We will never apologise for Malema’s comments about Indians – EFF

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) on Monday defended Julius Malema’s statements about Indians, saying the party would never apologise for condemning oppression.

“Each time we come across the suffering and oppression of our people, we shall not mince our words, nor tiptoe around false minority feelings,” EFF spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi said in a statement.

“When Africans in many townships explode in xenophobic violence against Pakistanis and other Africans from the continent, we condemn them.

“Equally, the racism that African people suffer in the hands of many Indian businesses and families must be condemned and must come to an end.”

During the EFF’s fourth-year birthday celebrations at Curries Fountain Stadium in Durban on Saturday, Malema said Indian people are “worse than Afrikaners”.

“This is not an anti-Indian statement, it’s the truth. Indians who own shops don’t pay our people, but they give them food parcels,” Malema told thousands of supporters.

Following the statement, controversial Durban businessman and former advisor to President Jacob Zuma, Schabir Shaik, said Malema “is misinformed”.

Shaik was released on medical parole in 2009 after being convicted on charges of fraud in 2005 and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

“This fool is misinformed and does not have any insight with regard to business ownership in KZN. Why does he not talk about Huletts and other big, white capital and business in the province,” Shaik asked.

Ndlozi dismissed Shaik’s criticism, saying Shaik should rather focus on his “fake illness” before the political party “call for his parole to be reviewed”.

Source: http://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/we-will-never-apologise-for-malemas-indian-comments-eff-20170731

8 thoughts on “We will never apologise for Malema’s comments about Indians – EFF

    1. You have to state exactly which schools, and when it happened. What exactly happened, and report it to the Human Rights Commission. Did you do that?

  1. I disagree on grouping any one race and labelling them as “worse than Afrikaners”. Tell that to Ahmed Timol, Aamina Cachalia, AAhmed Kathrada and others who sacrificed their lives for the struggle. There are many admirable qualities about the EFF but this is one statement Malema must apologize for as it is hate speech. It is ok to highlight faults, but to degrade an entire race is wrong.

  2. So I though EFF was pro democracy and freedom of speech. Yet my comment was removed just for saying I disagree with this particular matter! All I said is that Indians are not worse than Afrikaners and were part of the struggle includibg Ahmed Timol who was killed. Anyway thats one vote less from me if I can’t repremand a politician. As well asa party that incites racism and groups races. I challenge the admin ti explain why my comment was removed and yet the anti coloured comment above was allowed to stay.

  3. As a young boy growing up in Umlazi Township E section, which lies opposite Chatworth (formally predominantly Indian township in Durban). My best friends mother worked for an Indian family, she used to complain about how she was treated and sometimes if they don’t give her wages they would even give them leftovers from yesterday, to tin fish sandwiches to potato samosas. Im only referencing to President Malema in his narrative about Durban Indians exploiting, ill-treating
    and underpaying our mothers. Ask any person from Umlazi who’s age is in the range of (27-35) if you think i am bull shitting
    its been like that since i can remember, I doubt its any different in present day

  4. Just watched Mr. Gardees interview on SABC NEWS. It goes without saying that there has been modern slavery applied on black workers for many years. Black labour has been used and payment takes the form of food parcels and accommodation rather than payment. One just has to look at how many jondolos in around said areas and why there are so many back yard dwellers in these areas. It is complete and utter denialism to say that it is not happening. A link cannot be drawn to Kathadra, Timol and other Indians who sacrificed their own lives for apartheid as the interviewer tried to make out. There are crimes against humanity being committed on a daily by all races in our society. The pope does not make all whites saints, neither does Ghandi make all Indians saints and further Mandela does not make all blacks saints.

    The comment by Mr Gardee that there is black on black racism is true to an extent, but it’s not race its class! We are defined by our stature in society and this will be the ultimate war we need to fight. All men are equal before God.

    The time has never been more right to unify the races and change the racial discourse in SA. You have the platform and responsibility to do this by bringing us all to the table. I agree with Mr Mbeki that sloganeering is not the way. I call on you to paint a picture of what a utopian South Africa will look like. You are the social engineers of our time, share your vision with us as he shared his!

  5. What the EFF leader has expressed a few days ago about the Indians in the Durban is no “Nonsense” as some would like to put it. It is truly a disgrace that 23 years in the democratic dispensation we still have Indians treating our black brothers and sisters in an inhumane way, not affording them their constitutional rights of being treated fairly under their employ.

    An empirical case towards the above notion that these individuals still oppresses our black brother’s and sisters is evident in the current case taking place in some Indian foot wear manufacturer based in Chartsworth. Its current because it happened last week where about 28 employees were fired without being granted a fair hearing.

    And most of these employees have been subjected to a number of transgression by their employer ever since, but because of desperation and the scarcity of decent jobs people end up just berrying their heads whilst trying to put food on their tables.

    Some of the illegal employment practices Dunesite continues to operate under can best be summed up as follows:
    – Employees working monday to sundays without no off days
    – Employees working right through the year with being given leave days and or leave payments
    – Dismissals without proper and fair hearing procedures as is the case currently
    – Employees working for 30 days cycle without a salary and be told that you will get the next month salary full and the half of the previous month and the rest the next month,, where have you had of this except in Indians owned businesses right here in Durban.

    I put you to task to try and contact the employees who are currently being moved from pillar to post by this unscrupulous employer, its high time these people are dealt with just like apartheid was crashed.

    These employees are not even being fairly treated by their so called union, as it doesn’t seem they are actually handling this issue as a matter of urgency it deserves. Last week the Union representative told these disgruntled employees that they have opened a case on their behalf at the CCMA. Not knowing that there has to be some written correspondences sent from the CCMA to them attesting of the case details, they trustingly left this issue to the so called Union representative.

    On the 01/08/17 out of concern and feeling pity for my little sister who also works there and who knows very little about the Labour Relations Act, I called the Durban CCMA to try and find out whether any case has been opened recently against Dunsite footware manufacture or SOP Trading.

    I was told that the only case opened against this company was sometime in mid July in which the case is for subscriptions , I immediately assumed that this employer might have been deducting unions subscriptions from the employees without paying them over to the union, you can imagine how many more irregular deductions might be going off their salaries. So it will appear that these poor employees still need to be assisted further to put their case through to CCMA in Durban.

    This case and many others will remain being just one of those cases which goes unnoticed and more and more black brothers and sisters will continue being exploited by some unscrupulous Indian owned businesses.

    I challenge you to make contact with the disgruntled employees working at Dunes footwear manufacturers to hear their grievances first hand (Address: Gem Building, Sunset Avenue, Woodhurst, chatsworth, Durban, 4092).

  6. It is true what Julius Malema is saying, Julius use to speak about white supremes and white dominance across the country but in Durban it the opposite, Indians are being promoted based on their ability to abuse and shout at a black person, every lower grade job is given to black people.

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