Watch: Malema and Lekota altercation during Limpopo land hearings

Congress of the People (Cope) leader Mosioua Lekota was forced to move from his front seat at the parliamentary public hearings into land expropriation constitutional after a tiff with Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema.

The pair were seated next to one another at the packed to the rafters Marble Hall town hall when Malema erupted in rage after the lunch break.

Malema lost his cool and appeared to be chastising Lekota while members of the public were making oral submissions.

Proceedings were brought to a halt as security intervened between the two MPs.

Lekota hastily moved to a seat at the back. It is not clear what sparked the eruption but those within earshot claimed Lekota had accused Malema of orchestrating ‘the whole thing’, apparently in reference to the hardline sentiments expressed by EFF supporters in attendance.

Earlier in the day, before proceedings had gotten underway, EFF and Democratic Alliance supporters were embroiled in a stand off which outside the hall but this did not escalate into anything explosive.

It was a day of high drama in which scores of people expressed support for the amendment of section 25 (3) of the Constitution to allow for the expropriation of land without compensation.

Marble Hall, some 180km from Limpopo’s capital Polokwane is an agricultural town specialising in cotton, citrus fruit, grapes and tobacco.

The majority of landowners and farmers are white Afrikaners.


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  1. comrades there is misunderstanding because when you focus on your duty and someone stand in your way just do a tricky chasing so that he/she can see that is playing game especial these old man think that know more than the young people guys we need the land those who don’t want to eat they must took down the spoon forward EFF Forward

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