WATCH VIDEO: Mbuyiseni Ndlozi awarded Young Communicators Award in 2002

In 2002 the younger Mbuyiseni Ndlozi was awarded Young Communicators Award. Speaking on SABC 2 Morning Live’s Tracy Going, Ndlozi said he’s honoured and thanked the Lord for the award. Fast forward to 2017 the EFF spokesperson receives a PhD in politics from Wits University. Here is Ndlozi in 2002.

4 thoughts on “WATCH VIDEO: Mbuyiseni Ndlozi awarded Young Communicators Award in 2002

  1. As a black scholar, academically engaged and public servant (Public Prosecutor) I am very proud of you Dr Ndlozi for your academic achievements and EFF community as whole and progressive bunch of winners who always instils confidence in black child. There is obviously no enough words to attribute personal accolades to Central Commit Team led by visionary leaders fulfilling our aspirations to imagine new dispensation and economic freedom in our life time. After saying that, we are all disturbed by injustice in our country and the recent direction taken by the NPA against Zuma’s case been given extraordinary preferences for time buying which has always been the strategy employed.

    With a knowledge and full understanding that this may not be correct platform to ventilate my legal problems, I am also deeply concerned with the conduct of the NPA in the personal level and hope that the EFF may as well exposes the rot infested with the NPA. I have an explosive evidence against white (Afrikaner) Magistrate who lied under oath(Perjury) and the NPA declined to prosecute her in order to protect certain individuals ranking seniors positions and politically connected.

    In that note, I am also quite sure that the private prosecution shall succeed against this Magistrate although I do not have enough resources to champion this in my own. What I need is to present the evidence to your office and discuss the matter with your legal team for possible and successful private prosecution not only to secure conviction but also to expose the rot associated with NPA officials for selective prosecution at the expenses of the poor black people. I have partly discussed this matter with Afri-Forum Private Prosecution Unit but lack complete trust in anything associated with whites. Despite of that, they are willing to take this matter in private prosecution as thing stands. The case I am referring to has attracted number of newspapers last year whereby two Prosecutors where arrested and ultimately discharged. For your reference, just go to google search ”prosecutors suing the NPA”.

    I will rather not mention any names yet for security reasons and you may revert back to me on [email protected] or 0720720534.

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