WATCH: Majority of Indians are racist: Julius Malema

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema on Saturday once again hit out at Indians and Coloureds.

Speaking at a Youth Day event at Matlosana Stadium in Klerksdorp in the North West, the firebrand politician said not all South Africans of colour suffered the same during Apartheid.

“We were not all oppressed the same. Indians had all sorts of resources Africans didn’t have, Coloureds as well. The majority of Indians are racist. I’m not saying all, I’m saying majority,” Malema told the gathering.

The EFF leader also attacked senior Indian journalists, who came to National Treasury’s Ismail Momoniat defence after party chief whip Floyd Shivambu objected to the presence of a “non-African” deputy director-general at a committee meeting, earlier in June.



2 Replies to “WATCH: Majority of Indians are racist: Julius Malema”

  1. 1 word …JEALOUSY

    We are just over a million people yet you are afraid of us….why.?.. what is it that you fear….are we smarter?..I dont know …are we more business savvy? ….what is it about the Indians that is intriguing you ?? our food? …our culture? …our women?…umona Phansi…..jealous down …..

    And the worst part …most of us are in KZN…. I don’t get it !

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