusile power station [ Source for this Mail&Guardian ]
    Chancellor House also owns the Pietermaritzburg company Pfisterer, the company has a monopoly in SA for the grid accessory market, and thus exclusively supply Eskom.
    Besides, no tender will EVER go to a white controlled company anyway.
    In short, #WMC was invented by Zupta to take attention away from what they did. Something so serious, that when all the details come out, and it will, the country will be shocked.
    So how did the Gupta and Zuma families become billionairs in a couple of years ? How come they can commandeer an Air Force Base, and get away with it ?
    In short, they bought Zuma783.
    And that gave them control of taxpayer monopoly capital.
    With Zuma783 in their pocket, they owned the 104 year old ANC. Zuma783 and the entire ANC came as a package deal, quite a bargain, considering what monetary value the Guptas would aquire through this investment.
    Turns out our heroic ANC sold the country to an immigrant family from India. Just like that.
    The Guptas set about to control the SOE’s. They accomplished this by buying the ministers concerned. With the ministers in the back pocket, they made sure they control the boards of the SOE’s. And they succeeded in that quite easily. Transnet, Eskom, Denel and SABC are all controlled by the Guptas through loyalist boards and CEO’s like Brian Molefe and Mad Hlaudi.
    Under Brian Molefe as the CEO of Transnet, the Gupta controlled VR Lazer got involved with the R50 billion Transnet locomotive tender. VR Lazer would later also become involved in the R10 billion Denel armoured personnel carrier tender, and would blatantly take 50 % of Denel Asia, putting them in the position of earning 50% of profits from Denel weapons sales to the East, although the Guptas dont make weapons, Denel does.
    Optimum Coal mine was aquired after Eskom made it impossible for Glencore to stay on as the owner of Optimum.
    The Guptas , using taxpayer monopoly capital, aquired Optimum with a prepayment of almost R600 million from Eskom, and they dipped into the R1,3 billion Optimum rehalibitation fund.
    Its been widely reported that the Guptas are paid preferential prices for their coal, also from the Brakfontein mine, that started supplying Eskom at a time when they had no water licence.
    Eskom would also give the Guptas at least R52 million to hold monthly breakfast meetings, broadcast free on charge by Hlaudi TV.
    Of cource the Guptas supplied the State with Sahara computers, that is no secret.
    Then the Free State government bought the Guptas a free farm at Vrede in the Free State, and wasted at least a R150 million of TAXPAYER MONOPOLY CAPITAL, to fund the project.The project ended when all the cows died.
    The Gupta newspaper The New Age only make profit because of disproportinate national and provincial government advertising in The New Age, national and provincial government and the SAA also buy The New Age in bulk, to be distributed for free ( nobody wants it ) . The New Age was also used as a money laundering channel to channel kickback money in a bribery racket the Guptas were running with contracts at Transnet ( Source amaBhungane ).
    The Gupta letterbox company Homix was initially used to channel this bribe money overseas, including a R100 million bribe that Neotel paid to Homix, to obtain a tender with Transnet, under Brian Molefe’s watch.
    Another case of TAXPAYER MONOPOLOY CAPITAL was when the IDC gave the Guptas a R250 million loan in 2010 to buy the Shiva uranium mine.[ Another State bonanza for the Guptas – (M&G ) ]
    By 2014 this amount grew to R399 million with interest. The Guptas, unable to pay back the money, gave the IDC a small equity stake, just R3,6 % of Shiva.
    Shiva is today worth R14-16 billion on the JSE, although the company is actually unprofitable.
    If say the Russians take the company off their hands in the Russian nuclear deal, the Guptas would walk away with that valuation, without ever taking money out of their pocket. Taxpayer monopoly capital. Dont forget Duduzane Zuma is a shareholder in all the Gupta companies.
    And the Guptas are as safe as can come , because the Justice and Police cluster is tightly controlled by Zuma783.

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