Watch Video: EFF leads Zuma’s ‘funeral procession’ #NationalDayofAction #UnionBuildings

The Economic Freedom Fighters have made it very clear they see an end to President Jacob Zuma’s term of office, as they escorted a coffin down the streets of Pretoria during the #NationalDayOfAction.

The coffin was draped in a South African flag, as opposition parties and members of the public came together to demand the president be removed.

It was the second such march in less than a week, with the #peoplesmarch on Friday attracting tens of thousands of people.


One thought on “Watch Video: EFF leads Zuma’s ‘funeral procession’ #NationalDayofAction #UnionBuildings

  1. It really hurt to see our beloved country going down the drain because of irresponsible group of people who is concern of their pockets .Is Mr Zuma thinking of his grand children ? Does he love his family ? if yes i do not think , he will be involved in this deals . His family is part of all South Africans . We do not want nuclear in our country . The beautiful red boys and girls are doing great to fight this monster .

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