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17 thoughts on “Contribute to this website!

  1. The elections are gone we are in parlement now we must move forward improving the living conditions of the poor. Creating sustainable development and creating jobs for all citizens

  2. I have lost confidence in SA you guys are us shit the ANC in buckets. How does this happen what did Rommy Titus do to be recognised as next Africa’s leadership? talk radio and have contacts, post graduates of the countru cannot even find jobs. EFF peomised le paletswe. today ka red in parliament was just a publicity stunt.

  3. Sho, is Ramophosa’s visit to Lesotho to be a mediator to that country or market his interest in their diamonds. Cause if he finds interest in their diamonds he’s gonna cause Lesotho massacre and take their diamonds like he did ko Marikana. Sho fighters.

    1. Comrade we must not give up! We must not alou they getaway with they’re nosense! Of lies, every day, is our road of put the pressure on them till they resign immediately, Viva EFF!

  4. Haaha they never commented about Marikana, but Cosatu is pleading solidarity to the actors of “Generations “.those guy’s are earning K 30-40 a month an poor miners nothing. How much do they pay fighters (maids ) that are working for them! Peanuts.

  5. The national team @ head office should help us on the ground should help us regarding issues with sub region leadership with lies they use to gain been elected for positions e.g by electtions.They would go up to lying that the CIC would be visiting at the ward only to get us gather and tell us whatever they want us to hear for their gain.the last time they called out a meeting and they point out who used money for personal gains pointing fingers and it was so embarassing and it showed us the very same thing we left the ruling party.we recruit people make promesis hoping for change then nothing happens.As fighters we will implement our own security varifications for anything we expect from national.

    1. Lion that’s excellent, we will keep fighting with lies corruption that has really destroyed everything, people are burning the municipality building because of all promises of failure,and lies,to much stress to the community hope and patients it has taken to long.

      1. Sho fighters i saw that as’ll find membership form’s without money an people claim that they have paid. Personal gains that’s what people want an fight for positions.

  6. Nomvula Mokonyane ,that name resembles disaster. She’s the mini-skirt Oops i mean minister of water and now we’re experiencing water shortages. African Non- perfoming Congress at it again.

  7. On the farm Goedgeloof in Breede Valley our people are still staying in conditions not fit for any human being to stay in , although the farmers are so wealthy , they do not give a dime to our people .

  8. Let us continue to stand firm to this matter of our money being miss used in this manner, while people of this beautiful land continue to be jobless and homeless etc . section, we resume were we left off.. Viva EFF VIVA. No one is above the Law. Let the money that belong to the people of this beautiful land go back to them.

  9. EFF (Fighter Malema), build/buy government employees houses and deduct monthly payments from persal. Government employees are mostly blacklisted and cant get home loans from banks and neither do they qualify for RDP Houses.

  10. Hi
    Please consider:
    1. Continue mass action from Wednesday until no confidence vote next Tuesday!
    2. Let us stop working until ANC calls back JZ, so economy makes no money for JZ to spend illegally. End justify means. We junk anyway!
    3. Draft the peoples corruption charges against JZ, 2nd respondent parliament, 3rd ANC party, 4th chapter 9 institutions, 5th ANC voters. Advertise this in national newspaper. Case to be heard on Freedom day or workers day. (He is wasting workers money.)
    4. ANC arrogance, gutless Gwede, Jesse donothing must be exposed as JZ extensions.
    5. Advertise: Cyril Ramaposa without money had tons of morals. Cyril with money has tons of immorality.
    6. ANC with JZ, exactly like Nats with P W Botha. Ruling against peoples will.

  11. Cyril has tons of money – needs nothing else. Action must continue until some people are killed, then it gets serious.

    we (I am a whitee) must plan now to take over designated local areas.

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