Watch LIVE: EFF Media Briefing, 15 February 2018 #EFFPresser #ZumaHasFallen

2 thoughts on “Watch LIVE: EFF Media Briefing, 15 February 2018 #EFFPresser #ZumaHasFallen

  1. How do you comment and debate the budget if you miss the presentation today?
    We are your supporters, attend for the sake of your support base. Whoever delivers, its immaterial. Its the budget of the people. The bulk of the imputs come from the different government portfolios, offcourse, with adjustments by the technocrats within the Ministry of Finance. If CR removes him now, it may destabilise the markets. MG will go, its a matter of time.

  2. Hi I want to become a member of your party. How do I go about doing this?
    I need your help in a human rights case. Please can you assist me? I admire your determination and am determined to make a point as well
    Gene Klopper

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