Support from the United States

Greetings, Brother and Sisters.

I am a supporter of the EFF in the United States and would like to know how can I give monetary support for the cause of liberation.

We in the United States have much to learn from the struggle against Apartheid rule and how changes are being made to bring about economic equity to the people.

Kind regards,

Earl Goodman III

[email protected]

One thought on “Support from the United States

  1. It’s not a reply but a comment to seek assistant from the movement leadership. We have learnt so much about corruption that is crippling the country”s economy and we are failing to give attention to state institutions representing the country out of the borders. Those institutions are haven of corruption and will advice the leadership to look into this trend of corruption and maladministration by the ANC representation out of the country since auditors are arranged. Especially sister departments to the International Relations Department. Officials getting paid for sitting at their homes and not submitting leave forms. This is the little I could tell but please South Africans, wake up. An enquiry need to be established to investigate SA Missions abroad or a portfolio committe to help look and report back.

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