#SONA2017 Analysis – SA Our Beloved Country

I come to you as a fellow South African, as a youth that has been demoralized at my age of 33. I expect no sympathy for my situation as we are all faced with this problem, even though some of us are too blind to see it and others are too ignorant to admit it.

The Mzansi I live in today is that of immoral ways. Ways of deceit and personal gain. Ways of hatred and despair. Ways of hardships and pain. Ways of illiteracy and poverty. Ways of unruly leaderships and friendships!

I did a little analysis of my own about the 2017 SONA. As I sat to watch it with my family, it broke my heart to see my children’s concern about the ways of the ANC. “Mommy, the manner in which they are conducting themselves, the barbaric and vulgar responses that they are chanting, the unfair procedures that they are promoting, …..”, and the list goes on when my sons are doing some analyzing of their own. Now I’m talking about 14 & 9 years.

So generally its at this point it’s normal for me to be upset about this because the ANC is all I know. I have been introduced to the ANC at a very young age, and even though my mentors have moved on, they never discriminated against my staying loyal to the pack. Yet I rather felt a sincere feeling of shame for myself, not because I was part of this behavior, but because I am just as guilty of supporting it.

Members of the ANC used vulgar language in Parliament last night, Intimidated, Threatened, Spat (I’m sure if there was a need to urinate they would have) etc fellow parliamentary members, and I’m not saying that the circumstances were conducive towards them (proven that members of the ANC tend to retaliate by violent ways when being put under extreme pressure especially if they are in the wrong). Yet after all that has been happening, all that is mentioned is that of which was done by the ANC. “We see honorable members using their hats to harm others.” That’s all that could have been said.

Our parliament is a joke! I wonder how many of our leaders are actually literate?

I would like to sincerely apologize to the members of the EFF who have been harmed in parliament last night on the expense of my children. I thank you.

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  1. Marching together with whites is sickness. How naive can you be? Zuma is not the enemy, whitey is. Bring back the land…

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